PP denies supporting Chakwera

Lazarus Chakwera.

People’s Party (PP) has denied claims by Pika Manondo that PP, through its founder Joyce Banda used cashgate money to drum up support for weak candidates at the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) convention 2013.

Joyce Banda
Banda: thought Chakwera was a weak candidate

Manondo, who is the second suspect in the ongoing Paul Mphwiyo attempted murder case, told the Lilongwe high court that the former President Joyce Banda helped Lazarus Chakwera at the MCP convention by financially supporting his campaign.

However, in an interview, PP spokesperson Ken Msonda wondered why people in the country and suspects in the cashgate scandal are linking the party to the theft of government money yet most people implicated in the matter are not from the party.

Msonda added that their party is looking forward to get the real answers on the K92 billion and K577 million cashgate scandals.
“PP is surprised that people mentioned in the scandal are not our members. Its primitive political propaganda to link their cashgate deals to our party. That’s laughable. PP is interested to see how this Hollywood-like movie will come to an end,” said Msonda.

He also likened the scandal to a film which he says has so many actors and directors so people should be patient to see how it will end.

In court on Thursday, Manondo said Banda first wanted Tembo to win in the convention with a reason that they should easily beat him in the 2014 tripartite elections.

The evidence brought in court by Manondo that JB sponsored MCP’s convention with cashgate money corroborated what Oswald Lutepo said on Wednesday.

Lutepo, the last defence witness of the first suspect in the matter, Macdonald Kumwembe, told the court that money plundered from government was used by Manondo to facilitate the printing of campaign materials for John Tembo.



  1. Payi Msonda ndimakunyadiladi pa mfundo zanu ngati zija zamathanyula zija koma nkhani mukukamba apayi siyanu itayeni ikusaka munthu imeneyi amene akudziwa bwino mmene zidalikuyendera. Zakukhothi amayankhira kukhothi. Koma ndikudabwa kuti at this time court ndi DPP angoti zii zanthu akulu akulu oyenera kuthirapo ndemanga amene akutchulidwa munkhaniyi kuti nawo akonze mbiri yawo coz pano ndiye zada. Subpona Bophani and JB kapena mukudikira kuti adzayankhe pamulandu wina umene mpwiyo akuyimba uja? Koma mayinawo akutchulidwa panopa muapatse mwayi adzakomane maso ndi maso mwina akuwanamizira. Ndangodutsamo.

  2. If I were DPP I could have left the court to proceed with the cases alone not interfering to implicate my political opponents so that I clean my dirty shirt rather meet with the opposition candidates and strategies on how they think they can win back our economy because this Malawi is for all of us not Peter alone hence the need to involve others who can bring ideas to help our nation move forward. Cashgate happened and we need to move on. If a wife divorces you, you don’t always contemplate on her she is gone and accept she is gone then move on with new ideas forget about her. Cash gate came let’s not fail to recover from it we have people in this country who can help with longterm plans but because you haven’t invited them for their in put they are just watching please government you will always be there to lead involve others I tell you they have brilliant ideas than you. Organise a meeting you will see how they will enrighten you I mean malawi is not for peter alone he is just like over all boss he may not know everything as he has shown the two years he has been in so open the channels people will help ok?

  3. I sometimes respect u in political comments koma apa mwayula.if those people secretly campigned for j z u you were not involved.know that there were doing advanced politics.if judge mtambo told manondo not to bring political assignment in acourt of law it was aserious matter.koma now remember u as pp you are proud that u separated party and goverment and msonda u were just adepute publicity makande was in charge.and the mcp cash gate was between pp goverment lead by madaam joyce banda, lutepo, manondo and phwiyo not pp party.please dont just comment anything u might dig ur own political grave.if tavinamoso mu disorganised pp

  4. Mr msonda leave politics alone,the issue here is that the suspect is trying to elaborate what is the truth of the matter and you thinking otherwise,why are you talking of 577 billion,92 billion? The suspect himself knows about those figures but he is not forced to say anything about them reason is that he doesn’t have evidence what he says is what he knows don’t back your party or your mfiti who made us suffer greatly maybe you are in the same group. We need to here from herself defending her innocence in the court of law please,we are tired of hearing everybody implicating her why only her? But if you keeping defending the devil you will get God’s wrath period.

  5. If three months pp squand 24 billions then two years how much

  6. The big issue is the big monies , MWK577 bn and MWK92bn. No wonder DPP is fighting for Chaponda to take over from APM because they want to cover up all these so called audit queries

  7. A Nsonda muziyankhula chilungamo.Mudzivomeleze zolakwa zanu.

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