Malawians urged to deal with corrupt Admarc officials

Admarc Malawi
Admarc Malawi
Admarc: Under serious malpractices.

The Malawi government through the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and water development has urged Malawians to help it in dealing with corrupt employees of Agriculture Development and Marketing Cooperation (Admarc).

The ministry wants Malawians to assist it in apprehending officials who are reportedly subjecting Malawians to various forms of abuse when they want to buy maize.

Speaking to Malawi24 on Wednesday, minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development Allan Chiyembekeza said government is shocked with frequent media reports indicating that some Admarc employees demand sexual favors from women in exchange for the cheaper maize and that they sell maize to vendors.

He went on to condemn the behavior of some employees who demand additional money on top of the recommended price from poor Malawians to access the commodity.

“We are aware of such mess as government thus we are urging Malawians to help us in dealing with these corrupt officials. As the ministry responsible, we are not just sleeping because we have engaged the police so that appropriate actions are taken,” said Chiyembekeza.

Allan Chiyembekeza
Chiyembekeza; Report corruption.

He further repeated what other government officials have been saying that that no Malawian will die of hunger in the country because the ministry is working round the clock to make maize available in all Admarc depots.

In his remarks, chief executive officer for the cooperation, Foster Mulumbe also called on Malawians to help in dealing with all officials who are masterminding corrupt practices in the process of selling maize.

“They must give us details of any official demanding additional money or sexual favors so that we may see what to do with them. Their practices are uncalled for and as the chief of Admarc I cannot just sit back and watch those Malawians being subjected to injustices for the sake of maize,” he fumed.

Mulumbe also claimed that some corrupt officials have already been fired in connection with such immoral practices and he is ready to deal with any other employee who will be reported to be demanding sex from women or additional money for to sell the maize.

“Why should they be doing such things to fellow Malawians? That is inhuman and let me urge all Malawians to report to my office should they be subjected to such practices,” he said.

Malawi24 understands that the recommended price for 50Kg bag of maize is MK 5,500 but some Admarc official are seen selling the same quantity at as high as MK 10,000.

In some depots they are also reportedly using fake scales which do not match the real quantity.



  1. First of all Mr ALAN CHEMBEKEZA & APM with your government, accept & admit that there is hunger in this country. If Malawi had enough food to feed its people, we wouldn’t have been here pointing fingers at each other. The low supply of maize is causing much problems to the poor Malawians. Vomelezani kuti kuMalawi kuli njala. Vomelezani kuti boma latikanika. Sikuti mwalephera zonse ayi, Mathanyula mwawakwanitsa.

  2. Malawians should deal with the ADMARC official ? Don’t worry we will pass the messing to all Malawians in local Malawi languages ” TIZIKONZERE TOKHA ANTCHITO ONSE A ADMARC AMENE APEZEKE AKUZEMBETSA CHIMANGA BOMA LIDZAMVA ZOITHAITHA . The government will find that we have dealt with all the ADMARC workers who are selling maize to illegal customers. We are to start killing them all , the government will just come to pick the dead bodies.

  3. tsopano akuti tizidya kamodzi pa tsiku, a hon. chiyembekeza amenewo. all the time we were assured there was enough maize in the country. this comfirms our fears that it didn’t procure enough maize and that it doesn’t care an iota for the starving masses.

  4. INE NDIKUGANIZA KUTI apolisi alephera kugwira Mavenda choncho apeleke mwayi kwa anthu Ozunzika kwa Admarc kuti akamuona venda amulande chimanga chifukwa nkosavva anthu kukhwimisa chitetezo kwa admarc. 1 anthu ovutika ndi ambiri kuposa mavenda ndi apolisi. 2 mavendawo akuwaziwa ndi anthuwo popeza akukhalanawo m’madela mwawo.

  5. Ndizomvetsa chisoni kwambiri kumaona anthu omwe amavutika pamzela kukuvoterani ndiomweonso akumavutika pogula chakudya, Malawi govt very stupid!! ndizichani zimenezo tsanu??

  6. Ndizomvetsa chisoni kwambiri kumaona anthu omwe amavutika pamzela kukuvoterani ndiomweonso akumavutika pogula chakudya, Malawi govt very stupid!! ndizichani zimenezo tsanu??

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