CEDEP, HRRC are selling Malawi’s sovereignty to slave masters

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We have been reading UN complaints about Eritrea, the Gambia, Zimbabwe and a lot other African countries. We finally got one ourselves just last week. There was a case, one Ken Msonda voiced out his opinion against homosexuality. (Homosexuality is a crime in Malawi, and we all support the law, except a handful of activists). Two sell-out organizations sued him for inciting violence. 24 hours before the hearing however, the case was discontinued by government prosecutors. (How thoughtful of the government).

Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence
Mtambo and Trapence

The UN is now baying for Nsonda’s blood. The blood of our legal framework. It is coercing us once again to get Msonda behind bars. His crime? Hatred towards crime: homosexuality. See the irony? UN hypocrisy. This has left Malawians wondering what the UN stands for. Anarchy. Bulldozing of western ideas on nations that haven’t expelled the slave mentality. Even more pathetic are the vehicles carrying this devilry. Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence’s organizations have done more harm than good to the country. (The only good being the ends-meet they make from their human rights noise).

CEDEP and the HRCC are a perfect example of backstabbers. They’ve been used to push for alien ideas that are not in line with the interest of Malawians except the homosexual criminals themselves. We saw how these same organizations worked against the late Bingu wa Mutharika at a time Malawi was destined to some paradise. Until we were all tricked into killing our Ngwazi. Bingu was clever enough to open our eyes. He told us imperialists don’t rejoice when we develop. They would rather have us as perpetual tramps. That’s why when they have no excuse, they will invent lies about evil, masking it in human rights. With Mtambo and Trapence as intermediaries.

This is why some local CSOs must be barred. They are a hand to the neo-colonizers in pulling Malawi down.  We can do much better as a country without CEDEP and HRCC. (Once again, the only good thing these two organizations have done is to help its employees make ends meet. Nothing else). Because the issues they are pursuing are non-issues. But they want to put us at loggerheads with their imperialist father: United Nations. Because they think we can’t do without the west. Our resilience against this homosexual idiocy has however raised Pan-African hopes. It appears the question of aid is fast becoming a non-issue too. We must radicalize this thinking before CEDEP and HRCC works a way out. It must start with death to the two organizations, and all other groups rallying behind the two. Human rights organizations have failed independence. The west’s version of human rights is off track. You can’t label an abnormality a right and start threatening sane societies to adopt it. Not even when the west itself still argues over its legalization.

I have also been disappointed by the Malawi Law Society. A grouping of lawyers, most of them educated by our very government (read tax), rising against the country’s values? I expected them to be the last in abandoning the struggle to defend our sovereignty. They should have been asking government to explain why those two gays were released when they had committed a crime instead of waiting for Msonda to lash out at the gay criminals. Maybe because we are too penniless to feed their pockets. That mentality isn’t good for Malawi’s development. They should be ashamed of themselves. I know it can’t be all MLS members. They too must be victims of bulldozing authorities.  Otherwise, its membership is too intelligent to hold hands with homosexuals.

(Remember I don’t buy the moratorium lie because it’s been proved a farce: Joyce Banda signed without presenting the matter to parliament. And to think that the UN relies on that illegal signing makes me mad at those who turn to the UN on human rights and the rule of law).

The problem with Malawi is we are taking this human rights palaver too far. It’s all a hoax. We are selling our sovereignty to the very beasts that enslaved us for centuries. We are giving them space to re-enslave us. Have you even noticed how selective UN’s applicability of justice is? Imagine all the atrocities being committed by the superpowers world over, and all the UN’s human rights branch does is express concern over state of affairs in Malawi simply because we are following our constitution.

The UN is UNjust. More unjust however are the backstabbers we are harbouring in the country. This is why we must rid ourselves of these traitors. They are a barrier to the development of Malawi. We must unite and voice out our concern against the exploits of CEDEP and HRCC. These organizations must be banned if we are to register any meaningful progress. Let us join hands in speaking out against all elements standing in our sovereignty’s way. Mtambo and Trapence must find something else to do; otherwise this path they took is harming the nation.

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  1. Right now in Vancouver, Canada health officials have advised that gay people or male persons who may have engaged in homo sex should be tested for syphilis. Syphilis rate among gay is high. Malawian so called gays are opportunists who think they will be settled in the west. They should think Syrian refugees first before stirring up no sense. UN has no trace of God in itself.it is the anti Christ. The west has no good morals. I agree with the writer of the article. Keep up the good fight.

  2. I get uncontrollably furious whenever people like Trapence and Msonda rear their ugly heads in our lovely country.If its asin to condemn sins,no human being stands a possibility of entering paradise talkless of Jesus himself.These two so called advocates of human rights are being morally dishonest with themselves considering their background in all aspects ranging from race,nationality,ethnicity just to list afew.How sudden did they inherently become gays?, “if they are”.of course they aren’t,some background forces are coercing them to achieve these proclivities.We can never develop our country if our mentality is constantly being designed upon by selfish people who masquerade as liberals while they pseudo liberals.Education teaches us alot and we are mandatory obliged to tell the truth and only the truth because any compromises to our gifted obligation is a serious crime before God.Lets divulge fully to the public about what is happening in our world today for the benefits of our future generation to come.Money should never lead u astray.

  3. ndanolera2 chikwanje changa tsiku limene nsonda akalowe mkhothi ndikakhapa wina wake “watch out” Timothy&Gift ur days r numbered

  4. Gift and mtambo y not set an example by marrying each other pamene u have a record of impregnating somebody’s daughter ,let me tell u ndalama zikuphani business yodukulisa silimba don’t sell our country its a soverghn state guided by its own laws mwabadwa liti inu agaru

  5. western countries created “democracy and Human rights” ideologies as security issues to maintain their dominance in world. Tell me, how can someone killing another person said to have rights? as far as we still think our solutions to our problems are in world bank, IMF, and so called “development partners” in the west, we will always be their slaves, trapped in perpetual poverty and holding our bowls for aid that eventually develop the same western power over us! I wish our country leadership could wake up from this slumber!

  6. Mmm sometimes it’s like to make the parents stupid, and why did the almighty God created a man and woman? So doesn’t mean that these two are more clever than the creater? Sorry one day will come for you to be punished

  7. What do the wives, children & relatives say of the stupidity of these 2 gays. timothy mtambo & gift trapence apa ndiye mwafika posaukitsitsa ndi kutha nzeru ndipo zafika poonekera kuti kupanda kutere simudya, musowa pokhala komanso ana ndi abale anu saapita ku sukulu.

  8. that’s correct mrJonathan,I like ur immaculate decision.Results follows work not wish,W hv to do away these ridiculous men right now shouldn’t waste tm talkn’ this and that as they nt among us.

  9. These white motherfuckers are realy stupid enough to think that we will just do whatever they say fuck them.At first they came and told us that Mulungu wathu ndi oyera ndipo unyinji unakhulupirira anatiuzanso kuti Mwamuna aliyense akuyenera kukwatira nkazi mmodzi kukwatira oposera apo ndi tchimo ife tinakhulupirira.anabwera kuno ku africa kutibera kenaka akutiuza kuti Mulungu amaresa kuba ndipo ndi tchimo,anagwira ukapolo azigogo athu kenaka akuti atipatsa ufulu.Azungu omwewo anaberanso kutipatsa ma baibulo kumatiuza za Sodomu ndi Gomola kuti athu amapanga za mathanyula zomwezi ndipo Mulungu anawaranga Azungunso omwewo akubwera lero kutiuza kuti tizipanga mathanyula omwewo.Koma azunguwanso ndiye ationerera bwanji kumango tiombanitsa mitu basi .Nawe mzangawe ndikuputsa kwakoko ungotsatira chirichonse kumatinamiza kuti ndi ufulu wathu kodi ufulu umenewu wabadwa liti nanga watipatsa ndani chifukwa mwachidziwikire Mulungu anapanga muthu wa nkadzi ndi wa mmuna sangapereke ufulu umenewu chifukwa ndiye sibwenzi atapanga muthu wa nkadzi ndi wa mmuna.

  10. zikuwoneka kuti kuno ku malawi OBAMA wayamba kutizolowela akusiya ziko la TANZANIA ZAMBIA. MOSHOKO ndiye pali mbuzi zina muno zimawatuma anyamata kumapanga ma thanyula cholinga kumayesela nzida.

  11. These NGOs They Are All Fucken And They Do Practice This Nonsencical Harbit And Mind You If You Want To Campain About This Ndithu Mukuwaputa Nokha Mavu Pachisa,Ndanena.

  12. America ndi yolemera kuposa ife koma tisiileni dziko lathu ili. Amene mukufuna homosexual pitani konko amalolezako kuno ayi. UN! respect our boundary, we r independent! We are poor but God fearing nation. Trampese and Mtambo you were young when we got this nation out of hot irony Roi Welensky. Zipatseni ulemu, ngati masiku akuchepelani musaswe phale.

  13. My country;Malawi or I’m I dreaming or not?where are you going my country?plz my Lord Jesus plz,you may pls do something to save your innocent ppl:

  14. Chikondi Chikondi Banda don’t continue to say lyk that otherwise uzafa ifa yowawa if u are 1 of them u must kip silent this not America this Malawi we have our on way to dill with it to clean our country if u are a real Malawian u know what I mean take care close u rabish a nus

  15. Tell all UN’s members that they must come and a rest all Malawian not only N’sonda and fuck u all UN’s members once again we said No!! No !! To anus here in Malawi go to hell we are ready to die 4 for saying No to homosexual come here do must plan but we are not changing let Malawi be Malawi we don’t need blood money u are a golila go and fuck ur self

  16. You’re a news broadcaster you’re not allowed to have an opinion and if you do, keep it to yourself. This is poorly written with little true facts and sense.

  17. Who z de president of the UN? Tell him, Malawi shall never accept this evil act!! Inu amene mukuchita kapena kulimbikitsa mchitidwe uwu, We are going to kill you, Yes, I mean Killing You. Ife Sitikuopa UN. We Know who you are and Where You Sleep. Get ready we’re coming to kill You!! Nosense Sons of the evil one!

  18. I believe that no person has a right to judge the sins of another person and if gay people want there rights let them be it’s God who will judge in the end.

    1. chomwe ndikunena ndichoti ngati iwo anasankha kuti akhale ma gay asiyeni ndi zawo…. palibe munthu anapatsidwako udindo opanga judge nzake… ine ndingopeleka open minded opinion yanga. chifukwaso nawo ndi anthu eti…akuyenela kupatsidwa ulemu

    2. wht judgement do u want?? God already prohibits it kalekale so ufulu ndi chani? anayambitsa zimaufulu ndindani?? God mwini wake analseratu mchitidwe umeneu n mukudziwa za sodom n gomola nde kena kamunthu koti kamapuma kamapita ku toilet, kamasanza, kamadwala, kamadya, kamakodza kazikuuzan zamaufulu zomwe mukudziwa kut ena analandra nazo kale zilango

  19. Yes it will only start with the killing of these two organisations and to you Mtambo and Trapence or whatever you call yourself,,,you should be ashamed of yourself find something to do plz.. IDIOTS

  20. My poor Malawi, would you want to fight an enemy as huge as the almighty UN? You will not prevail!!

  21. If timothy and trapece have wives dey shud divorce dem and marry each other bcoz its their rights. anus? God fobid, i will enjoy de pussy foeva not that shit hole, mukwatilane ife akazi anuwo tiziwathandiza kuposa inuyo.

  22. Please those who are close to Gift and Timothy should check for me if they are putting on a left and right pair of shoes. If they putting on a left and right shoes they should be given a Right pair or left pair(gay shoes)to appriciate our concerns. Long live Malawi.

  23. Please those who are close to Gift and Timothy should check for me if they are putting on a left and right pair of shoes. If they putting on a left and right shoes they should be given a Right pair or left pair(gay shoes)to appriciate our concerns. Long live Malawi.

  24. ‘These two men r traitors,they can do any thing as long at the end they rfill their pockets,had it bn am …….,iwoud’v aprooted this dangerous weed in ma garden using poiso

  25. ‘These two men r traitors,they can do any thing as long at the end they rfill their pockets,had it bn am …….,iwoud’v aprooted this dangerous weed in ma garden using poiso

  26. Let Msonda Feel Free Zamagay Zachamba basi Mwagwilagwila Azikazi anu uko kagweleni uko

  27. Here is my judgement, when you want to do away with witchweed in your garden, the best method is hand uprooting and expose it to the scorching sun to die completely. The case of homosexuality is deeply rooted in Timothy and Trapece. Therefore, for Malawi to be free from these devils, we need to take the law into our hands and do away with these sons of the devil. Uproote witchweed and your garden will be free again. Thats my judgement in a nut shell.

    1. iwe ukukanawe ngat ndiwe modzi ufa nawo ulere,,we shud delete des sons of devil…..en evrytinn wil be oft in ouf land…so i suport u bratha!!!

  28. If United Nations promotes Democracy why is it that Malawi is being forced to adopt something which is not best for the Malawians. If majority rules in Democracy then why Malawi is being forced to follow the minority if there are any that is. If Homo is a crime in Malawi then why is it not punishable by the law.

  29. The writer is right trampeze and his friend are educated enough to find a better thing to do than taking our nation to the grave.be patriotic brothers.

  30. Why should Malawi legalise homosexuality? Why should we knowingly/deliberately act against the will of GOD? If homo is good then God could have created another male for Adam. Zautsiru zawonzo ife kuno takana.

  31. Excellent,well written essay keep it up Malawi 24 mwina womwe akugonawa angazuke! Malawi is not west country ndipo nthawi ya asamunda idatha so UN go to hell leave Malawi alone nonse magays mupeze chochita china osati kumadalira mathanyula kuti mulemele ayi!!!

  32. These people starting from Obama the UN are all devil worshippers so fellow country men be careful with your yes bwana. American is using Obama to bring the New World order whose ruler will be satan himself, so to prepare him people are forced to accept gays. Obama himself is gay if don’t believe me Google it you will get all the answers you need.

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