Police arrest house-breaker, crime boss

Malawi police

Police in Lilongwe have arrested a man and a boy for breaking into a house at ADL Housing Estate Lines in Lumbadzi Township in the city.

The boy who is 16 years-old was arrested on Tuesday 19th January around 9 a.m. and while in the hands of police, the young culprit revealed that he has been conducting different house break-ins in Lumbadzi after being ordered by his master.

police malawi
Have arrested a crime boss (file photo)

He identified the crime boss as Bwanali Adisani, a 23 year-old man from Traditional Authority Chimwala in Mangochi.

Malawi24 understands that Bwanali, who is also known by the nickname M’bobo, ordered the minor to steal from a house in the said location. The juvenile knocked on the door but there was no response and this influenced him to start breaking the door in order to steal a laptop bag.

His efforts were frustrated when a boy who was applying fertilizer in a nearby farm rushed to the house upon hearing the sound of a door being broken. He shouted for help which finally led to the arrest of the 16 year- old.

The police hunted down the crime boss and apprehended him along with six other suspects in the afternoon hours of the same day. The six suspects were arrested for receiving stolen properties which includes; digital cameras, mobile phones, money, bags and kitchen utensils.

In the operation, Lumbadzi police managed to recover property worth K1.5 million and they also found a kilogramme of Indian hemp.
The law enforcers have since advised the general public to be employing security measures at all times.

Lumbadzi police also opened its doors to the members of the general public to check with them for identification of their stolen properties.

House breaking is contrary to section 309 of the penal code.



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