PAC refuses to hold debate on homosexuality


The country’s Public Affairs committee (PAC), a Malawian religious body, says it will not conduct any debate on whether to legalize same sex marriages in the country or not.

Fr. Peter Mulomole

Fr. Peter Mulomole; No debate.

PAC chairperson Father Peter Mulomole says as a religious body in the country, it is obvious that they don’t subscribe to the concept of same sex marriages.

“As a religious body in Malawi I don’t think the debate is necessary. This has to be done by parties or bodies which are neutral and we are not neutral on this matter, we have a side so, Pac will not conduct debate.” Said father Mulomole.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Government still remains silent on the matter saying all will be said by people not the government. Recently, the government spokesperson who is also information minister, Jappie Mhango said people will have to decide whether the same sex marriage should be legalized in the country or not.

He said this will be done in a debate form but he did not disclose how and when the debate will be conducted.

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