PP says members have the right to quit


Malawi ex ruling People’s Party (PP) says anyone in the party is allowed to leave as the party is now facing demise after some politicians quit amid mounting tensions over who will succeed its leader, Joyce Banda.

PP’s political landscape took yet another turn on Sunday after Director of Social Welfare Tony Ngalande resigned from his post.

Ngalande joined former minister Moses Kunkuyu who also quit the party last week.

However, speaking to Malawi24, PP publicity secretary Ken Msonda said that the party still gives room to those willing to join or quit the party.  He said the party doesn’t regret their going as it is expecting other people to join.

Ken Msonda

Msonda: Everyone has rights.

Said Msonda: “PP is passing through “pruning season”; some leaves are falling off to give room for new, fresh and strong leaves to grow. PP will be stronger than we are when all is said and done.

“We regret but not worried that some members are leaving; death of any family member, be it that of a saint or a sinner is regrettable. We would have loved if those leaving had stayed but since they have decided to go, we wish them well; it is their Constitutional Right ‘freedom of association.”

Members who have quit the party described that it is difficult to withhold the on-going wave of change and because people are fed- up of empty promises of Banda’s homecoming and all they need is change.

Recently, Banda appointed Kamlepo Kalua and Uladi Mussa as party third vice president and party president respectively. However, other members of the party obtained an injunction at Mzuzu High Court restraining  Musa and Kalua from take their position.



  1. Mapeto ake chitsala Msonda,Uladi ndi kamlepo basi!
    Pamene Dpp ili ndi achina Bwampini(Peter),airtel money(chilima),nkhandwe(Goodall) and so,so, so……..

  2. Zimene alemba a Omega Jofilisi pa mwambapa zoti DPP boma 2019 ndikukaika kwambiri ngati adzapange boma poona mmene zinthu zikuonekera panopa. Kusowa zakudya mzipatala, kukwera mtengo ndi kusapezeka kwa feteleza wotsika mtengo

  3. Boma mpanyumba pako ndakazako ndikukhala mchakudya chokwanira zandale ndilibe nazo ntchito,mmene mumadyera mkumva kukoma ndi ndalama zachipani ife sitikhalako

  4. A msonda kulira ndi mtima kumeneko politics is a game of numbers ndiye inu mukamati ndi ufulu wa mmmmmmm pakunika chipanichi muchichekere konda ine kuti anthu azichikonda asamathawe

  5. PP is a weak party that does not stand to win elections and the internal fightings are adding salt to the wound. The only way to heal the wound and stand a chance to win elections is to have a convention which will elect leaders that will satisfy both sides that are tussling now. Otherwise the party will disappear and reduced to the state like that of Aford which has only one seat in the parliament and one place of influence.

  6. Hahaha, do Worry Mama i will Join U in 2018, i want to Contest on Mp for Balaka North. There wil be Comption bwtn Me, Tony Ngalande and Mwana wa Mmudz.

  7. This party will vanish like snow if these internal fightings will not be resolved forthwith. And in the long end it will prove the fact that it was meant to steel government confers.

  8. 2019 Achakwera kulowa bwalo basi,,mwina tiyeseko amene anawerengapo mau aYehova enawa mmmm,,ayi anali mayooo kunjako,,koma mbiri yatipweteka heavy,chipanda mbale wake bwezi ali ndani lero ameneyi