“Politicians who dump their parties are greedy”

Sosten Gwengwe

Former minister Ziliro Chibambo says politicians who dump political parties without any proper reasons are motivated by greed.

Chibambo, who once served as a cabinet minister in former president Bakili Muluzi’s administration said the politicians are currently dumping parties for money not to help the country succeed democratically.

Chibambo said when he was a cabinet minister, people were having good plans towards a party and when someone was moving from one party to the other, it was for good reasons. He said at that time, he was receiving K3,500 as a monthly salary for his cabinet position and K500 for transport allowance making it K4, 000 a month.

Sosten Gwengwe
Sosten Gwengwe: Also made a scary switch of parties.

He said had it been that he was greedy; he and other friends would have not accepted their positions.

“Most Malawi’s politicians are greedy. You can refer this to what happens when a party fails to make it in elections. Within two weeks we start hearing them announcing that I have moved from my party and my people say I must support the government which in real sense is not all about supporting the government but greed,” said Chibambo.

Chibambo’s remarks comes after two politicians from opposition People’s Party left the party claiming that they want to concentrate on personal businesses.

Some of the top party switches include that of the late Bingu wa Mutharika from United Democratic Front (UDF), a party that had led him into power to form his own Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and of Uladi Mussa from DPP to Peoples Party (PP) as well as the change of tune by runningmate of PP President Joyce Banda during the 2014 polls, Sosten Gwengwe from PP to Malawi Congress Party (MCP), a party he belonged to before Banda handpicked him to the party which lost the polls in 2014.



  1. That’s not true. Nobody can leave a part without a proper reason. The fact that you don’t agree with that person it does not mean that it’s not a proper reason for him. When was that when you were receiving MK 4000 per month if it was during the time of Kamuzu that was a lot of money. Most Malawians that time were receiving around MK 200 and let me tell you that money is now what would be $2000 for the Kwacha was $1 to MK2 and a pound was 4. By 1999 a dollar was $1 to MK19 if you will tell me that it was the time of Nanjekeya adayimba Matafale.

  2. If such a politician joined politics as a career, then I don’t have any problems with this.

    However, if it was to represent the will of a particular electorate, then in the process this politician dumps them then it is greed indeed, unless otherwise justified

  3. whatever reasons, lets build Malawi. these are just labels in fact multiparty alone is already built on greedy foundations in Malawi. some of the party presidents are they people who really can lead a country? show me one who is in politics because he wants to assist the nation

  4. It is for this reason we hold politicians responsible for the destruction of the nation, politically and economically.

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