Population growth affecting health services in Mzimba

Malawi Hospitals

Fresh findings by this publication indicate that increase in population is affecting health service delivery in Malawi’s northern region district of Mzimba.

During a recent visit to Mzimba, our Reporter found that people were overcrowding in public health facilities such that medical personnel were unable to deliver efficiently.

For instance in the maternity wing, women were seen sleeping on the floor because their number exceeded the available beds in the room. Some of them went on to reveal to our reporter that almost 45 pregnant women were not able to sleep under mosquito nets because the available ones had already gone to others.

“This room is becoming very small now. See some of us sleep without mosquito nets on the floor. Authorities must consider helping us as soon as possible,” said one woman Rhoda Njikho.

Kamuzu Central Hospital
Health sector being affected by increasing population. (Library image).

Gathered records show that a room made for 40 people is now loaded with about 200 women who are also waiting to give birth.

“The medicine we get from government is becoming very few considering the number of patients we treat these days. Even medical staff is not matching with the growing population here,” complained one nurse pleading for anonymity.

Commenting on the matter, publicist for the facility Mr. Nyirenda suggested that government must consider refurbishing the hospital to accommodate more people because currently they really face challenges in terms of accommodation.

“The growing population is behind some shortfalls in our service delivery because as you saw that room was designed to accommodate about 40 people many years ago but now the it holds about 200 which shows that something needs to happen to meet the current state of affairs,” said Nyirenda.

His sentiments were echoed by the district commissioner for Mzimba Thomas Chirwa who confessed that the rate at which population is growing is really becoming terrifyingly perturbing.

He said some facilities were designed long ago for the few people who were present and because they are not being improved, there are problems of congestion.

“Such facilities needs improvement because they were designed way back before the population reached this extent,” he said.

On his part, Paramount Chief M’mbelwa V said his subjects should have few children because the population is growing at a very alarming rate.

He said people must realize that the available space will remain the same so when they continue multiplying, they will only bring negative impacts in all sectors of life including health and education.

“The land is still limited so people must have it in their minds that having additional babies will only accompany more trouble,” he said.



  1. Koma ayayayaya….pathetic writing the headline is about pop growth ndimawona ngati mutipasa data yambuyomo kuti tiwone if its indeed pop growth….by the way, anthu akamachuluka kuchipatala can be attributed to so many things….check the situatikn in altenative health facillities etc..anyway u won’t get a thing ndingotha nthawi talking

  2. Ndiye Zomwe Anthu Akufuna Wosati Zauntchisi/Udazi Wanuzo Zomati Adzakwatana Amuna Wokha Wokha/ Akazi Wokha Wokha Ai Si Movie Ya Bho Abelekana Kuti Mawa Mudzapenso Ma Vote Ambiri.

  3. Mngoti cashgate osati population growth ka mbuzeleza uwo ndere izii kuwevyenge population nthe mkugwila nkhu ntchito imwe ? Vizeleza ivi watiii mute ndalama mukumalira mthumba nthe mleke kuyooya vakumpoto mwaluwa kummwela napakati ndipo vana vikusowa nadada wao uwo galu iziii

  4. Aaaaaaa inu atumbuka muzilera bwanji mukuchulukana ngati dziko ndi lanu,?musamukatu ngati simuyamba kulera,lobolanso anthu anachenjela angotenga pa ngongole baasi,

  5. Thats not the truth. Go to china u will find 1.3 billion pipo but all access good health but here only 17 million pipo but we struggle to access good health due to lack of vision of our leaders whom they dont have a clear health policy.

    1. Mind ur tongue young man. I havent compare the economies but population. Kodi anthu akuda munakhala bwanji? Always finding a fault where there is supposed not to be one.

  6. aaaaaaaaaa kkkkkkkkkk thus Malawi 24 iknow kkkkkkk wat criterias were using wen u were employing ur journalist? alwz on wrong packing!!!!! Mzimba is the biggest district in Malawi but bet me!!! it has got avery small population, and idnt know where u r getting those misleading informations

    1. Mr Ngoma with all respect i think your comment is somehow contrally to the post itself, coz the post is clearly talking about (population growth) and you are talking about (population) i am very sorry, lam replying to your comment coz you had a strong aguement worthy getting a word from but abit wrongly placed

  7. LIAR!!! Big LIAR!!! If the population is growing very high it means , Government is earning alot of money through tax.The government is getting 30% from workers and if that is not enough the government Is also getting money from all the groceries we buy through Vat. Zangokuvutani dzituleni pansi idzi.

  8. Malawi24 Journalist’s please be objective, accurate and fair enough in presenting ur stories
    Are you telling me that the picture in the story is Mzimba Hospital??

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