Government faulted for snubbing local experts’ advice

Nelson Mkandawire

One of Malawi’s  economic commentators, Nelson Mkandawire, has expressed concern over the failure of government to take heed of advice from the country’s economic experts.

Nelson Mkandawire
Mkandawire: Govt should listen.

Mkandawire was commenting on the closure of 20 People’s Trading Centre (PTC) shops in the country, a situation which economic experts have described as a setback to the country’s economy.

Mkandawire said the economy of the country is floundering and the closure has rendered people jobless.

”The economy is on a reverse gear as people have lost their jobs and this government does not want to take advice given by local experts, rather it chooses to take advice from donors and that’s the problem,” said Mkandawire.

He added that Malawi already has a high rate of unemployment levels and this is a heavy blow to those who were working at the shops as some might stay for a long time without being employed.

Mkandawire also called on government to find a way to stabilize the country’s economy.

He said: “There is need for government to strategize ways on how it can stabilise the economy as most people will suffer because of the loss of their jobs and this indicate that our economy is not okay.”



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