Red Cross SA donates to Malawian charity

Girl Power Malawi

Red Cross South Africa has donated assorted items to Girl Power Malawi, a charitable organization operating in Malawi.

The items include several parcels containing Colgate, tissues, sanitary pads and roll-ons.

Girl Power was founded by South African based musician Triza Titus and the organization works in Nkhatabay and Lilongwe.

Speaking after receiving the items, Titus thanked Red Cross South Africa for the timely donation to her organisation.

“We welcome this donation and it has come at the right time as we have many young women in Malawi need of our support,” she said.

According to Titus, the organization assists 20 girls in Lilongwe where it works in area 23, 24, and 25 as well as in Kawale 1 and 2 while in Nkhatabay the charity has 10 girls.

“The main aim is to teach these girls how to fish so they can be independent. Girl Power train these girls how to recycle waste to organic manure, charcoal, fired woods and we as well teach them to make products like bracelets, handmade shoes, making peanut butter, yoghurt and others,” Titus said.

Girl Power Malawi
(In the picture is Triza Titus receiving donations from Redcross South Africa officer)

According to Titus, the organization also assisted five girls who had dropped out of school to go back to school. She said Girl Power will help these girls throughout their secondary school.

However, Titus said the organization is depending on donations and the sales of her CD. She appealed to well-wishers to help the organization so that it can reach needy girl across the country.

She said: “I have been using my CD sales to fund this organization with the help of my husband Gift Chabwera. We are pleading to well-wishers and families who can afford to help us take one child back to school by paying their school fees, if everyone can take part in that, Malawi would really prove to be a warm heart of Africa and a better place to stay.



  1. Soon it will be a consignment of assorted items and my sister keep up the good work you are doing. Lift your head up cos you are doing something.

  2. Ikauwona litsilo siikata. Mpakana colgate ndi mapepala akuchimbuzi kuulusa pa news kuti apeleka chithandizo? Kkkkkkkk shame shame shame.

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