Witnesses differ on Kasambara, Mphwiyo meeting

Paul Mphwiyo is a former budget director in Malawi facing charges of corruption, fraud and money laundering

Witnesses in the ongoing Paul Mphwiyo murder have differed on whether the former budget director Mphwiyo had a meeting with the then Malawi’s Justice  Minister Raph Kasambara on the day of Mphwiyo’s shooting.

Paul Mphwiyo
Paul Mphwiyo: His shooting case is unpacking contradicting evidences.

Earlier on, former housemaid for Kasambara, Jessie Mussa, testified in court that on this fateful day, she saw  Mphwiyo arriving at Kasambara’s residential place with a bag containing huge sums of money.

On the contrary, Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa told the court during Thursday’s proceedings that it was unlikely for the two to have met on the day.

On her part, Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) director in the department of banking and currency management Mercy Kumbatira told the court about the discussion between RBM, accountant general, treasury, and economic affairs directorate over an increase in expenditures.

“On September 9, 2013 government called for a meeting with RBM to discuss domestic borrowing figures because of the significant increase in domestic borrowing reflected in the domestic borrowing (DOMBO) table.”

“During the meeting government wanted to understand what had triggered the increase in the domestic borrowing, RBM explained that from analysis, there were some huge payments that had been made in respect of military spending and payment of arrears,” she said.

She added that at the meeting Mphwiyo expressed awareness on the issue but maintained that domestic borrowing was still too high even after taking the factors into account.

Meanwhile, the case will continue from January 27 to 29 when Pika Manondo will be defending himself whilst the cashgate convict Oswald Lutepo and politician Brown Mpinganjira will testify.

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  1. most of these accused used their moneys in the country by among others building houses thereby helping the government in developing the nation and you are still prosecuting them?? when will you prosecute Bingu’s family including this clueless man for the bilions and trilions stached in banks out side Malawi?????????????

  2. Koma boman likangoluza mulandu umenewu muyembekezele kupeleka chindapusa chandalama zoposa zimene anabazo. Komanso inu aboma mukaluzamo musamuke mziko muno

  3. Funso langa ndilakuti kodi inu muli pamipando mubomanu mukazacho nde tizamve kuti nanu munaba pomwe pano simupanga zotukula dziko koma kulimbana ndianzanu azakupangeni chani? chifukwa pano mukuoneka ngati ndinu okhulupilika chifukwa muli pamipando ok tizaona maka iwe

  4. Let us not get rooted into the past. Its time to move on and start using our brains to create a better future. We waste a lot of our time and brain power on issues that will not significantly help improve our future. Its time for all of us to think about ways of halting and start reversing the negative economic trends that have characterized our beautiful country. Let’s hold the government to be more accountable to its citizens, and citizens must also know their duty.

  5. And if Ralph Kasambara did got involved in cashgate,iknw he may have repented and forgiven so Biblically you’re persecuting an innocent soul which God will embarass you with your so called witness,Prepare yourself for huge compensation.

  6. Za Raph, msiye bcoz no evidence. Inuyo mumaba through your Gvt agents. Prosecution takes long 2 enrich members in their system. Pls, stop and let them free,

  7. Shops closing, businesses closing, infrastructure development at a halt. Malawi moving back to atsamunda days. Ndale zofuna kulemera.

  8. This is a proof that wisdom comes from God… Though we regard these people as high profile because they have knowledge they acquired from schools but I don’t see peace in there lives….. Other wise they need Jesus in their lives

    1. Mr. Chafulumira; mukufuna zofulumila ngati mwa dzina lanu? Pepani, mulandu umenewu uli very complicated and has a big impact on the country’s socio-economic well-being. Therefore, sangauzenge mothamanga ngati oba dowe kapena nkhuku. Mukafuna milandu yachigamulo cha pompo-pompo muzipita kumilandu ya kumabwalo a mafumu kumidzi. Mulandu umenewu olo utatha five years, am okay with it.

  9. Pliz drive malawi 2 land of canaan not back 2 egypt do u want our next generation suffer cz of selfishness pliz stop stories abit kasambara mphwiyo anatikwana

  10. Hahahaa! How cud you knw your Boss’s visitor had huge some of money? Really.unless your Boss notified you.ma witness abodzatu sasowaa! Muyalukapo apooo.

    1. Kasambara will win this case n I wonder where Bwampini will get money to compansate him, if now he’s failing to employ teachers, nurses, doctors, let alone raise civil servants salaries which they termed chicken change during campaign!

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