Malawians remember Bishop Zuza

Bishop Joseph Mkasa Zuza

Malawians across the northern region on Friday remembered the life of late Bishop Joseph Mkasa Zuza who died on 15 January last year.

Among the activities, people held prayers in Mzuzu and Karonga where many maintained that the death of Zuza has been a great loss because he will be very difficult to replace.

In Karonga the prayers were led by Bishop Martin Mtumbuka while in Mzuzu Bishop Michael Mughogho guided the ceremony.

People who spoke to Malawi24 after the prayers which were held at St. Peter Cathedral said that late Zuza was a very courageous man who always stood for the truth.

Bishop Joseph Mkasa Zuza
Bishop Joseph Mkasa Zuza; Remembered in tears.

“I will always miss him because he was a courageous man who could speak for Malawians without fear. He was not a hypocrite like others we see today,” said Joseph Kumwenda.

Another one, Paul Msimuko, said Zuza was a man of good reputation and every man desired his strength and guidance.

“I once met the man and he told me how to live a fruitful life in this youthful age. He was a good guider and to most of us we lost our library of truth and courage,” said Msimuko.

In Karonga people were also very appreciative of late Zuza’s achievements.

Bishop Zuza rose to prominence in 2011 when he openly criticized former President Bingu wa Mutharika on his bad governance during national prayers that were held in Blantyre.

He told late Mutharika that people who feel that they know everything are absolute fools.

The prayers in memory of Zuza are expected to be happening every year.



  1. some of u cz of ignorant brains raped by hatred and jelousy,u bark at any news frm mpoto even funeral stuffss shame on u dumbest men on planet earth

  2. The only man who trully can claim to have changed malawi history not with a sword or riot but by a pen and a voice that woke evry sleeping malawian. b4 chakufwa munganya Chihana tom b4 bakili muluzi atcheya b4 kamlepo panorama ya south africa secret tapes kalua b4 Brown b4 Aleke waboza banda there was ZuZa and he made all them become the leaders we talk of to day. Zuza accomplished wat atati mpakati failed, what yatuta and dunduza chisiza failed, what kanyama chiumye failed Zuza accomplised. but as usual too many stupid fools in this country will have an issue and try to sabotage his legacy just bcoz he came from the northern part of the nation. amalawi openga mwatani? kanundu chani?

  3. Koma pa nkhani ya maliro palibe shasha choncho si bho kumalemba ma comment opusa ngati mwakhuta kachasu basi kumapanga zopusa. Ine ndi wa southern region siwa nothern ayi koma zandikhuza zomwe mbuzi ina yalemba zawonetseratu kutsowa nzeru za umunthu.

  4. Only fools and pigheaded pple who always fail to grasp the gist of the story are so good at pointing fingerz at Northerners. If I may ask a simple question…do we hold such gatherings in other regions? To blame sum1 bcoz of such petty things…only shows that you fear that person or you are jealousy of him coz he iz flying higher than you do….#one malawi oneNation#

    1. ATamani mwataninso ! Amene aja timawakumbukira pa 20 July every year. Ndiye pali choti mudandaule ndi atumbuka? Mukhale ndi weekend yabwino. Phunzirani kulemekeza mtundu uliwonse wa anthu, pakutero inunso anthu azakupatsani ulemu.

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