Man gets 9 years for raping a boy


The Lilongwe magistrate court has sentenced a 49 year-old Malawian man to 9 years imprisonment with hard labour after he was found guilty of raping a 15 year-old boy.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Dyton Phiri identified the rapist as Ephraim Kanyandula from Njalamano village in the area of Traditional Authority Sayimon in Neno district.

Phiri said Kanyandula committed the offence early October last year. He also said the convict was a security adviser at Maka Security in the capital city whilst the victim was a security guard at the same company.

CourtAccording to Phiri, on this day, Kanyandula told the victim that he was supposed to guard for his office. At night Kanyandula called the boy into a certain room where he raped him and threatened that if he reveals the ordeal to anyone, he will be killed.

Phiri said some days after the incident, the boy was complaining of stomach ache. Upon being asked by his workmate as to what had happened with his stomach, he finally revealed that the evil man had raped him twice in a week.

Later, the boy was taken to the hospital where it was confirmed that he was really raped. Police from Area 36 in the city nabbed Kanyandula.

In court, the convict asked the presiding judge for a lesser punishment saying he is old and he has stayed on remand for a long time but the judge argued that people like him need a stiffer punishment.



  1. More reasons to praise kamuzu now. Azungu azakhala akutilamulilabe till kufikana potiuza kut tizidyana tokhatokha so long as tikuanvera. I m sure askana sanafike posowa kut nkusowa omufunsira, chabwino osapita ku bar bwanji?

  2. This is a 15 year old boy risking his life working all night long guarding company properties. Yet there are so many organizations claiming they are protecting children. Minister of labour must do something here coz this security company has broken child labour law.

  3. 15 years boy got a job in malawi these days thus child abuse,he desera stiffer punishment indeed we wont tolerate this behavior in ma mother land

  4. Why would a company employ a minor? The company must be sued. For u who raped shame on u. You deserve to rot in jail. I feel sorry for the young boy

  5. Mesa inu a court mukukhalilaso zoti anthu azikwatilana aziwalo zofanana nde awotu akwatilanaso nde muwaimba mulanduso aaa nde simunatitu muzenga milandu ingati akalola ufuluwawowo

  6. Akazi ali mbwee kusaukira amuna, zoona kumakalimbana ndi mwana? Mwana wakenso wammuna, koma zovuta kumvetsa ndithu.

  7. Akazi ali mbwee kusaukira amuna, zoona kumakalimbana ndi mwana? Mwana wakenso wammuna, koma zovuta kumvetsa ndithu.

    1. Zangoyambika ndipo ziyenera kutero popeza zikapanda kuchitika izi ndekuti bible linama. Chonde tigwiritse mlungu wathu

  8. Africa we had our own culture, it was almost the same in every country, but tinalolela kutengela za khalidwe laku western countries, we agreed to adopt the agenda of gender equity, whereby they used to say amuna ndi akazi palibe kusiyana, but does this mean kusasiyana kumeneku ndekut ma ukwati azichitika mulimose… Watch out Africa for you might end up being a total powerless fool…

  9. Kulibe kothawira, ma gay nawoso ayamba kugwirirana. Shame on you Trapence

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