Chitipa residents bemoan PTC closure

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Malawians in Chitipa district have expressed disappointment over closure of the sole People’s Trading Centre (PTC) retail shop in the district.

PTC management embarked on a strategic move to boost business earlier this week, which involved shutting down 20 of their retail shops across the country. Despite having one People’s shop, the district is among those that have fallen victim to the trimming exercise.

In an interview with a local radio station, members of a grouping called Concerned Citizens of Chitipa (CCC) described PTC actions as inconsiderate. They pleaded for reopening of the shop, citing negative effects attached to the closure.

Peoples Shop
Peoples Shops: shut.

CCC also said the residents depended on the shop for their shopping hence its absence has created a gap which is going to take a long time to be filled. They added that they will now be forced to go to neighbouring Tanzania for shopping which they say involves high costs of travelling.

In a separate interview with Malawi24, Tupilike Sichoni, a resident of the district said this is a huge blow to all Chitipa dwellers as they will now be purchasing at higher prices goods that they could have cheaply acquired at People’s.

Chitipa is one of the fastest growing districts in the northern region. The ongoing construction of the Karonga -Chitipa provides the district with an easy link to Karonga district thereby facilitating trade activities between the two districts.

Despite the booming trade in the district, PTC management maintains they were making losses, thus opting for locking its doors. It is not clear as to whether they will reopen Chitipa retail shop once Malawi’s economy recovers.

The effect of closing the 20 shops has been less felt in other areas because they have a number of PTC owned shops. On a positive note, people who used to work at the closed stores will be posted to the remaining 65 shops.

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  1. The truth is that PTC cannot stomach the competition from the Asians and Shoprite, period. Your shops are dirtier and filthier compared to when Kamuzu was alive – they stink and sometimes stock rotten stuff. It has nothing to do with strategy.

  2. The stupid Chitipa voters you are the leading district in the norther region which gave Peter more votes in the northern region than the rest of the other districts in the north.

    You are now eating your own vomites.

  3. Mum Juliet dont say something you dont know as you never know me am young than you but I own things of your age and am not done thats what am doing in this country and my shop will not be closed, am sorry to tell you this

  4. Shire Bus Lines, Air Malawi, MSB… Ah those beautiful names that used to make Malawi, Malawi. They used to be the face and pride of our country. Anything, even simply changing their names is just as hurtful! It all starts with “restructuring” and “downsizing”, then slowly, but painfully going down for good. We can’t afford to lose PTC-Such a prominent name! Management, do something before it’s too late.

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