Mphwiyo shooting case: Lutepo to be out of prison as a witness

Oswald Lutepo
Paul Mphwiyo
Paul Mphwiyo: His shooting case still in court.

The High court in Malawi’s capital has adjourned to January 29 when trial of the attempted murder case of former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo will resume.

High Court Judge Michael Mtambo, made the ruling on Thursday.

According to Mtambo, Cashgate convict, Oswald Lutepo who is in jail serving his 11 year term for theft and money laundering linked to the cashgate scandal will be in court as witness.

Lutepo had stolen over MK4 billion will.

Oswald Lutepo
Lutepo (C) heads to curt to testify.

He will be out of prison to testify in the case in which ex Justice Minister, Ralph Kasambara , businessman Pika Manondo and Macdonald Kumwembe are answering attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murders on Mphwiyo.

“The arrangement will be that [cashgate prisoner] Osward Lutepo will be the first to testify then the second accused (Pika Manondo) will enter defence and after that the other witnesses will come in,”. We should keep time when cross examining and it should be straight to the point because am here to preside over a case of who shot Mphwiyo and not any other,” said Judge Mtambo.

On Wednesday, Kasambara turned his ire on Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mary Kachale to his questioning line to fifth witness, Keaton Gani in the case.

Previously, one of the suspects in the case, Kumwembe, told the high court in Lilongwe that he wants the ACB deputy director and other civil servants to appear in the court as his witnesses.

Kumwembe denies the Paul Mphwiyo shooting charges.

The unsuccessful plot on Mphwiyo  led to the discovery of the cashgate scandal as unscrupulous government and Peoples Party officials stole over K24 billion of public funds.



  1. ineyo zangokhala kuti chichewa ndimamva nawo. bt i am tha lost bt found ina govt system. i pay alot of tax which some ov u jus steal it. koma gays tizakumana!!

  2. mungozuza athu bwanj mumat anaononga ndalama zoyenela chitukuko Koma Aaaa makhwala zipatala already mayaz musamanAmizile cashgate asiyen azanu inu nde ndiovesa chisoni ndikale ooowo tiyen nazo

  3. Aaaaaaa,#Lutepo why z de World Abusing U lyk dis? Udakakhala Poor Man bwenzi ukuona izizi? Let ur Money Rescue U frm dis if Possbo,bt ts impossbo my frnd!! U wll b suffering lyk dat,#Blood ndiyovuta

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