Police officer granted bail in Njauju Murder case

Issa Njauju

The High Court in Lilongwe has granted bail to Christopher Naphiyo, a Malawi police officer who was arrested in connection with the murder of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director of Corporate Affairs Issa Njauju.

Naphiyo, 43, a police criminal investigator based at police headquarters in Lilongwe was arrested in December last year and became a second suspect in the brutal murder of Njauju.

Confirming the development, national police spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa said Naphiyo has been released on bail by the high court.

Issa Njauju
Issa Njauju; Was mercilessly killed.

“The suspect was taken to court in December and he was remanded to one of our prisons but he has been released on bail by the high court,” said Gondwa.

In the process of investigating the murder of the ACB official, police arrested Frank John as the first suspect and charged him with murder after he was found with Njauju’s mobile phone.

The late Njauju went missing on July 2, 2015 and his body was discovered two days later behind Presidential Villas in the capital Lilongwe. Post- mortem results revealed that Njauju’s body had bullet wounds on the neck and stomach.

His official vehicle was later found burnt along Ntandire Road within the city.



  1. Koma inuyo apolice munapha a issa ineyo ndikanakhala ngati wa boma bwezi nose ndi msogoleli wanu nditachosa mmalawi muno analakwa chani munthu mulungu ngati pali chilango kwa anthu amene apaseni pasi popano ndithu o allah ndiyakheni ine isha allah

  2. y giving granting hm bail? muthu anawulura yekha kut anali guru lomwe linachita zachiwembuchi. Thot this was the opportunity kumupana kut atchule anzake omwe anapanga nawo zimenezi… I can’t trust this government anymore..GOD of justice shud fight for the family.

  3. Malawians want to know the truth behind the senseless killing of Mr Njaunju and everyone who was involved in it,including those who masterminded the evil act MUST be brought to book.Its obvious that some government officials had a hand in this.Zongomanga aganyuzo zatikwana,Chilungamo chionekepo apa!

  4. Akumpatsa bail chifukwa chiyani?nanga abwereranso lit mndende?nanga kucourt ko milandu azikakamba ndindani?popeza munthuyo anaphedwa?Give him the death penalty coz Mr Njaunju will never come back 2life again.

  5. How Much money was envolved in Cashgate scum?? Make Calculations,hav had enaf of yur cry,i wl deposit by tomorw…tioneko zina,But after tht i wl need a report of 92billion that was deposited into Swiss Bank Yaba President.. Mawa ndi banka money yonse from my pocket to end this cashgate thing,inbox me MG’s Acc

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