Malawi’s economy to stabilise


Economics Association of Malawi president Henry Kachaje says the economy of the country will be back on track in a few months.

Kachaje, however, said this will happen if the country receives good rains and it will also depend on the country’s economic policy.  

”The stabilization of the economy is very important for Malawi and we must believe and pray that we receive good rains and it will also depend on the current economic policy,” said Kachaje.

Government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) also said they are optimistic that the economy of the country will stabilise.

Henry Kachaje
Kachaje: The economy will bounce back.

In a recent survey conducted by the IMF, it was revealed that reducing inflation is the most important policy for Malawi in building the economy of the country.

IMF also said high inflation is disturbing the growth of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which averaged at 4 percent between 2012 and 2015 which is below the 7 percent targeted under the Millennium Development Goals.

However, minister of finance Goodall Gondwe says that the economy of the country is on track.

“We are on track though others say we can’t be on track and though our economy is fragile and dependent on agriculture, we will make it,” said Gondwe.

Meanwhile, ministry of finance spokesperson Nations Msowoya said the 2015/16 projection of the economy of the country will depend on agriculture production output.



  1. I met this man Henry Kachaje in South Africa at Northgate mall he denied saying he is not coming from Malawi, kudzikonda but yet he is claiminig to love his country, zina zimanvetsa chisoni

  2. Malawian economy will stabilize, yes! but the question is for how long? What Kachaje is saying its obvious coz its a bubble that repeats it self and burst within a short time. Its called “Harvest season bubble”.

  3. Your home economy or what are you insane take alook @ the poverty in the city slams not to mention our villages if you have nothing to say its good to keep quite

  4. Mr Madalitso u are my unique Hero as on ur remarkable coments.
    U foresee things as I John looks.
    Ofcourse, Malawi’s Econonic Growth to grow needs only three Enterprises.
    1. Industrial Revolution
    2.Energy Revolution
    3 Infrascture Revolution.
    As of those mentioned above topics, Malawi since her rebirth 5 dacades ago from Britain has not overseen it.
    Reliance only on Agricultural Industrial has put Malawi as the Poorrst country in southern AFRICA.
    How many Manufacturing industries, Mining companies, has Malawi registered
    since 1964 todate?
    Soap, cooking oil Malawians relys on from outside support as a #1 human Basic necessities
    The answer is only Agricultural industries such as Nchalo, Thyolo/Mulanje, tea estates, Dwangwa, Vizala/Chombe Rubbers Plantations, ChikangawaVPLY Kawalazi and Kavuzi Tea Estate which employ seasonal workers only leaving many Malawians unemployed.
    So how could Economic Grow?
    How many Graduates has Malawi produced since 1964 todate as front Pioneer of Economic Developers?
    Thousands and thusands who immigratete abroad and nebouring countries for greener pastures.
    Something somewhere is totally wrong here.
    All these are failurers of unallied plans of those called Hungry Leaders.
    Malawi’s Economic Growth needs a comprehesive strategic Gear Policy not realiance on Agricultural Enterprises Revenue.
    Answer is

  5. He is a fucken dick. He call hmself a minister but he cant knw tht Malawi cannot change wth those black leaders. On white man can change tht nation. By the way, hw tht stupid man called minister dont even knws malawi gt no power. I mean electricity to drive economy.

  6. Bible limati: Usanyadire zamawa. Achewa amati: fodya wako ndiyemwe ali pamphuno wapachala ndiwa mphepo. Akuluakulu anati: Kuwerengera madzi amphutsi. Ine ndikuti: Your few months represent years

  7. Economy does not stabilise through mouth please.Stop giving people false hopes.We want improvement on the ground not in books and medias.

  8. ”Economists shud inspire hop”…that is good mr kachaje…macro finance issies,,economic policies and political will shud follow for us to see the tanjible results…its just sorry that we are here saying that the economy stabilise instead pf sumtin big en better like ”the economy wil grow with such such percentage this year”…poor Malawi…now instead that our pipo shud go farmin they r caught up debatin about the holy earth made dogs..i mean LGTB people…iish…

  9. Some Malawians are still behind something like 1802 and they think you don’t know what you are saying .Negativity is the only blessing they have and with such kind of I will be for Malawi to develop

  10. That ideas u hve mr kachaje z gud ! Also do ur level best may be you hve some streitagges whc can make malawi to back in normal way of economic development ! There z no one who can stop u ! but first u must knw malaw hve too much cash gate the must stop ! Ok all the best

  11. Good news since we are consumers and do not like production work but love to receive Aid money to feed our big families economy will collapse and we will collapse too because we do Nothing

  12. Tachokani apa, inu mukumva kukoma ndi mabanja anu ife osaukafe tikusaukilabe. Mukakhutakhutauko mukumabwaza zopusa apa economy will be back, hey economy will be back zazi ndalamazo mukumaba ndinu nomwe nkumatipusitsa ife akanda patuwe. Ife ndi feyo amalawi basi and nothing will not change untill we remove those Nkhalamba m’mipandomo coz kwawo kwatha ndiye chimene amadziwa ndikungoberatu kui ana awo adzawasiile pofewa. Tiyeni amalawi tidzingopemphera kwa Allah yekhayo odziwa kukhonza njira pomwe pali nyanja kuti anthu adutsepo, adzatipatse mtsogoleli wachichepere mwina zinthu zidzasintha. Nanga taonani ife achichepere kamba kosowa zochita tikumathawila maiko azinzathu mkumakagwira ntchito ya kalavula gaga koma ma degree ndi ma deploma ali nthumba ndizoona zimenezo? Kapena Allah adzangoweluza dzikoli basi? Oooh Allah tichitileni chifundo ife ana anu, Ameeena!

  13. fellow malawians,i think its unfair to attack mr Kachanje’s personality ..or his financial status on this issue….what you have to understand is that economics is based on assumption…we assume that if variable A,b is held constant & variable C is temper with then xy will happen…thats economics!!!

  14. Mr Kachaje is one of the few economists i respect in this country but he seems to be off-track now. I think we already have enough liars and we dont need to bloat the list.

  15. انا عـرفت مين زار بروفايلي اعرف أنـت كمـان مين زار بـروفايلك بالـوقت والتاريخ و معرفة الوقت الذي يدخل و يخرج به اصـدقائك . شاهد الشرح ^_^
    تأكد من تعليقات الزوار قبل اى شئ
    من هنا ==>

  16. Thats a lie.last year you said the economy will get stabilize by December 2015 and now you are saying the same,should we trust you??for your own info $1=Mk680~Mk700..i dont think the economy of Malawi can just get stabilize within months perhaps several years

  17. Bad news. Malawi is full of utter idiots l. I think something in our air makes people foolish, thick headed, ancient, and total fuck ups. I hate this country. Ugh

  18. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN ,Malawi is under prophecy, unless the people of Malawi repent, then the economy will start to be in good shape .The suffering of the people is within the prophecy. Malawians should only look at The Lord to build the economy not politicians.

  19. ok! just lookng at tobacco gardens & u hv started makng plans on how to stole there money and claim that uhave made achivements?owky chabwnobe

  20. evn we say this en dat,,mvula siigwa chaka chino kuno kumwera kwa africa,, xo kwa ife amalawi mavuto ngosayamba because we wil have little harvest.

  21. It’s sounds more like a drama to me. I’m not an economist, but Henry Kachaje has joined the bandwagon of liars to earn his living. How will Malawi economy stabilize without any strategy from the government to improve the economy? I’m still dumbfounded with the way Malawi is being governed. We will still remain one of the poorest country on earth if these false rhetoric continue being said by poor economists who also just seek their everyday living.

  22. You are saying if we can receive good rains, don’t you think good rains without enough farming resources to the poor farmers who are in large numbers will mean nothing?

  23. kkkk munthu sungamumvetse pa 2 january 2016 goodall gondwe adatero economy ikuyenera kupanga stablise in few month before may 2016 koma anatukanidwa abale koma lero anthu angokomenta zabata ndithu apapa ndaona anthu mumatsutsa kamba koyang’anira nkhope simumayang’ana zintchito zamunthu ngakhale apange chabwino koma ngati mumadana naye mumangotsutsa chomwe chisali chinthu chabwino shame on u

  24. Is this really news? Who doesn’t know that ours is a seasonal economy with lean months and not-so-lean months.? We’re in the lean season now. If it rains and have a good maize and tobacco crop the economy will stabilize somewhat but that doesn’t require rocket science to predict and it’s not anything to celebrate as it may not happen given the other variables. Real change can only come if we devise and aggressively pursue policies that break the seasonal nature of our economy. And that’s a tall order, because it has to do with not only economic policy, which is fairly straight forward , but also the political economy.

  25. Very true the current economic policies are suscipitable to damage economic policies have to be re established but otherwise the countries economic will stabilize

  26. Osamatiuza zokhudza chuma, chifukwa olo chiyende bwino amphawi angolirabe. Pomwe inu mukumangoyika matumba mwanu, ndiye kulibwo mudzidziwa nokha anamageya anyezi,

  27. This is a tricky statement just to cool Malawians down with shopping once not done the statement will be I said if we will receive good rain pomwe tikuziwa kale kuti Mvula climate change is here to stay
    Mr sir let’s talk about the present what to do not for the future in here my fellow beautiful God’s people finish and kraah

  28. I agree with you Sir, but Malawi economy more likely than not will boom if policies are well implemented. Policies will play a major role in Stabilising the Malawi economy. Lets assume rainfall has been well on the ground, and harvest has been well too. The economy will stabilise but not for long time , so we need policies implemented by fresh minds in the ministry of finance. Goodall Gondwe is one of the person who failed to boom the economy during Late Bingu second term of ruling, and he is getting old, in these offices we now need fresh minds and young people who are creative. In advance wishing you a quick stabilising.

    1. I now understand Juliet, but now the world is changing and the chaos u see in the world today is because of old people are still sticking to power and offices instead of handing over to fresh minds.

    2. i beg to differ with Mr. Makumba on prejudicing elder minds.elder minds are better placed as far as hardwork and experience are’s young men are bent on making quick monies through dubious means.they are just clueless on how to turn the economy around.fresh minds will take this country nowhere.

    3. point of collection….Goodal was not the minister of finance …he served as the minister of finance in the first term .. in the second term of Bingu …he was removed and was given the ministry of local government …that s the mistake Bingu did …idont think Peter can make the same blunder …

    4. Of course they say an old broom sweeps better than a new one doesn’t know all the corners of the house but then when will these fresh minds be given a chance to govern???…

  29. Akananena kuti the economy will not improve bwenzi mukuti akulondola….. I hate prophets of doom like these!!!! I dint mention any name….

  30. Much as this is good news to us malawians but i am a bit Sceptical because the driving factor is already showing some bad signs. Look at crops in our farms, no proper rains yet. Let us pray hard to God almighty else we’d be in deep mess more than the past year.

  31. Kaya Ku Malawi ndiye chotcho kuyambira kale mavuto osatha mpaka kale Ku mangotiyimba chibade basi Koma ndiye tatopa bwanji

  32. I begg to defer Mr Kachaje, Malawi’s economy can not change over night it need serious industrial revolution inorder to ragester improvement on GDP. Thereby Malawi can indicate that it has improved economically.

  33. Remember that for an economy to bounce at certain times will also depend on external factors and not only economic policies and good rains,which makes it hard be certain as when the economy will likely bounce back.

  34. Nanunso a bwana mitsonkho mmene ikukwereramu tsiku ndi tsiku pali zabvwino apa nkuza simba lokoma ife pa Malawi pano kaya! econmy yongokomera few indivduals vbasi

  35. Ng’oooooo! cant stabilise in any wei. Ma gay ake amenewa….ng’ooooooo! Owerenga khala maso, mathero a dziko awa

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