7 January 2016 Last updated at: 12:28 AM

Malawi24 exclusive: same old Bushiri lies

…controversial Prophet pulls a fake jet miracle, presents second jet as third!

…jet is still registered with Gulfstream

The recent PR stunt by South African based controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri that he has bought a third personal jet is just a lie, Malawi24 has the exclusive information.

Investigations that this publication has conducted have revealed that Bushiri’s media team has bounced back with a new lie to deceive people into believing that Bushiri is getting blessed when the case is that nothing much is happening around him except fake miracles and claiming ownership of other people’s properties.

Shepherd Bushiri

Bushiri Miracle Jet

Recent reports from the media team of the successful prophet claimed that Bushiri has purchased a new jet registration number ZS – VIP.

However investigations conducted by Malawi24 have revealed that the jet is not owned by Shepherd Bushiri.

The website flyvictor.com which has a register of the planes that are on earth contains the information that plane registered ZS – VIP which is the same one that Bushiri claims to be his is a Gulfstream III which is managed by Medair.

Meanwhile the Bushiri media team has gone on a social media campaign alleging that Bushiri bought the plane from Gulf Stream. The article by Bushiri appeared in the press on 6 January 2016.

However Malawi24 can reveal that an article on Nyasatimes that was published in November 2015 alleged that Bushiri had bought a second plane with the same registration number of ZS – VIP.

The article quoted Bushiri’s PR a Mr Kelvin Sulugwe who claimed that Bushiri had bought the same plane from the same company and that it was a manifestation of ‘prophetic growth’ for ‘Papa Major 1’. The PR for Bushiri said he had completed the buying of the plane on Wednesday November 25, 2015.

Surprisingly, not only has Bushiri bought the same plane twice only for it to become a second and third acquisition but even after the first purchase in 2015, the details of the registered plane were not changed to reflect that the plane was no longer under Gulf Stream but was under the flamboyant man of god who once claimed to have a Bentley that has never been seen with him.

Further revelations that Malawi24 has have revealed that Mr Larry Flynn who is said to be the manager of Gulf Stream in the article that promotes Bushiri’s lies retired from Gulf Stream in July, 2015 on health grounds.

“It is clear that this is a lie, as you can see this Flynn guy retired in July 2016, now he was in South Africa in 2016 handing over a jet to Bushiri who bought it in November but miraculously bought it again in January 2016,” an investigative reporter with Malawi24 concluded.

Gulfstream Aerospace President Larry Flynn Shepherd Bushiri fraud

Gulfstream Aerospace Presidents Larry Flynn (spot the difference)

Shocking as well is the picture of Mr Flynn which Bushiri team are claiming he is in handing over the jet to the fake Prophet. The picture is different from the Mr Flynn that worked for Gulf Stream. While Mr Flynn who worked for Gulf Stream has a bald head, Bushiri’s Mr Flynn is a young man with all his hairs intact.

Recently Shepherd Bushiri has come under heavy attack for staging stunts he prefers to call miracles as well as lying about things he claim to have acquired.

At the very end of last year, he earned a reputation of being a fake over a video that purported to show him walking in the air. At the end of last year he claimed that angels appeared in his Church, the bluff was dismissed as a photoshop.

Malawi24 asked a psychologist to interpret what the aim of Bushiri was in making the lies.

“Bushiri is a conman, he pulls all these stunts to impress desperate people. The aim is that when people see that they will be convinced he has the message from God and will give him their money. In the end, his business is just on track,” said the psychologist who opted for anonymity.

“He thrives on people’s desperation and ignorance,” said a secular humanist who also suggests that Mr Flynn who worked for Gulf Stream may have initially gone to ECG seeking ‘spiritual’ healing because his health is in bad shape only to be welcomed by the pressure of planting the jet as a ‘spiritual’ seed.

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  • kaleb dorthea says:

    taaah…..but why this prophet of now days just rich hmmmm..? any you have the pay to enter the gate I hope God can forgive them….

  • Jacqueline Basson says:

    Eish! I d0nt trust this young So Cold Young Rich Prophets..where were they before?

  • yung says:

    the question is who are the true prophets?☆

  • regina says:


  • Unlury-quenga says:

    Mi see people wi disivng bcoz of when wi sii money wi follow not know were money is coming but Jesus is comng know that prepare wel not preasng people God dont want that !#GOD Ova #Evil

  • Kopano says:

    Amen… God is at work, lives are changing, Major 1 is the true Prophet of the most high God, you are giving him free pablicity, the
    more you talk about him is the more his ministry grow, because everyone want’s to know about this Major 1, IYEEEEEE #POWER. to day i
    am counting millions of Rands because of the grace and the anointing Major 1 carries. in our family we don’t stress, we enjoy Godly given

  • Vusile. says:

    major one. Prophet of the Most High God. Blessings will flow like a river..you will write until you get finished. You can not stand the light that shine the way of our Prophet. You have not yet seen.. more is on the way. He is raising men and women in Pretoria to support his vision and we have responded open heartily. You will be never defeat a righteous man that God has chosen. No matter how much the spirit of lies is at play at your newspaper…it will never stop us to support our papa.

  • Vusile. says:

    major one. Prophet of the Most High God. Blessings will flow like a river..you will write until you get finished. You can not stand the light that shine the way of our Prophet. You have not yet seen.. more is on the way. He is raising men and women in Pretoria to support his vision and we have responded open heartedly

  • Anakonyani says:

    so what, who benefits from his planes

  • Ralph Mzale says:

    How come cause when u believe in him we getting the answers

  • Ralog Mzale says:

    Comment reserved coz am scared to judge

  • I have no problem with i want i want to be like my Father MAJOR 1.
    Every Critics become a sources off blessing.

  • Fake prophet says:

    surprisingly he is a show-off

  • Samantha Jill says:

    Major 1, Major 5 , Major whatever…There’s only God I fully trust..What we tend to forget is you don’t need anyone to make it in life..Unfortunately, what seems to be happening nowadays is that we lean on pastors, prophets you name me. The greatest prophesy in life is the word of God. Without judging anyone, Let us stay alert. The devil is roaming around roaring like a lion looking for whom he may devour. If he finds you in the open, he’ll mess with you. We perish because of lack of knowledge…Let your new year’s resolution be that Jesus helps you to know if a word is from him. DO NOT BE IGNORANT and defend what you have no insight of

    WAKE UP from where you have slept.
    As Jesus would say “Let those who have ears listen “

    • Aningo says:

      In stead of bothering how to distinguish between the shrewd false prophets and the alleged true ones (if there are any), I choose to walk out from anything religious, or superstitious. I feel this whole concept of religion is a big lie aimed at controlling the world

  • Kin says:

    why are u busy defending and talking of him. let’s mind our business.

  • Nimrod says:

    The prophet is not honoured in his home town. Malawian media should have been proud of the success Major 1 is acquiring in a short space of time. They are buzy distorting the truth and rubbishing every good report about him. If you carefully read their report about his new air plane , their use of statements starting with may is a clear indication that they are fabricating and propagating damaging statements just to bring down his good reputation. So lieg soos die koerant.

  • mildred mkhondo says:

    This man is real true man of

  • Thabo says:

    So according to this report we must have trust in the so called “Malawi24” and not in the Prophet of God! My friend, if the Prophet is doing anything unGodly, only God will judge. My task is to follow him as the messenger of God! Please, Never watch the Prophetic Channel if you don’t believe that the Prophet is used by God. We are not a political party. We don’t have membership forms, we don’t recruit, no constitution, just the WORD!

  • Enter your name...silas says:

    I need to be update in every development

  • Kunali aneneri olemera monga Yobu, Loti,ndi ena ambiri samapanga izi, nanga inu ma false prophet mukudzitenga kut zoziwelengera kulemera kwanu??? Shame up on u all false prophet. Otumikira ziwanda sasowa. God wll punish you.

  • maureen munyai says:

    Hayo ndi mazwifhi matswumatswu Major 1 is the true prophet of God.If you don’t believe in her that’s you problem.So stop saying bad thing nga mudida wa Mudzimu ngauri Mudzimu avha zwifuni hezwo why don’t you spread words of God and stop spreading lie about the true prophet of God.

  • Kunali ma prophet otchuka monga

  • Poor people are blind and stupid because they stand for nothing and they will follow and fall for everything

    • Thabo says:

      Sir, am not poor but I believe Prophet Bushiri is anointed from above to perform his prophetic assignment. For the first time in my entire life, I now believe in the WORD of God and actually read a bible because of the Prophet.I believe Jesus lived and died and resurrected for me, and I believe that Prophet Bushiri if here for me too!

  • why they always have to talk bad about our father you people must learn to mind your own business

    • Thabo says:

      If we look stupid behind the Prophet, they must leave us alone. It’s none of their business. We take the Prophet’s words as our command. They must believe in theirs! And leave us alone!

    • Ranx says:

      Our father who art in heaven.am wondering if Bushiri is also in heaven as some call him “our father”like vikinduku.

  • MathwasaTD says:

    Bushiri is a man of God.

    U rubbish Malawi24 should close down, we South African are satisfied with MAJOR1

  • Vonani says:

    Stupid journalists…….I know that no true prophet has ever been accepted by his own country.I am a South African and I love Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

  • Zulanga says:

    Dear Malawian

    Sometimes I’m not proud to be called a Malawian because we like to focus on small matters.

    Why are we worrying whether Prophet Bushiri bought a jet or not. Let us be proud of our own prophet that he is standing for international standard spreading the word of God.

    • Thabo says:

      Exactly! I think that we are dealing with the masters of jealousy here. One Black man goes up and they won’t sleep until he comes down. Why? Is it Godly to always focus on small issues than on the good work the man of God does!

  • katlego says:

    Why do people in Malawi hate so much this man of GOD Prophet Shepard bushiri is a true man of GOD u can questions 1+1 but u can not question the answer 2 u can question my prophecy but u cannot question the results of my prophesy touch not my anointed

  • bola jet than a toilet

  • zanu zimenezo nzanu akulemera

  • tchipisi says:

    Mwana wa galu iwe! Nsanje mmatakomo basi. Unyatuu bushiri akupita chitsogolo. Peza zina zolemba uyu yekha sukwanitsa phwanga……cant talk anything on the 35 million he has brought to Malawi for charity. Anthu oyipa, angati iweyo mumangofunika kunyongedwa mwa nsanga mxxiiiimmmmmm sindizawerenganso malawi24 mbuuuuziiiii.

  • Broken cistrens

  • He is the first prophet man of god to have 3 jets in the world .

  • Misheck kaitano says:


  • usaweruze pakuti nawe udzaweruzidwa,mukalimbana nkupanga zamuthu muchedwa!

  • Perulious time is here

  • Buoyant says:

    then who cares whatever u have said?

  • I just follow and do the living word from the bible..za ma polofete ine yayi

  • ilze says:

    This story is garbage my goodness poor quality with nothing correlating. Malawi24 please shut down your office, or check this story properly

  • Ndimadabwatu kuti aaaaaaaaa!

  • Bushi alibe pulobulemu msiyeni,,mmafuna aziti wagula njinga ya larger atagula ndege?inuso zanu mmanenerera kungoti simutchuka chifukwa dziko silikudziwani,,,iye dziko limamudziwa ,,nde aope kunena?kkkkkk #teamUsalanje kkkkkkk

  • jet jet jet…yavuta jet kkkk

  • mudzafa nda mtima Major 1 ali pheee mu Jet

  • But honestly, if Bushiri can walk on air, what does he need a jet for?

      • Thabo says:

        Yes, everyone must make money. If you got no ways of making money, it’s your own baby. So, are you hurt when the Prophet is making millions while you are a poor rat!

    • Ranx says:

      That’s the point,why can’t he pray for rain to the countries that are hit by drought,go to the hospital nd heal the sick,rather than enriching himself ,the last days are nearer

  • Koma matama amenewa nanga mukanakhala Mulungu mwini wa zonse????????

    Everyone, I am Dr Richards Carson FROM LONDON, UK.
    I am a full member of the ILLUMINATI Church of Satan.
    I have a secret I want to share with you which no one else will tell you.LIFE IS SPIRITUAL…. Let no man deceive you, Anything that happens in physical has already been decided in the spiritual.
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  • Kevin says:

    It is clear that this is a lie, as you can see this Flynn guy retired in July 2016, now he was in South Africa in 2016 handing over a jet to Bushiri who bought it in November but miraculously bought it again in January 2016,” an investigative reporter with Malawi24 concluded.

    are you ahead of time Admin?

    should we believe the bullshit you are posting here? Flynn guy retired July 2016??
    vaku loya san.

    • leonard kasomekera says:

      Poor minded journalist …the bentley you talking about we have seen it everyday at the services ..
      instead of supporting your own fellow malawian you are so busy posting rubbish..
      Grow up and and learn to accept things the way they are ..
      we at ECG love him so much no matter what you wil post on your pages…
      we love him and the living God we serve

      • leah says:

        It is funny that it is only prophet bushiri that this journalist is always focusing on , if u don’t like prophet bushiri y do u keep on searching and also telling lies about him , are u God , are u the one who will be judging ?do u know that it is a curse to talk bad about any man of God ,leave everything to GOd for him to judge ,even if you don’t like him do u always have to write bad things about him ,this is irritating why don’t you post something motivating us the readers , don’t u have a life , stop talking bad about people who God called them to come and do his job…start talking good so that u can also see ur life moving

    • Paris says:

      admin is head in time jo “va kuloya” serious admin needd deliverance

  • Waitse this ic conman n anyone who believes mi go ene o tla ipona bagolo.read this la lapisa

  • Now this is the end of the World, lets pray had you good people.

  • Kiss simugonanaye tulo Prophet Shepherd Bushiri muisova zakezili booo

  • Jesus being God in son could have anything he would wish us to see but he chose to be humble by leaving the Godly worth to dwell among us, he taught us to b humble2! showing off with worth whether by satanic miracles or not won’t bring pple close to God but rather bring multitude to hell!
    so pple wakeup as u shall see false prophets arising, u will know them by their work they will never tell u to abide by 10commandments of God, that’s where the trick is! they will tell u about wat u want to hear n not warn u to repent n follow Gods commandments

    • Kopano Thajane says:

      I am a proud member of ECG i have seen God’s hand upon our prophet Bushiri, and even the currency has picked up because of the level of tourism in South Africa… i wonder how does one get to fake a miracle, any way i know the things which God has done for me through Major1, Eish in jenalists. anyway we are blessed in SA to have such a great man of God #Iyeeeeee

  • Justice says:


  • Masimba.okhaokha, everyone ndimuthu wamulumu…

  • all we need is a peace in our life.. i don’t believe miracle or any pastor. further more i believe myself… i work hard and ask God to give me wisdom of success in physical even in spirit… vuto ndikusata ma miracle instead working hard, koma mukangova miracle money u are there, miracle cars, u are there, miracle jets u are there. wipe out those blocks in your eyes..

  • Why can’t u at once mind your own business…whether he buys the jet or not how does that concern us…Maya akunama should it concern us….its high time mix it I pats a news helpful to the Malawians not these nosence ……

  • He is a Profit not Prophet, don’t call him man of God he is a Conman!

  • Mwini silver ndi gold Jesus Christ sanazitamandire ngati enawa. We ve heard of the world’s richest people koma sazitamandira but when it comes to Malawian prophets and pastors I tend to wonder kuti koma nza Mulungu izi? The last days indeed

  • Malawi24 team, plz b professional, u must’nt publish articles which u don’t’ve full imformation. U r the ones who published Bushiri’s development now u r urging urself, which 1 should we take? Anyway. Bushiri’s wealth is none of our business!

  • M Sekoto says:

    Brothers and sisters: But seek first of all His kingdom and His righteousness , and then all these things taken together will be given you besides. I don’t understand why we have to believe or to folow other people miracles if you can do it by you self.God He’s for us not only the pastors prophets metthew 6:9 it says our father which art in heaven,it doesn’t sa your father. Lots of fake pastor the will come because they know that we don’t read our bible, let’s read our bible if we want to know the truth

  • faith says:

    ai what do you people get from doing all this, who cares if it a lie or not? fact is he has a jet

  • And the way people are obsessed with this nigga ……

  • Or mupange nsanje koma alemelabe iwe ukuvutika ndi nsikizi

  • #singing…. Ndikufuna mthuziwo sindifuna nkhunizo…

  • What is a blessing, is it money and worthy?

  • Kodi pali kusiyana kwanji pakati pa azineneliwa ndi asing’anga pakuti zimene amachita asing’anga akamaombeza maula zomwezonso ndi zimene akuchita maprophet anuwa

  • We a in last days basi guys,aneneli oona alipo ndipo akanabwela and aneneli onyenga alipo bcarful,Mulungu waIsrael ndiye ndimadziwa ine oooh

  • achulukilenji aneneri opanga chinyengo akupanga business dzina la ambuye

  • God’s pple we shouldn’t judge him

  • Enter your name...man says:

    who has an IPod ? can I capture the jet in the spirit?

  • Anthu akumalawi akumuika #bushiri patsogolo #MULUNGU pambuyo ,amalawi musakhale ngat #mbzi ukaipirikitsa pachimanga imabweraso pasanthe 5minutes ,nthawi zambiri ndimakuwuzani kuti #bushiri akusocheretsani koma inu kusamva ,kod mukuziwa kut bushiri anamuwuza #jacob #zuma kuti amupatsa dolla yokwana R50 billion kuti akozetsere magetsi nanga bwanji nkhani imeneyi sanalembe mu news yakutheba kuno even pa tv sananene kanthu ,mkuliyu ndiwabodza samalani naye mupita ambiri

  • Surely miracle money,

  • You guys should be ashamed of urselves. This is a true man of God. God will punish you for writing all this horrible things about his chosen one. May the Good Lord continue to bless you Prophet Shepherd Bushiri! I believe that God sent you for a purpose.

  • Demon again? Eish! Moto bas nde tikapsya sure kma kumbukirani kut yesu anati kuza bwera alaliki onyenga sindiiuyuyu koma?

  • Kodi Mugabe uja a nafadi? kaya kwainu mumangothangira ziii. Muzadya nyasi.

  • Zabodza basi ifetu bentley tinaiona koma

  • Concerned citizen says:

    People now are into prophets , valuing these prophets like God please keep you heads up* panokha ask yourself what other miracles means when they are potrayed? God could do a miracle pulposively not what we see, why is it that many of prophetic things are income attached? Did God also show dat when we read the bible?

  • No one can judge him only God.

    • Ranx says:

      That’s the point,why can’t he pray for rain to the countries that are hit by drought,go to the hospital nd heal the sick,rather than enriching himself ,the last days are nearer

  • He did not lie but you yourself are the liars.

  • Malawi24 writers are jealous of Bushiri they always concentrate the bad leaving the good.. May you stay @ Linthipe plz continue killing people that’s good of you.

  • bk phiri says:

    Malawi24 imadwala bushiriphobia koma anakakhala ndi nzeru adakaona how people have commented on their unproffessionalism and lies. Ma dates zingowoneka kuti wins anawatupa to write something negative. Koma ndiye mwachedwa nalo bodza lanulo anthu takhulupirira kale kuti its his 4th plane. Can I remind you that the bentry you said the prophet lied about is in the country. Infact it came mid last year and it stays here so how do you think people can believe you this time?? Shame on you and if I were the owner of this publication I was going to reremove this hopeless writer!!!

  • People you will die very poor. you b live in poverty more than in God….. God is just telling you that all things are possible through Him. umphawi udzakuphani.

  • Are u people telling me the devil is so powerful than God such that if someone is prospering u associate him with only powers of darkness and not God.


  • Munasuzgo

    Keep talking he’s moving forward.
    He’s untouchable, unsquezzable, undefeatable. He doesn’t have time for people who talk behind his back.

    This page seems to be ant-Bushiri.

  • Wanyamusukwa says:

    Akuti investigative journalism, kkkkkk Makina indeed.

  • Kutsogoloko anthu adzayamba kumpemphedza munthu uyu kamba koti man wa alusa kwambiri

  • Musaweluze mulungu ndiye woweluza kaya Prophet Bushir ndi wasataniki olo ayi mulungu ndiye woweluza. Chosa chisoso chili mdiso mwako ndipomwe ungawone chili mdiso lamzako.

  • John Banda says:

    Then if u r a true prophet go and contest with him as elijah did with the 400false prophets of baal,..the God who answers by fire proved elijah as his servant..

  • I just got a phone call from Bushiri, he has just said to me that his first Jet will be given to the president of malawi as he is so hungry of having one.

  • Godfrey Adigo Kanyanda says:

    May the Good Lord forgive the author of this dirty story and the jerous comments from my fellow Malawians. Major 1 ,God bless you.

    • bk phiri says:

      Inu whatever you call yourself you are the ones saying Bushiri was lying about Gentry but when the car was revealed you were quiet. The gentry you mocked the prophet about is right here I malwi and you can’t make an effort to picture it and apologise for misleading Malawians. And even your today’s article how can you be believed when even the dates you are mention are in July 2016 when we are in January 2016. How do you allow the devil to use you?
      Ngati munapitadi kusukulu ya utola khani takonzani khani yanuyo otherwise no one can believe your trash. Komanso we thank people like you coz the more you attack him the higher God takes him. Ndipo kwa inu its a lie that Bushiri filled the FNB stadium with people. to you ad Malawi 24 those were not people but trees coz to you there is nothing true that can come from buushiri.. shame on you satanic agents. Inu mupanga liti charter denge yanu?

  • Yha now i agree when they say journalists are liars. I have been to Ecg church in Pretoria several times and have seen Prophet Bushiri’ Bentley many times. Stop hating man of God.

  • Zilekeni namsongole ndi trigu,nkhani pokolola.

  • Zikufunika maso a umulungu kuti tidziwe choona.koma kupanda kutelo ena mungoputa mkwiyo wa yehova

  • Mzu Ngesi says:

    Next…he will be buying a piece of land on the moon

    • Thabo says:

      Yes, because anything it possible. If you lack faith, die in your poverty. If one man flew to the space, if someone created a phone, light, flight, computer,… why would Prophet Bushiri not buy a piece of land in the Moon?

  • Koma pamene anamva mau amenewa,anamva chison mumtima mwake,namuka kunyumba ali wokhumudwa poti anali nacho chuma chochuluka kwambiri.Ndipo Yesu anati kwa akuphunzira ake.Indetu indetu ndinena ndi inu!kuzakhala kophweka #Ngamila kulowa pa diso lasingano koposa munthu wachuma kukalowa mu ufumu wamulungu.

  • Man of God mpaka privet Jet???Ngati mtero!!??pitaninaye kwa #Muntalika,!poti ndi wa m’dela lake??Ine ndasamba mmanja.

  • John Banda says:

    Salvation army has such titles ..i guess?

  • John Banda says:

    Kkkkkk eh abale zinazi..kumwamba sitikalowa chifukwa choyenda pansi or pa njinga kapena pa ndege ,john14:6..apa tangosiyana ma levels of grace ndi kumvesetsa maitanidwe

  • So u call him Major 1

  • by their fruits you shall know them..

  • by their fruits you shall know them..

  • Kaya wina afune kaya asafune chindege chagulidwadi funsani kuno Ku plitoria

  • Mulungu kodi ukuyesa ngati ndiosewelesa kuti ndi zasatanic zomwe uzimutchula? Utumiki weniweni wa Mulungu sumayamba lero mawa walemela ilo ndiye ndi bodza lenileni. Amalawi tisamangovomeleza zinazilizonse, kuli azitumiki Amulungu kwathu kuno anayamba kalekale koma mpaka lero akuyenda wa pansi ndi njinga yomwe alibe. Mulungu samapeleka lero lomwe amakusiya kaye kuti akuone chikhulupiliro chako mchotani. Satana kulowa lero akupasa lero zaiye ndizapompopompo. Ndizomwe tikuzionazi,chifukwa kumwamba kulibe chake.

  • John Banda says:

    Call them typical non believers ,not all of us fall in that category felix

  • John Banda says:

    I mean satan or satanist can not outshine the glory of our lord Jesus..truth is truth..and it sets free

  • typical malawians, yo talk never stops, yet yo actions never start, and some one is bearing yo a torch this is how we do things all u do is bring him done

  • John Banda says:

    Yoo then go lay ur hand on him and deliver him from demons..if he is a satanist..

  • Madalitso Shaba says:

    Only two days remaining Jesus is coming around the corner

  • odi nane ndipemphere molimbika ndikugwira ntchito molimbika mwina nane anthu kumazakamba zaine……. Musiyen major 1 alone…. jah blessed!!

  • odi nane ndipemphere molimbika ndikugwira

  • kkkkk…tats y sititukuka…msanje 2much…nzathu wagula jet osamuyamikira bwa?plz man of God donate one to malawi… #blessed_like_bushiri

  • Eti ena.akuti ndi ma Apostle koma.ndemanga zawo.kkkkk congrats major 1.

  • kodi mukamati these are the signs of the tym, eni wakenu nkumati zionetsero zamasiku umaliza, solomon the richest man de world has ever seen , chuma chake even bible couldnt record anabwera dzulo, was it satanic, abraham was rich, isaac was rich, jacob was rich, then was dt de sign of tym again, take yo ass out there and start working hard my ppl , u will surely make it its possible

  • Leav it to God himself… He knowz where everything comes from

  • Amene zikumuwawa akakwilile nyanja ya malawi

  • Muzakhulupilila akagula ya number 4 this is just the beggining more is coming iyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Ndizoona man of God waguladi jet wina afune asafune mulungu wamudalitsa mojar one power iyeeeee

  • I already said that it is not all gifts or prosperity comes from God who creat heaven,earth and all creatures.other things comes from demon. Kumalengeza jet jet ife tikopeke mulungu wathu sachedwa safulumira. Pali anthu olemera pansi pano. Issabel Dosantos,Billgates anthu olemera kwambiri koma sakutivuta bwanji inu, ma jet amenewa akuchoka kuti nanga yesu atabwera lero ukalowa? Stop that tisazamvenso.

  • A prophet has no honer in her own place….in South Africa we love Major 1 its a blessing to our country to have a True prophet who perform the works like Jesus himself…if you do not like Him leave him for us in south africa we are blessed to have a gift like Major 1…i love you major 1…you are axample to us that in God there is no limit….iyeeeeeh

  • We are forgetting that great is one mmmmmmmnn

  • Kikkkll TB Joshua wathu wathu

    • Honestly TB Joshua alibe matama komanso sazikweza. Mau a Mulungu akuti ukazikwedza iye azakutsitsa and ukazitsitsa iye azakukweza

  • Mmmmmmm A malawi..kkkk umphawi udzakuphani bwanji nsanje..?Mmene wa bwelamu mwapeza zoyankhula?kkkkkkk ha ha ha..u mphawi sizinthu

  • God your the one to jadge..God forgive and bless us all iñ JESUS NAME…AMEN.

  • the word congratulation was invented with a reason, plz malawians,lol

  • Nina Osman says:

    A malawi kodi mumafuna muthu wa mulungu akhale osauka nde muziti ameneyo nde muthu wa mulungu hahahaha koma ndi inu ovetsa chisoni kwambiri mulungu wathu siosauka mwava silver ndi Gold ndizake nde alephelelanji kumupatsa mwanawake chuma vuto ndilakuti munazolowela kuti mukaona muthu olemela nde mumati wa satanic kodi muthu muthu okonda mulungu sangakhale olemela hahahaha koma malawi mumandivetsa chisoni kwambiri

  • Wagwanayo aguraso yachi 4 klklklkklklklklklkl ;(

  • the simpleest longest sentence l was waitng from malawians was #CONGRANT

  • Hate Major 1 and see if He cares,, I personally worked at lanseria inter airport,, I was there on a lauch and handing over of the Gulfstream,, so stop liying about Major 1,,

  • moses mangani says:


  • welcome back major

  • I remember Jesus send his disciples into the village to preach the the word of God but He adviced them important things… 1. They must not take empy bag,money or food. 2. They must not take an extra clothes. #Do u think why Jesus say so to them? 1.someone who send by God to proclaime word of God must be simple and not pompers and do not inrich himself. #Am not condemed anyone but just awake and watch out for the false prophet are here now. ….Ndipo pemphani mzimu wachidziwiso kwa Mulungu kuti mukathe kuzindikira aneneri onyenga poti mukapanda kutero mukhoza kudzalimbana ndi mngelo wa Mulungu kapena kuyanjana ndi mizimu yadziwanda.

    • inuyo lero mtumiki wamulungu sent in yo midst, do u feed them, kapena akhalira chitonzo, bonya yemweyi koma achita kuona naye zoona munthu wamulungu kumujeda,lol

      • Goliath Mazitu says:

        Please just mind your business, give us a story that give us hop not garbage. .a prophet from your own home is fake koma akanakhala aja aku Nigeria ndiye zeni zeni ……..jealous basi

    • and also jesus said dont be happy bcoz the demos were under your authority but rather rejoice because your name has been written in the bookl of life

    • Thabo says:

      So, your measure of a true prophet is poverty. The poorer the prophet is, the more Godly he is! Mr Apostle, go read the Bible, come and tell me who of the prophets was poor. Even non prophets are rich e.g Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Laban, Esau e.t.c. Times have moved sir! It’s either your church helps bring bread to the table of your congregation or you will be preaching to the chairs!

  • Ndi chinthu cha patali zedi kuti munthu wa chuma akalowe ufumu wa Mulungu akutelo YESU……..

  • Hahahaba watch the space the 4th one is coming power iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • not the fourth one is coming but this one is already the fourth one not 3rd, otseguka mmimbawo atsegukadi,iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • lizzie says:

      Iyeeee! Go Major 1 go! Jesus became poor so we could become rich. His promises are yes and amen!

  • So whats your problem if its a lie? Am nt a fan of Bushiri bt minding ua own buzness helps

  • Ndegezi zikanakhala za satanic bwezi alinazo ndiambiritu mukuona bwa?

    • wat a well articulate point, l couldnt say it better myself, jelasi imeneyi trust me sitingatukuke

    • zimakanika kwa asing’anga amene munthu ngati mulungu sanafune umapenga misala,lets gve respect wea is due, tizadziwa liti kuyamikira amalawi, is it too hard just saying congrats

  • Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    I don’t understand some Malawians, they are busy poking holes into Bushiri’s life instead of concentrating on real issues affecting the majority. If Bushiri is not truthful and is fooling God, then it is up to God himself to judge,o.therwise, I see a lot of truth in his teachings. There is too much jealousy in Malawi but there is too qmuch c,orruption. It is hard for many people on earth believe that we have true Pprophets serving God, but it will be too late when they find the truth. Of course the bible says “beware of false prophets”, but signs are there that Bushiri is being blessed by. God.

  • Koma chomwe mungadziwe Mulungu akadalitsa wadalitsa basi zintchito zake ndi ulaliki basi komaso prophecising somebod’s problem either lucky. Eish koma a Malawi munatani?? Wosafuna kuyamikira munthu akadalitsika. Inu mumati uthenga wa Mulungu afalitsa bwanji ngati alibe zomuyeneleza?? Padziko lonse lapansi akumudziwa akufuna kwabwino amangopereka mphatso zosiyanasiyana. Koma inu basi mukole pansi koma ndiye sizitheka.

    • Nina Osman says:

      Zoonadi wanena chilungamo a malawi tili ndi sanje kaduka chifukwa chake tizikhala osauka chochi akanakhla muthu wa kunja oti simalawi zathu munakaona kuyamika kwake koma poti ndi malawi zathu zokamba kuchuluka kunyoza mkati mulungu azitikhululukila ndithu

    • People believe in poverty I wonder mwamva guys eish

    • kkkkkk zinazi eee palibe munene mbaibulo anati walosela kudzalemela, aneneri onyenga kudzitamandila kudzikundikila,uyu ndi modzi waiwo

  • Harris Phonera says:

    Mr Aubrey Makina, All U Know In This World Is To Attack Prophet Bushiri (a Fellow Malawian) Dont U Have Better Things To Do, We Love Major One, Mutengelapo Matembelero Apa, There Are A Lot Of Things Happening In Malawi And The Whole World, But All U Know Is To Attack Bushiri, Let Me Remind U That U R A Fake Journalist, LEAVE MAJOR ONE Alone, He Is A GOD Sent, U R A Satan Sent Thats Why Its Difficult For U To Appreciate What GOD Is Doing To His People Through The Man Of GOD Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Keep It Up Major One, I Love.

  • Mick Soko says:

    Mmmmmm A Malawi pangani zanu nzanu akukamba za jet inu …….. Koma kusanduka njoka

  • Tiyeni tione paaaalizabwino kapena yai uuuuuuu ambuye akhale nafe

  • reporter iwe umapindula chani ukamanamiza anthu choncho, awa simasize anu, pa bushiri simukumaka, jelasi chonchi bwanji amalawi, wagula wagula basi

  • You Malawians wats your problem? You always a taking BUSHIRI,,,, but wat u have to know is that you a taking man of god,,,here in South Africa he is helping us so much,,, and I think that’s why you are poor,, I heard that enin your president have not eloplain kkkkkk to us its abomination

  • its tym u fold yo page u call online publication and start selling tomato or kumakakumba mbewe, wy alwz feeding ppl wrong info full of hatred and un objective reporting, for yo info its not de 3rd jet but the 4th one

  • Hendy Ck says:

    He bought march 2016 or march 2015 ???

  • Inu tamawelengani bable, zasataniki izi, inu, mulekeni adzapusa tsiku lomaliza akamadzabwela mwini wake.

  • Zake zimenezo,tonse timasaka ndalama kuti tizigula zinthu zofunika pamowo wathu pa dziko lapansi zanthawi yochepa tikapanda kuzitenga bwino Mulungu ndiye amene azaweluze, osalozana zala

  • You spent more time writing about Men of God,yet your country is colapsing due to jelousy and ignorant,instead of exposing mischief of the people wasting your income taxes! Shame on you, Maor is going up and your going opposite!

  • 40 miiliion posst it ana anjoka inu kumangomlonda muntu sanje to be honest im not fun of profets bhu sometymz discussin these junk news its foolisnesss

  • Make money without side effect !!! .are you a business man or woman, are you a musician or an artist, or a footballer,do you want to be famous or you want to become rich or powerful, is better you become a member of the Illuminate and make your dream come through, this is the chance for you now to become a member of the temple and get what you seek from us, if you are ready to become a member and realize your dreams call us through this number: 07065758576

  • uyu ndi mneneli wa satana osat mulungu bible langa linafotokoza kale za anthungat awa!

    • bk phiri says:

      Kaya ndi wasataniki or not one thing I know in his church the blind see, the lame walk, the dumb hear, the dead come back to life, the lung and the woumb doctors removed miraculously appear in the body of those after prayer and angels of God appear physically in the church. Nanga kwanuko can you remember a single miracle your pastor performed in the life of your church yet you are in a true church under true men of God. Kaya mumadziwa kuti yesu anati okhulupirira iye adzachita zones zomwe ankachita Ali pansi pano and ask your pastor why they can’t perform a single miracle?

  • A malawi bodza n jealousy izatipwetekadi…let’s leave judgement in the hands of the creator alone…ine duu basi..ndipange zanga nane

  • The more u talk about my papa the more he move forward what u have to know in our family we don’t stress we relax

  • Like I always saying these are signs of the time, the coming of our lord Jesus is at hand

  • Bushiri anakulakwilani Chani a Malawi24?????? Pitani Ku John konko mukafufuze bwino osati smear campaign iyiyi ayi!!!! Mudzafa infa yowawatu inu

  • Best Banda says:

    we can’t understand him cos we r not in the same family of major 1, if your God is a true one just ask him about this man, Malawi dzuka ndikale unayamba kugona

  • Oowo major-1 eeti. ok? Mulungu wake yemweyi wa Yakobo..wa Isaac..yemweyu anawumitsa madzi panyanja ana a Israeli ndikuwolokapoyu. mpaka the major-1 kuzichemerela kumeneko ngati anthu amene mukuwaseweretsawo munalenga nawo. there is life after all these we will dance other tune after these world. GOD is one

    • Akuzichemelera kumene mwana wamulungu true man of God inu mumati azizitchemelela mwa satana hahaha naye mulungu amafuna Ana ake azimutchemelera kaya a malawi tizatseguka manso liti?

    • haha… u expect christians azivutika?silver and gold are for de kingdom

    • 1 thessalonians 2:9-12″ the coming of the lawless one is according to the working of satan,with all the power,signs,and lying wonders 10″And with all unrighteous deception among those who perish,because they did not recieve the love of the trueth that they may be saved 11″ and for this reason God wil send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie .12 “that all may be condemned who did not believe the trueth but had preasure in unrighteousness

    • sylevester like dat keep the fire burnin… masiku otsiliza ano owelenga khala maso!!!

    • anthu akuknda zoipa or kuti uyende malisece umva ali bho ndi ufulu wake, zaziii!

    • inu kunali azineneri a Yehova. azitumiki eni eni or mutawerenga Bible malemba ake mupezamo ene Mose, Elia, Daniel, Paul mtumi plus mwini Yesu amene ndi ena ambili koma ndipati or ndindani amene anachitapo kuzichimerera kuti naine ndekha aaah ndie palibe. who?

  • Thats what Malawians, we are good at. Instead of investigating how our friends are prospering in life and follow suite, we waste time investigating their success and gossip. We will go nowhere. Whether Bushiri is a false prophet or true prophet, its only God, Who will judge him. Lets use our time wisely, life is too short…don’t focus on things that will not change our life in any way.

    • Take note Bob it doesn’t need a mediator to get to God . Y are these guys trending on social media with what they have acquired you me these posessionns have anything to do with the Gods kingdom or just their earthly posessions

    • Hehehehe koma apaa mmmmm.komatu mu ufumu wa mulungu simudzakhala anali ndi jet ndi ndani adzakonda mitima and mtumiki wa mulungu sakhala odzitamandira koma odekha ndi odzichepesa ndiye izi eeeee tigwadira nazo wakufa ndithu kamba ka chuma ndi ulemelero wa pa dziko lapansi.

    • Xactly broz, but malawians we spend the whole day on facebook talking about someone. Tili ndi vuto ndithu.

    • inu abwinonu musayamba upropheti wabwino bwanji, tikumveni muzilalikira zaubwino wauphwawi,

    • Givers never lack, Malawians are lacking food, medicine, school fees coz of poverty, what is it all about buying jets while some individuals needs our help..

    • Its not his problem #Tionge……remembr Bushuri was there in Malawi few years back. Ndichani chimene anthu amalemba or kulankhula za Bushiri apart from kumunyoza and kumantukwana kuti wa fake. Lero nde athandize ndani. It doesnt work that way in life. Givng anthu oti akukutukwana daily? I cant for sure. Even on this post, how many comments are still kutukwana.

    • The truth shall set him free. all what i know the greatest commandment is LOVE. remember you can be a father to the fatherless.. a mother to the motherless, a brother, a sister! it doesnt matter how old you are, the spirit of love defines who we are in the eyes of our Living God

    • But not the case mme timanyozera a Malawi pa nkhani yaza mulunguzi

    • He has to lead by example in forgiving as man of God ngati ananyanyala same bible is against him

    • If the world still deny Jesus who z he not to be denied? the strength of a christian is known in times of controverse and not peace!

  • Leave Bushiri alone he is better of auready that u cant at any point compete with him so pliz dont waste ur time

  • With a jet or without a jet, he has the followers daily. Why cant u talk about serious issues like our economy,etc

  • major uja ndameneyu eti?????holy ghost fire!!!!!

  • pitani chinseoh says:

    Mulekeni mwana uyu walemeladi heavy.inetu zamaprophet ndinalekeza pa YOHANE. Cause ankafanana ndi major Isaiah. Ndie izi AAA izi believe me sizakwamulungu ayi.kumamidzi anthu akufuna uthenga koma kwangokhalira kujoni ndi mtauni umu aaaaa. Nkhani ndi ntereshedi fwalanga hiii. I believe in Jesus not profits( prophets)

  • Agalu Inu Yangokukulirani Ndisanje Ngakhale Mulungu Atabwera Lero Simungakwanitse Kugula Jet Tiyeni Timpange Sapoti Munthu Akutichotsa Manyazi.Winawe Ukumayima 24 Hrs Pa Airport Kudikira Ndege.Major 1 Man Of God

  • Malawi24 you sound stupid Let him enjoy his blessings

  • Is he going to take us to healven with his so called 3rd jet?this guy is just a fool.

  • Wina anati bushir amagona ndiziwsnda kut alemerr komaso kut utumiki wake upitepatali ,mozi mwamapastor wakumalawiko anater koma ena mumasusa ,zioneka

  • All illuminated!

  • Anthu olemera samazinenelera choncho… Kuli olemera kunjaku koma olo utakumana nawo panseu sungawaziwe komanso odzichepetsa osati awa ma so called Prophet wa ayi

  • Typical Malawian envy….a jet is a jet whether he has two or five or 1,must Bushiri’s blessings open ur stomache?ur government is failing to purchase a jet,atleast his God is manifesting…..you guys hav developed a thick skin to poverty

  • @ Davis am against news 24 that its a lie dat bushiri has acquired new jet

  • Bushiri can write a status and get 1000 coments in 50 secons and Malawi 24 can get 20 coments within the same piriod. So who is powerfull here?

  • Kagule yako Enemy of progress

  • If are lies so wht? In our family we dont sress

  • Why bushiri now and again, if people see ,people know why do they go there !!?..

  • Hehehehe koma apaa mmmmm.komatu mu ufumu wa mulungu simudzakhala anali ndi jet ndi ndani adzakonda mitima and mtumiki wa mulungu sakhala odzitamandira koma odekha ndi odzichepesa ndiye izi eeeee tigwadira nazo wakufa ndithu kamba ka chuma ndi ulemelero wa pa dziko lapansi.

    • chikhalirecho mukangomangitsa tsitsi, tsiku limenero fb imavutika ndi ma pics, nawo one has boti de whole jet kuika pa fb and pa fb pake on his account walakwa, asasangalale coz ndimunthu wamulungu, be serious n be real

    • hahaha ine mmene ndikuziwira pazinthu za uzimu ndi izizi totally different gloria ur saing the trueth busy kumakhalira kulalikira ku mungalemele bwanji instead of kulalikira za ufumu wakumwamba!!!? ziliko masikudi otsiliza ano!!!

  • Lord have mercy on us

  • Kayaa osambirana za njara yavutai bwanji~bizy ndi jet mumadya jet mukutinyasanazo izi

  • Malawi 24 kkkkk so the president resigned in July 2016 kkk anyway, why do u care about the jet hahaha

  • Ngati mwasowa zolemba u better remain silent…..for He who Jah bless no body and I repeat no body can curse…….team Major 1….

  • Miracle money frm Satan nt God so wht……tsoka kwa iye odyera dzina la mulungu

  • Mbava yayikulu iyoo ikulephera kumalizisa tchalichi laku Mzuzu.

  • Inenso ndagula yanga koma ndiyokwela usiku wokha.

  • Mbuzi amitolankhani aku Malawi

  • Nothing can change my love for major 1, the man of God of the moment. The more you speculate lies the more he is blessed.

  • in our family we dont stress we relax IYEEEE !!!

  • xo u r judges nw huh? I dnt follow bushiri or like him but tht doesn’t put me in a position to judge….

  • Mesa mumati mwayakhula naye in ur gone post? Timve ziti ife?

  • Ask us who have been blessed by his God, Lembani zanuzo but what we I know is that with God all things are possible. Jet is possible with God through Jesus Christ. Seek the kingdom of God first and his righteousness and all these shall be added unto you which includes a Jet.

  • Very good publicity for Major 1, continue the work of supporting men of God.

  • #Teamnostress# haters all you own is hate in your life nothing to point!!!!!!

  • Eee Tangosnthan DZna La Page Yanu Ikhale Bushir-News24

  • Malawi24,s jornlst r all lies,dats y i dont trust dem,dey want to dirtening some1 identity.mbuz za ma jornalist.

  • Go check on bbc africa

  • kodi amapanga ma business anji akuluwa ndiyankhekon kugula ma jet awili sichophweka

  • I m tired of these so called *men of God* who are busy enriching themselves and misleading many in the process. Hell is waiting for you for what you engulfed, for spreading lies and performing miracles by the help of satan.

  • How shall we trust you if you are used by crooks?

  • a Malawi 27 mwazikola nokhatu

  • nanunso mmampatsa matama …tazilembani nkhani zofunikira apa osati nyansi zi

  • at ECG we don’t stress.

  • Admin do you listen yourself???? U said he introduce the second jet as third now u said u have all information that the jet it’s not owned by him so which jet are you talking about????