Rose Chibambo’s granddaughter appeals for support


Cecilia Kamanga, a granddaughter to Malawi’s first female minister, Rose Chibambo, has called on government to assist her grandmother who was admitted on Monday at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital in Blantyre due to heart attack.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Kamanga expressed dissatisfaction over her grandmother’s financial footing despite being a national hero.

She said that although her grandmother’s face is on the K200 note, it does not reflect the reality on the ground as financial problems have refused to go away in the first female cabinet minister’s life.

Rose Chibambo

Rose Chibambo; In dire need.

She went on to say that the country’s ‘iron lady’ still uses public transport which makes them struggle to organise transportation to the hospital for the woman.

Kamanga drummed up financial support to cater for medical bills since their humble financial status as she put it, cannot allow them to pay hospital bills.

Chibambo was born in 1928 and she was the country’s first female cabinet minister. She served in Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s cabinet in 1964 and she is also Malawi’s symbolic activist whose legacy motivates women in power.
The government is yet to comment on the matter but history reveals that heroes are less honoured in Malawi. The 88 year-old is the only person on Malawi notes who is still alive.

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