Four arrested for having human bones


Malawi Police in Phalombe district are keeping in custody four people for being found with human bones suspected to be of a person with albinism.

Phalombe Police Station Public Relations Officer, Sub-Inspector Augustus Nkhwazi, told Malawi24 that the four were arrested on Monday night following a tip off from members of the public.

According to Nkhwazi, the suspects were trying to sell the bones to one of the businessmen at Mitekete trading centre in the district and the businessman reported the issue to police.

crime (2)“They were allegedly offering for sale the said human bones to a businessman at Mitekete trading centre in the district who upon learning the type of business on offer, got startled and informed police who rushed and arrested them,” Nkhwazi said.

Police identified the four as Starford Chimenya (45) of Takhiwa village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Njema in Mulanje, Kondwani Patrick (38) from Milande village, T/A Nazombe in Phalombe, Rose Kumpama (39) from Mukakhe village, T/A Kaduya in Phalombe and a Mozambican national Petro Jezemani (33) of Kholomana village, T/A Kholomana in Milanje district.

Police have since instituted investigations into the matter to establish more details about the issue.

The four will appear before court to answer charges of sale of body or tissue contrary to section 16 of the Anatomy Act.



  1. Zangokhala zinthu zachisoni mpaka ziwalo za munthu? Anthu alibe chisoni ngati business yakanika mpaka kuyamba ya ziwalo shame on these people

  2. nkhani iyi inayamba kubeba ku Tanzânia, pano ku Moçambique iafika pominitsa apólice. panopa ambiri ali ndende koma nchitidweu ukupitilila. ndinaiddziwa Malawi ngati dziko la anthu ohopa Mulungu, koma panopa ndingoti pakamwa yasa. Kodi tiguire ntengo wanji?

  3. police in malawi they are not proffesions why up to date they dont want to tell the nation about njauju’s death & u rushing to arrest people who are innocent.for being found them wth bones z nt acase somebody to be under police arrest may be the bones were for pigs

  4. I am American ambassador, release them now because they have right to sell human bones. Once you signal this massage, America and britain they freeze donation for ever.

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  10. bt is not good to kill someone, for business, don’t release them

  11. How do the community knows Albinism bones ?How did they know that they serial killers ? It is believed that Albinism or Albino people don’t die and born lucky that’s why they are on high demand while its a naked lie and atrocities.

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