Revealed: Millions for Mzimba road project feared missing

Money currency

There is fear that millions of kwacha were swindled by some Malawi government officials who were assigned to facilitate the construction of Mtangatanga to Mzimba road years ago as the road remains unfinished to date.

A recent visit to the place found that the company which was awarded a contract to construct the road left a long time ago with all equipment which shows that there is no hope that the construction may resume soon.

Our reporter found one of the bridges connecting this road unfinished and in an interview with some villagers close to the road project; they confirmed that constructors left the place long time ago with their equipment without even leaving a notice.

“They left long ago and all this time we have been waiting for their coming back to resume the construction but till today, they are nowhere to be seen. We still believe that government knows better the time when the road will be finished,” said Tamulani Nyirenda, who resides close to the road.

Money missing.

Our follow up on the matter found that the company which was contracted to construct the road left the place because it did not agree properly with government officials on financial grounds.

One of the men who were working with the company told our reporter that there was a strong disagreement on money thus they just decided to quit.

“It is unpredictable when we may resume working on the place because currently our bosses have not yet agreed on finances. But we were about to finish that road maybe by last year or earlier,” said the labourer who opted for anonymity.

Efforts to talk to procurement committee chairperson for Mzimba District Council, Tamanyawaka Harawa, proved futile despite several attempts because his phone could not be reached.

However, some officials within the council have claimed that some people who were assigned to facilitate the construction of the road defrauded millions of kwacha thus the delay in finishing the road.

“We will give you detailed information after we are done bringing together documents related to the project very soon. We also had the same worry but I think now it is the time to know the real truth on the matter,” said one top official who asked for anonymity.



  1. Inu amalawi 25 ndamene mukupangitsa kuti madonors achedwe kubwera ndakuonani nonse ndi akuzimbabwe mumabwera ndi nkhani zopanda umboni ndaonera pa nkhani ya bushiri

  2. Ndi chifukwa chake ma President a Maiko ena monga Balack Obama,amatseka zomwe Dziko lathu limapanga ponena kuti;MALAWI SUZALEMERADI ETI,KUBA TOO MUCH…!Tikudandaula za njala yomwe yagwa m’Dziko kuti itithera bwanji.President wathuyu sangasinthikeko nkukhalako ngati Mkulu wake uja?Ndiye tizimva zoti ma million okonzera nseu asowa,Malawi angalemere..?

  3. Kuba a Malawi. Can someone tell us what value the country will benefit from the current works from Lilongwe hotel to Area 18 Round about?
    Please let us know. APM told us the road will be upgraded to dual carriage way. Yet a contractor is busy filling the tar which will soon be removed!!!!!!!
    What a shame

  4. This is not surprising. Where have all the loans gone for the Phalombe Road that does not exist?

  5. A Malawi kuba. For example can anyone or any engineer worth his or her salt tell us what value the country will benefit from the current works from Lilongwe hotel to Area 18 Round about?
    I thought this road is soon to be completely done as a dual carriage way? This is what APM recently told us.
    Please explain quickly.

  6. Please do something,i wonder even why they started it mvula ikagwa kuterera its worse sinanga anangokumbakumba demat ana a njoka inu

  7. We want these foolish officials to be arrested as soon as possible, if you can manage go to mzimba hospital they are selling drugs in SA ,arrest them please save us

  8. This is a very serious issue which required people of high passion with their beloved country.Why why to be so selfish will others are desparate of similar development?Am sorry we cant go further like other country.

  9. Komatu you filthy and selfish government officials who continue lining your pockets at the expense of the poor underprivillaged Malawians….remember that you are not untouchable. We will get you make you pay for your irresponsibility. Muzithawiratu ku Malawi kuno zisanakuvuteni…chifukwa very soon we will get you.

  10. Imagine! This money will not come back to build the road. It’s gone. It will be Malawians to contribute some more money to complete road construction. This is why Malawi is in deep problems.

  11. Could you please tell us more on the development of education here in Malawi.

  12. Like fathers like sons.Old habits die hard.Cashgateering spree everywhere,everybody deems lagging behind in spree race.cry my country!

    1. #Lonjezo if that word isn’t word what is it? Need to know that some words weren’t there before even this langauge we’re expressing ourself.They were actually evented surrounding certain circumstances questionable in nature,but since then came into being.Todate they are in different editions of dictionaries courtesy of their original story.So thus the dynamics of languages Lonjezo.

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