NAC sets sights on students in combating HIV/AIDS


The National Aids Commission (NAC) says it will be working with students as one way of combating HIV/AIDS and achieving the 90:90:90 goal.

The organization has since started with students from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR).

hiv-ribbonNAC says they will first civic educate the students with the aim of bringing awareness and knowledge to them concerning the targeted aims of the campaign.

Speaking at an event where they launched the project, one of the commissioners for National Aids Commission Chimwemwe Kaonga said they had chosen the students so as to reach more people in the country.

According Kaonga, the university students will easily civic educate and impart knowledge in fellow students from other education institutions like secondary schools.

The organization also said that the campaign is targeting the year 2020 as the year when 90 percent of people should be tested for HIV, 90 percent of those living with HIV should be initiated on ARVs while 90 percent of those initiated should reach viral suppression.

The commissioner has however explained that they will make sure that they fully enlighten the students and has promised that NAC will be providing the required necessities that will be needed during the process.



  1. NAC had misfired in this campaighn. they should have started with lecturers becox students give in to lecturers sexual advances to get better grades, those that say no are weeded….

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