Martse American tour shows to start next week


Malawi award winning hip hop sensation Martse is set to carry the country’s flag higher as he will mark the genesis of his American tour on Saturday next week.

The Lilongwe based rapper is currently in the United States of America (USA) where he is expected to perform in major cities starting from 16th January.

A video posted by the artist on social media, reveals the line-up of shows.

Martse, whose real name is Martin Nkhata, will on 16th January take the US capital, Washington DC by storm with a Malawian flavoured performance.

Martse is waving the Malawi flag in US.

His next destination will be Dallas, TX where he will be entertaining people on 23rd January before taking control of the mic in Seattle, WA and Southend, IN on 6th and 13th February respectively.

The rapper is yet to disclose as to when and where he is going to conclude his tour but his social media updates can reveal that more shows will be added.

The Malawian hip hop star is expected to dish out hit songs in the genre whose origins can be traced to USA. The shows will also attract Malawians who long left their motherland in pursuit of greener pastures.

Apart from giving Malawians a feeling of deja vu, other Africans as well as Americans are also expected to patronise the shows and have a taste of Malawian hip hop.

In readiness for the tour, Martse has been visiting places so as to get used to the USA atmosphere.

His latest social media posts show him at the gym as well as other interesting places.




  1. Say Hi To T.I, Kendrick Lamar, Bird Man, Trey Xongz, & Lil Wayne!

    Ukayimbe Go Deeper Ndi Nick Minaj & Rihanna.
    Usayiware Moni Kwa Y M C M B Yonsee! Big~up Martin

  2. Hi there izi mwina ndizoona have gr8 journey bola osabwera ndi ya u gay kuno

  3. Go deer martse uli bho don’t speaking chichewa or singng bcz dzungu simuthu koma chizake chamuthu sangamve ndatelo sangalara bwino ungaiwale kumalawi.

  4. Wishng him all the best as he carries our flag in USA

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