Forget the past year failures

Pastor Daniel Walusa

Phi 3:13-14 “Brothers, I don’t regard myself as yet having taken hold, but one thing I do. Forgetting the things which are behind, and stretching forward to the things which are before.I press on toward the goal for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

As you are at the beginning of the year, One of the principles in the Kingdom is to focus on things ahead and never look backwards to your failures in the past years. The past may be full of bad issues and the more you focus on the past the more you deprive yourself of more opportunities ahead of you.

You may have made mistakes yes, but dont sit down and meditate on them. Think about more positive things ahead of you( Phi 4:8). Some people are failing to make progress because someone owes them some money for long. Possibly the person is dead or is bankrupt. Each time they believe that they are in the current situation because the person hasnt given them back.

Pastor Daniel Walusa
Pastor Daniel Walusa: Forget the past.

This is wrong. Focus ahead. Look at how you can make more money instead of concentrating on the past. Others are still held back by past mistakes and failures whether done by themselves or someone else.

As a believer only focus on the past when you want to remember the great things God has done in your life that will give you confidence for the future tasks. This is a form of testimony. This is what David did in 1 Sam 17 when he was defeating Goliath. He remembered his past successes with bears and lions that helped him in the victory over Goliath.

Jesus pointed out that those who are backward focused are not fit for the Kingdom. Luk 9:62* “But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for God’s Kingdom.” In Ephes 6, when you look at all the armour of a believer, there is nothing that covers the back. This shows that the back should not be protected. No effort should be made to cover the past. Its gone and gone. Focus on the future because that is where the price of your calling is.

Remember Lot wife. He wanted to look back and was turned into a pillar of salt. A pillar symbolises no movement. When you focus on your past failures, you stop moving right away. All your progress stops and that is why the Word discourages us fron focusing on the past.

When you focus on your past failures, you miss new things which God wants to do in your life. Isa 43:18-19 WEB* “Don’t remember the former things, and don’t consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing. It springs out now. Don’t you know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.”

This is new year, plan anew.

Thank You Father because of your Word.I will never remember my past failures. All my focus will be ahead where the price for my calling is. I receive new things that you are doing in my life in the new year. In Jesus Name. Amen

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