ACB’s Matemba named as witness in Mphwiyo’s murder case

Reyneck Matemba Malawi ACB
Reyneck Matemba
Matemba; I will respect court orders.

The deputy director for Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Reyneck Matemba says he is surprised that the first accused in the ongoing Paul Mphwiyo murder case has named him as his witness.

On Monday, one of the suspects in the Mphwiyo attempted murder case, MacDonald Kumwembe, told the high court in Lilongwe that he wants the ACB deputy director and other civil servants to appear in the court as his witnesses.

Reacting to the development, Matemba said he is shocked that he was named as a witness saying he does not even know Kumwembe personally.

“I could say I’m more surprised that Mr Kumwembe has named me to be his witness in the ongoing Paul Mphwiyo’s attempted murder case. I’m shocked that he has named me yet I don’t know him and I have never done any business with him,” said Matemba.

He added that although he does not know Kumwembe, he will follow all court procedures.



  1. Atolankhani ndinu anthu abozzzza zoona munthu kungotchulidwa basi mwalemba mzilemba chinthu chomwe chili ndi umboni weni weni,

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