Revealed:Hunger forcing farmers to sell Fisp coupons

fisp malawi

The hunger situation in Malawi is forcing farmers to sell coupons used to buy cheap farm inputs, Malawi24 can reveal.

Speaking to our reporter, some residents in Machinga district said they cannot buy fertilizer while they have no food to feed their families.

hunger malawi
Malawi hunger. (Photo Credit, Dan Church Aid.

“We were depending on mangoes, but now nothing is there in our trees, I had no choice but to sell the coupon I had so that I can buy food for my family,” said one resident who opted for anonymity.

A similar situation also befell another resident and she said: “I couldn’t manage to keep my coupon while I had nothing in my house for my children, they were not going to school for classes because of hunger.”

Another resident also revealed that she opted to sell her coupon at K7,000 to have a bag of maize.

Almost 3 million people are in danger of facing hunger and severe shortage of food supply in Malawi following floods and dry spells that occurred early last year.

According to Christian Aid estimates, households in some districts in the southern region of the country are at risk of finding themselves in life threatening situations induced by the lack of food supply.



  1. Kikikikiki aitha atelowo, tiyelekeze kuno ku lower states tinabzala koyamba chinauma ndi dzuwa tabzalanso kachiwiri kwagwano tchembelezandonda mvula siikugwanso tabzalanso kachitatu mwachiziwikile uno January nde tikati kulakwa ai ndithu

  2. Selling of fsp has not started this year.It has been ever since starter pack started. This is a sign that most Malawians are not aware of village habits even Malawia24

  3. Isold Mine At Mk9000.00 Here In Ku But Now They Are At Mk5000.00 Bola Ine Going To The Admarc Daily Kungomwela Mkadatani?

  4. This is what we said last time that the FISP thing is just a waste of GoVt resources because most of it is just sold to neighbouring countries! better subsidized fertilizer for farmers clubs or commercial farmers who can sell the maize back to Govt full stop!

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