Politicians advised to shed off greed in 2016

Happy Kayuni
Kayuni: Politician need to change.
Kayuni: Politician need to change.

One of the political experts in Malawi has observed that politicians in the country have failed to put democracy in practice as most of them have proved to be selfish.

The political analyst, Happy Kayuni, who is Associate Professor and head of Political and Administrative Studies at Chancellor College, said political parties are failing to put democracy into practice since they put their needs ahead of those of the people they serve.

“Most political parties are aware of the pillars of democracy but they are failing to put it into practice and most them think of how they can make themselves rich not regarding the needs of Malawians,” said Kayuni.

He further observed that most politicians have not learnt from the past and in 2016 politicians must not prioritise their own problems but put the needs of Malawians first.

Kayuni said in the year 2016, issues of transparency and accountability must be put into practice in order to help the country match forward both politically and economically.



  1. These fuken politicians comes with such nature of speach if their pockets are empty to accomulate something. During the compaign period u will see the same pipo coming up with a different word, trust no one in politic circle. He just need to blindfford us, dnt listen to him give him a hole ear

  2. picking out the thorns is helping the government walk better. accepting evrything is covering thorns which wl make it fail to walk and may need referal.

  3. Malawi needs to be recolonized.please China go and be their master this time.Malawi also can adopt Yuan as Zimbabwe did and your president will change his name to Xi Chin Chon Peter Mutharika.

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