2016 to start on a bad note as Kwacha falls again

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Malawians must brace themselves for harder economic times in 2016 unlike those faced in the year ending as the Kwacha has yet again fallen against major foreign currencies with a reported increase in inflation.

Having tumbled in the year 2015, the Kwacha is now trading at MK800 against the dollar in a year it kept going down.

Against the British Pound, the Kwacha is at MK1000. Recently, an economic expert expressed no surprise at the instability of the Kwacha this year.

Malawi Kwacha
Malawi Kwacha ha fallen.

In an analysis of how the country fared economically, economist Nelson Mkandawire said the country started well as compared to the current economic situation.

“The country started on a higher note this year as compared to now and the high inflation rate, high bank lending rates among others show that the economy is fragile,” said the former Economics Association of Malawi (Ecama) Executive Director.

He further said that one of the contributing factors to the economic challenges were the floods the country encountered this year as most people lost their property and crops.

“Our economy is a fragile one; when one sector has been affected all the other sectors are also affected. In this respect we can see how the floods affected other sectors of the country,” he said.

Mkandawire further said that issues of cashgate and the withdrawal of aid to Malawi by donors also affected the economy of the country.

He added that he expected the public reforms to make sectors grow but this has not been the case.



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  2. Kkkkk woza Malawi…! That is today’s kwacha on Malawi. Is that Joyce Banda again? Now what is your contribution Mr. President and your cabinet on this matter? How much ‘ll be one bag of fertilizer of 50kg? Think about pple from rural areas, Small Holder Crop Farmers. Malawi ‘ll never never achieve its goals. This is 2016, in 2020 we will use plastic bags (majumbo) when going to market to buy 1 bundle of mpilu just curring thousands bcz 1 dollar will be 2000mk. Zomvetsa chisoni!!! Zochititsa manyazi!!!

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  7. We Malawian,we still have problems when we c some one rise,we put him down,when he /she failing we are happy.instead of helping or give good idea nothing what we know is kunyoza I don’t like this kind of lyf tiyeni tikondane abale,

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  9. Goodall had his time ,retire him ,we have some vibrant economists, let them also try. He said that by December Malawians will be smiling but instead we are frowning.

  10. Boma lamalawi lagwa basi!
    Awa akhale maliro kudziko lonse la Malawi.
    Where are you going mother Malawi?
    Anthu Sadzasiya kulira father & founder of this nation coz of these painful times experienced by Malawian Citizens.
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  11. This reflects the leadership we have! God doesn’t back backdoor leadership! God is god of perfection than shortcuts! Save him right!!!!!

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  13. Its a known fact now to accept that this DPP regime has failed us Malawians miserably. All they do is talk but nothing is happening for the poorest Malawians. For how long are we going to be the poorest country in the world?

  14. Please ignore the rumour that the Reserve Bank of Malawi is using my picture on the new two thousand kwacha note to be introduced. Ofcouse the government approached me but I rejected the offer for security reasons. Thank you.

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    1. Blame democracy first. Chifukwa nthawi imeneyo kungokupeza waba umanyongedwa ndithu koma pano kungotero mabungwe atulukila kubwebwetuka. Ndiye ichi nchiyambi kufinyika kulipo

    2. Zowonadi Satana Watiwukira Chifukwa Chomangovomera Zilizose Kuchokera Ku Ma Western Countries. Malawi’s economy is under fire & the gvt is goin to corupse before long

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  17. No wonder comradez its nt the first tym n nw its alwyz white pipo r crookz they dd tht coz they new nw malawians r ready to sale their cash crops mostly z Tobacco so they planning to buy 10cents per kg in the name of Kwacha no power on international market thts hw they alwy robb famerss

  18. Mmmmmm vuto amalawi tulo tidakagonabe kuli ziiiii no action taken against this so called DPP fake failing regime until we buy a bread at K1000 then we will act ..

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