Mutharika speaks on climate change

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: Lets work together. 

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has expressed worry over climate change which he said started as a result of overpopulation since people in the country were carelessly cutting down trees.

In his address to the nation on Malawi Broadcasting Station (MBC) on Tuesday, Mutharika said people in the country should consider that Malawi’s future will massively change if deforestation continues.

According to Mutharika, climate change is a serious problem that has come to stay and will bring a lot of effects to the country as such proper action should be taken.

The Malawi president said as one way of mitigating the effects of climate change, each individual has to be responsible by planting more trees and practicing afforestation.

Remembering the recent floods that hit almost 15 districts in the country and killed 106 people, the Malawi leader asked people in flood prone areas to reallocate to upper areas and said chiefs should be in the forefront during the process.

He however expressed concern over some of the chiefs who are hesitating to be moved to the upper areas.



  1. This shows tht ths moohoo gt no dick to run ths country. Heee is buzy talkin about deforestation. Hee fucken dont knw since there is no electricity in malawi pple gt no altenativee..mayiko enawo thy gt electricity thts why thy gt no usee of cuttin tress as wee doo. Inu manyi akakupolani no alectricity tht tym. Fuck u man. U knw only about suckin men’s bols.argh.

  2. not bcoz of overpopulation but bcoz of allowing ,homesexuallity ,so God can not be happy while you ignore his creation.So what you should know is allowing homesexuality bring tribles in our peacful and harmony country malawi.

  3. While overpopulation is there, the ever-increasing electricity tariffs are also contributing to the situation. People have for long called on government to lower electricity tariffs in order encourage people to use electricity for heating and cooking thereby conserving the forests.

  4. I suppose in our farm land we should start practising agroforestry as option to mitigate deforestation and combating land degradation becuase agroforestry in general, addresses deforestation since it promote tree planting practice and improve the resource base (land productivity) through incorporation of nitrogen-fixing tree species e.g. Gliricidia sepum

  5. Hey…! Thez Officials they are coming on air with over climate change. What about Over Decline of Malawi Kwacha?

  6. My fellow Malawian, the president is talking the truth.Anthu ife penapake timaziyitanila mavuto tokha, pamene baibulo likukambabe lero kuti “balanani chulukanani ngati nchenga waku nyanja,ndipo muligonjetse dziko lapansili”eeeh! Komatu mpakana ana 40 mamuna mmodzi, kodi timazimvetsa bwino zamau amulunguzi? Lero dziko lagonja, ntchito kulibe, chakudya ndichochepa, koma mukagona nayo njala chala mukukaloza mtsogoleri wadziko pamenepo pali nzeru?.Pamene zinthu zafikapa sizidzathekanso kuzibwezeletsa nchimake..dziko lapansi latayika basi, andale ndinthawi yanu yoti muzingotinamiza basi, koma zoona zake simungakwanitse kutidyetsa kutibveka ndizina zonse zofunika pamiyoyo yathu ayi, dziko lapansi taligonjetsa, ngakhale malo wolima akusowa.

  7. Oooohh!!I c naw mr man ur narrating what senior prophet tb Joshua said in the morning during the live service “he said nations will experience disasters. so presidents must encourage farming. let me tell u jst find solutions to these problems caz it has been here long tym we are tired. u don’t act fast but journeys

  8. Mr president chiloweleni pampando mwachita chani?Taonani njala,katundu kudula ,kwacha kumangogwa ngati ndalama yaku Syria,makhwala mzipatala mulibe .kodi mmene munkaufuna utsotgoleri dziko lamalawi simunali study?.dziko lamalawi silofunika kuzigwa njala chifukwa tili ndi madzi ambiri .mukanapeza ndlama muipase admarc idzilima zakudya yokha from mangochi to nsanje,tafufuzani mmene analemelera achina,Japan,malasya Thailand.muyambe inu aboma ulimi othilira anthu azikusatirani .i dont think malawi ikufuna tsogoleri ophinzira no!!!!! Koma okonda malawi

    1. Yes GOD is angry with this nation you(the president) accepted homosexual,ignoring GODs nature believe unles we repent will continue suffering.we need a GOD fearing leader.

  9. the issue at hand mr. president is to make everything possible for this country to have adequate electricity and reduce blackouts. pipo are cutting down trees for firewood just bcoz the electricity is not adequate and the most frustrating issue is that ESCOM has increased its tarriff as if electricity is being imported into this country encouraging pipo to deforestrate more for the sake of firewood. the problem is u mr. president coz u dont have a clear plan to sort this problem once for all.

  10. Mr. Sir, dat is a song of every day. This is the long ago issue find solutions for such kind of problems rather than keep on talking, create job access to people, open up all the closed componies dat people can get jobs, borrow the youth cash that they can run small scale business as a way of eradicate such story of deforestration. Mr. Sir, we are in great poverty in this nation there4 once u point out something dat is wrong u should hv to find a solution at de same tym. Am agreeing dat people are cutting down trees carelessly, but this occurs because they hv got no any means of put chigumu on their table. Students are graduating every day both public and private collegies but u dnt take any single concern and people arround you they just feed u with lies because their bread is battered both side enjoying poor pipo’s tax

  11. That would b 1 of ur 1st speeches big man. U r abit 2 slow to act. Why now? By now, u cud make sm1 to hold water relating to what u say 2dy. This is for the seek of saying as far as I know how weak this so-called leader is concerned

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