Deforestation at irrigation scheme irks Minister

Allan Chiyembekeza

Deforestation along Domasi River in Machinga district is a major challenge to Domasi Irrigation Scheme since it is resulting in low rice yield.

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Water Development Allan Chiyembekeza made the remarks during a visit to the scheme.

Chiyembekeza said wanton cutting down of trees by the farmers is the reason for low rice production at the irrigation scheme.  

“I have called upon all the farmers to stop cutting down trees so that the coming season they should harvest more,” he said.

Allan Chiyembekeza
Chiyembekeza; Against deforestation.

According to Chiyembekeza, Domasi scheme cannot go further with the irrigation if the acts continue to be practised at its main source of water.  

The minister also visited Domasi prison where he saw the good fruits of irrigation farming.

Domasi prison commissioner, Clement Kainja, revealed that the prison mostly depends on the crops that are grown by inmates.

Domasi prison is among the prisons that were hit by a shortage of food as such they started irrigation farming to feed the inmates.

The prison has 13,000 prisoners and it only takes 6 percent of the harvest to feed the inmates.

Domasi prison grows crops such as beans and cassava among others and it also has a pond which is used for fish farming.



  1. I dont know why our thinking is alwaz in reverse. Farmers are benefitting alot, we have national tree planting seasons and we an entire well established leadership structure od the scheme. Given all these do we need somebody to blow trumpets on this matter? It only shows that we are not ready to advance development!

  2. I wonder how one wud complain whn the military beats these dull pipo cutting treees for charcoal. Beat them up, infact take them t prison, 5 yrs sentence!

  3. Leave pipo to do so as only the way of earning living, no jobs in this poor leadership. Instead of talking something sense they busy airing cacasy.

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