Electricity tariffs raised amid continued blackouts


At a time when many Malawians are sending public outcries on incessant electricity blackouts, the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) Board has revealed that electricity tariffs will go up from January 1 2016.

Reports say that the regulatory body has advised the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) to implement the hike next year on.

According to Mera board chair Dingiswayo Jere, tariffs will go up from an average of MK40.69/kWh to MK53.69/kWh (or$0.08 per KWh).


Electricity tariffs up next year on.

However, blackouts have beentalk of the day with ESCOM citing the rains as a draw back to power generation at its power stations.

Recently, Malawi President Peter Mutharika defended ESCOM saying that Malawians need to be patient with the electricity body.

The Malawi leader made the call when he briefed the press on numerous issues on Monday at his base, the Kamuzu Palace in the capital Lilongwe.

ESCOM had last month according to running media reports gone ahead to implement its plans that will see the closure of Nkula power generating plants as well as diminishing water levels and flow in Lake Malawi and Shire river respectively.

This has been the cause of recent blackouts.

While tilting hope to the looming power project Malawi has entered with China, Mutharika said that Malawians need to be patient as the situation will be history at the onset of the project.

But according to Mutharika argued that much as the blackout problem is of great concern, there is still need for ESCOM to improve on its machinery as well as find solutions to handle the problems it is facing in power generation.




  1. Where is this boma taking us to?the majority of Malawians are not working,where do they think we are going to get money?that’s nonsense,stupid Mr President

  2. Nde akachita legalise chamba, anthuwa adzakhala achamba kwambiri. When tariff is adjusted upwards tax goes upwards too. Therefore this is one way of raising money by DPP govt.,mbava zotherathu, ma plan ayamba kuwathera.

  3. This is a deliberate move that when they wish to bring the idea to sell it out we should not oppose. Civil servants must now fight for their salary increment

  4. Mbuzi zenizeni zomwe zikuyendetsa boma,zilibe malingaliro akuti cilengedwe cisamalidwa bwanji,magetsi amayenera azitsika kuti cilengedwe citetezedwe coz pp bwenzi akuphikira magetsiwo amakala nkusowa nsika dere4 mitengo being conserved,wotchani kwambiri makala mbuzi zimenezi zidziweso!

  5. ngati boma lazaza ndi anthu akuba kuli bwanji munthu wamba komaso mulungu anakwiya ndi utsogoleriu wapeter wakuba omvomereza malamulo opanda pake.

  6. People tichitepo kanthu….one of the company that pay well is escom…..and u mean they want to raise tarrifs for what!!! More bonuses!!!! I think we need to match!!!!!

  7. People tichitepo kanthu….one of the company that pay well is escom…..and u mean they want to raise tarrifs for what!!! More bonuses!!!! I think we need to match!!!!!

  8. Ndalama zopangira ma party zayamba kuchepa2 kkk,,,koma Escom eee ai ndi2 nchifukwachake anthu adule mitengo yoonse ndikuotcha makala

  9. And the problem with us (citizens) is that, we’re always accepting whatever the govt do to us, we don’t stand up and say, ” enough muppets.” Nde chifukwa chake akumatilowa mkati.

  10. That is a total slap in the face of Nyasa people. What’s wrong with this bullsh*it govt? The power supply to the mass is absolutely a mess at a high level, and you hiking the price again? Holy crap.

  11. Sinanga akudziwa kuti palibe chomwe titapange as a nation we are United..Please a #Chakwera ku opposition do something I know this is not a listening govt but we are ready to shed blood to preserve our dignity. Bwanji osatenga ndalama zama thanyula zija akonze mavuto ali ku Escom ko

  12. This is boring. october they raised and they say january they also raising.Nation of hicking comodities and services but not salaries shame.

  13. mxiew izi ndye za itsiru tu mukukweza magetsi but daily blackout!!! ndalama zathu inu a Mera kumakapanga ma phwando ndi mabanja anu ponwe ife mukutipweteka ndi msonkho wa mera, muziganiza musanapange zautsiru zanuzo

  14. What i have learnt is that Malawians we are not organised as Nation and we fear our Government too much,but we really forget that we are the ones who put that Government on power,so how can the Government can increase Escom Bills while our salaries are still poor?

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