Peter Mutharika backs ESCOM on continued blackouts

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: We have to give ESCOM time.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has sided with the  Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) on the increased blackouts that have hit the nation lately, saying that Malawians need to be patient with the electricity body.

The Malawi leader made the call when he briefed the press on numerous issues on Monday at his base, the Kamuzu Palace in the capital Lilongwe.

ESCOM had last month according to running media reports gone ahead to implement its plans that will see the closure of Nkula power generating plants as well as diminishing water levels and flow in Lake Malawi and Shire river respectively.

This has been the cause of recent blackouts.

ESCOM blames for blackouts.

But according to Mutharika argued that much as the blackout problem is of great concern, there is still need for ESCOM to improve on its machinery as well as find solutions to handle the problems it is facing in power generation.

While tilting hope to the looming power project Malawi has entered with China, Mutharika said that Malawians need to be patient as the situation will be history at the onset of the project.

”I am aware of electricity problems, its strategic problem. Escom is working out the issue. The problem is water levels. This will the past with coming in of Chinese funded Kamwamba coal-fired power station which is to add about 300-megawatt (MW). The minister of energy and Escom are doing their best to rectify the problem. I ask everybody to bear with us as we doing our best”. Mutharika said.

Last month, Malawi24 carried a story in which the Malawi government was being asked to privatize the electricity body as the current continuous blackouts are greatly affecting the growth of the country’s economy.

Social media trends have lately been describing ESCOM as being responsible for blackouts and not power.



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  2. At first i thought people who are called professors have both intelligence and wisedom.but now i am learning that our president has only intelligence because of his silly decisions

  3. The Kamwamba Coal-fired power station will certainly cause more environmental harm to climate change. Just refer to air pollution in China now!

  4. Mukuziwa chani gyz kuwalangatu anthu awa ndikusapitako ku escom kokalipira magetsi kwa chaka chatunthu nde tione kut iwo ava bwanji kuwawa ngat angabwere kuzxachosa ma metre awo kukasunga mumakwawomo

  5. Ife kuno ndiwo zigowola tifatu ndi njasla ife and look at our currency zochitisa manyaz and mukufuna kungula ndenge pali mavuto onsewa kma mutu ukugwira pamene po shame on you Mr president mwafikapo

  6. Does this man really know nothing about running a country? Business (the little bit of business that is left in Malawi) is grinding to a halt! The company I work for will be without power from 04.00hours to 17.30hrs today – 13.5 hours!!!! How are we supposed to carry on with our work and earn a living? We bring much needed forex in to the country, we employ many staff (mainly Malawian), we pay all our taxes – on time and in full – and are an asset to the nation BUT WE CANNOT FUNCTION WITHOUT POWER!!!!! Let’s get Malawi back in to business Your Excellency!

    1. he has shown time and again his incompetence in administrative issues. electricity is an important resource that every business needs as far as development is concerned. i wonder if his professorship is worth it

  7. kodi ku escom amenemumanena kutindinu ma engeenier,are u really engeeniers? or theory memorisers?why cant u fabricate adevice 2 solve aproblem,if not import engeeniers 4m china,or employ ur lectures 4m poly me bi u ddnt undersand the material itself.

  8. Ndie mundifusile kut mabanja athu aziwadyetsa ndi iyeyo kapena ndani???….Iye zake zikutheka magetsi akumayaka daily sakuzima ndie azitiuuza mbwelera zakezo ifeee?????ma rent,xool feez,food ndalama zake tizitenga kut???…Sizooona mr President panganiponi kanthu

  9. Here in Liwonde we were in dark from Sunday afternoon to the early hrs of this morning. We are taking of more than 24 hrs and by midday the power is already. We don’t know when it’ll be back. He can’t see the problem because he has not been in problems. People are dying in hospitals due to lack of power. Koma malume awa salinafe limodzi….

  10. the problem mr president is that before u came to power u had no plan on how u could solve the blackout crisis. prior to u there was joyce banda, this country reduced blackouts but things worsen when u mr mutharika took over. therefore blame urself on that. ur predecessor managed to reduced why cant u do the same. am not a supporter of any party but the truth has to be said.

  11. That woman JB i thought she was a big failliar amongest all de presdent,nt knowing dat by removing ha frm de presdency ds is hw GOD is punishing us thru mr Okaffor(ibu)no wonder his mouth cn nt pronounce any applicable word,i wonder wat attracted us @ first to put ds man into power,and nw dats wen i andastand why dat Idiot Mbendera SC was crying wen he was announcing those flaud results,IT WAS A CURSE mx DISSASTER.Mr ibu c yu in 2019.

  12. I am starting to believe that its a calculated move by government to have these blackouts so that when they introduce proposals to privatise Escom every Malawian will agree hoping for better services

  13. Anthufe tisamanyoze atsogoleri alero kodi mmene kwacha inka siyana 1dolla=2kwacha chipani chinali DPP? Mudziwe kuti olo kutabwera obama kudzalamulira malawi zinthu zidzavuta bansi! Work hard to save osamangolalata zili zonse

  14. Wat do u mn?Dont u kno that there were no frequent blackouts wen Joyce Banda was President.Wen we voted u into power did u bring ur own ESCOM?Nonsense!!Mr John Kapito asked U to clarify the relationship btn DPP. and ESCOM,U didnt take him.We. r very unfortunate to have leaders who kno nothing about things happening in the country.People r crying about R& Vagabond everyday,wen U addressed the nation on human rights U doged it.Let me advise U Mr President this law z a stab in the eye n z tarnishing our image as a nation.U ll never c our votes if U cant suspend dis law

  15. Amalawi tiyeni tidzilankhula ngati anthu osat ngat nkhumba yosayangana kumwamba kod peter ndi electric omagwila machine plez jst imargen mutakhala inu mngamve bwanji?

    1. Herdson Besam Ndiwe galu othela ukuwona ngati munthu wakoyo akutithandiza? anthu akugona ndi njala panopa tikuvutika ndife ndi wopempha iye akungogona upusa bwanji osamagawa chakudya ndala mwakhalirapo ganizani bwino

  16. From Tanzania; President Muthalika Congratulation for your efforts to make Malawi to be one of the best country. be blessed, welcome also in Tanzania learn how you may develope your nation. +255764810006.

    1. Let us thank God we r living in a peaceful country, there r other countries that have electricity thru out but with no peace.

  17. mr presedent the best sentement should have been “my fellow Malawians please be impatience with the electricity body” This body has been incompetent for a long time how do you expect us to bd patience….

  18. Mr President the problem is not only electricity everything is nasty in ths country right now,look at the economy our currency is loosing value each and every day,no medication & food in our hosptals,food shortege,incleament of robbery and many things to mention instead try to workout seriouse problems than wasting your time pointing fingers on others that will not benifit us

  19. Inu Amene Mukuti Dpp Ikuzimisa Magesi Kodi Mukuona ngati Dpp Ingakhale Nkupanga Plan Yozimiza Mages? Ipezapo Phindu Lanji? Vuto Ndi Escom Not Peter! Muziyankhula Ngat Muli Ndi Ubongo Mwamva? Ndikunena Ndiwe Uku Blema Peter We!

    1. Vuto Ndi Ku Nkula Force Madzi Machine Sakuenda Boh Ndie Mukut Ndi Peter? Peter Yo Ndiyemwe Wamwa Madzi Ku Nkulako? Ndie Iweyo Tangoganiza Ukuesa Kt Peter Chingamusangalase Ndichani Kt Magesi Azivuta? Tayankha!

    2. Vut Simukuziwa Chimene Chikuchitika Mukungopanga Comment Mukanaziwa Simukanamuda Peter. Ine Siwandale N Sindisapota Aliense Koma Ndimayankhula Zomwe Ndikuziziwa. Palibe Boma Lomwe Lizathese Mavuto But I Biliv That Boma Lomwe Lizakhale Lopanda Mavuto Ndilimene Yesu Azakhazikise Pakubwela Kwake Kwachiwili Thats O! Ino Ndinthawi Yosiliza Mavuto Tiaona Koma Tieni Tizikhala Ndichiembekezo I Jesus Name!

  20. That’s bullshit ,we can’t be patient we have black outs all the times but wen it comes to pay electricity bills we py more than wen we used to have power all the times ,this government sucks

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