Religion: Stay in your calling


1 Corinthians 7:20 ” Let each man stay in that calling in which he was called.”

No two people are called to do the same things. Even identical twins have different callings on their life. However not many have discovered their calling.

This becomes dangerous because if you don’t know why you are on earth at this time, you may copy someone’s calling. Always ask yourself why you are here and this time. God could have brought you during the time of Abraham or David or Noah, but He saw that would not be the right time according to your calling. He therefore saw that your calling is during this generation. Therefore do something in this generation.

Stick to a calling.

There is more to your calling than your job or business. If you don’t discover your calling or you leave it deliberately, it means your own calling may be unattended or the Father would find a replacement.

The calling of man in irrevocable. This means you can’t force God to change His calling on your life. Romans 11:29 ” For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” Jonah tried to run away from his calling and he was in trouble. Some of the troubles people meet in life are not because of the devil but because they are running someone’s race. They have left or they don’t know their calling and are trying to do something which they were advised or they are copying from parents, friends or others.

The first step to walk in your calling is to become a born again. You can not walk in His calling when you are not a born again. Only and only born agains have God’s calling.

After you are born again, you discover your calling by studying the Word of God and seeking godly counsel. As you study the Word, you will be amazed by what God will be speaking about your calling and your purpose in life. Nobody was created without a calling. The Word is your manual book expounding your reason for your living.

Just as a manual book tells you the functions of a gadget and what it can do for the owner who has bought it, the Bible our manual book tells us why we are here and what we can do for the Lord. Study and study to discover your calling in life.

You will be rewarded based on how good you performed in your calling not on someone’s calling. This is why it is important to discover it at early stages. Don’t run in someone’s calling, you are unique.

I will never miss my calling. As I study the Word of God, I will walk in my calling. I will never copy anybody else because my calling is unique. Nobody else can do it the same way I could do it. Thanks be to God for my unique calling. In Jesus Name. Amen


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