Fisd Wizards told to re-locate Lilongwe

Fisd Wizards

Fisd Wizards FC has been told to re-locate to Malawi capital, Lilongwe by their sponsors Foundation for Irrigation and Sustainable Development (FISD) if they are to continue sponsoring the team.

Initially, the only condition in safeguarding the sponsorship deal was to see the team remaining in the top flight but Wizards exited the league with 21 points.

Fisd Wizards
Fisd Wizards; Told to relocate to Lilongwe.

However, a representative from FISD Frank Mwenechanya made a hint that the organization is willing to continue sponsoring the club only if it moves to Lilongwe from current base, Blantyre.

The team Chairman Mike Tembo confirmed the development to the local media but was quick to say the executive is yet to discuss about the issue.

“Yes its true, we have been told to re-locate to Lilongwe from Blantyre but as an executive, we are yet to discuss about it and then we can be able to make a decision,” he said.

Reports are indicating that the sponsors are planning to build a stadium once the whole process has been completed.

Wizards were a marvel to watch in their debut league season but failure to win games saw them registering four wins hence anchoring the standings with the said points.



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  2. Haha welcome to chipiku where tili ndi achina stoke city akumalawi achina nsudwe ndi azinzawo

  3. What a team been relegated? Experience mataz, plz ma coach kumamvelako ena, we know kut u were good players,but u cant be good coaches.

  4. No mathanyula no donor support if a club dont relocate to another city no sponsorship sheeee tili pamavuto basi poti kapolo sakwiyan nanga mutani a mponda kungopita kuli msipu wobiliwilawo kukana kutuwu pa malawi

  5. Definitely Peter Mjojo Mponda and his fellows have no option but to admit, though its not good enough coz out of their expectation. In addition to that, there’s also money (chithumba), remember money talks in avery thing

  6. Auzen aphwetekesa akochi apeter mponda ndi chinsungu cha std 4 mafana alibhoo pa ground mzelu sochinha amponda alibe koma divending phofunika abwelere kumene akayambirenso.

  7. Remove Peter Mponda first. He is a fuckin whore and can take the boys to another team. Komanso ma sponsors mwati ndinu aza irrigation? Osagula mapayipi bwanji?

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