ESCOM angry with continued vandalism


Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) has urged the general public to work hand in hand with the parastatal as it strives to eradicate vandalism.

This comes in the wake of an increase in cases of vandalism of Escom property across the country, a setback in the corporation’s dream of achieving power all day, every day.

In an interview with the local media, one of Escom’s senior managers, Peter Mtonda said citizens have a role to play in helping the corporation achieve its objectives. He said that vandalism complements environmental factors in bringing negative effects to the country’s power supply.

Hit by vandalism.

He said: “Yes, citizens have a role to play, working hand in hand with us in curbing vandalism.”

The call comes amidst the energy supplier’s failure to perform to people’s satisfaction which has subjected it to heavy criticism from consumers. The persistent blackouts which show no sign of ending soon have largely brought the country’s sole electricity supplier under fire.

Escom claims that a drop in water levels in Lake Malawi has contributed to power problems in the country. As announced four months ago, a change in the condition probably after the rains will stabilise the situation.

However, there are fears that things may not get back to normal sooner as expected following revelations that Escom will from January, 2016 be providing only six hours of electricity at night. This is because upgrading of the country’s hydro-electric power stations will be going on both at Nkula and Tedzani.



  1. Has vandalism become ESCOM’s new invention of excuses? ESCOM just doesn’t have the people who knows what the system demands.

  2. Msanamzle kt vandalism ntchto mmaylemphera kale zakape vandalism yachan alyz on ad off z it vandalism msatnyase a escom mmaona ngat zmatsangalasa!!

  3. Electricity supply ndiye itiyo imeneyi???????? ndikudziwa a power-cut supply of Mw basi.. kuwaberadi amenewa .. palibe chaphindu akupanga masiku ano

  4. mxiew!!!! abe, asabe chimozimozi mmene munayambila no improvement ur services r going down each passing n u alwz try to create lame excuse, u r the failurers fullstop

  5. Chikupangitsa ndikuthimathima kwa magesi,ife2 sitikwiya kutha kwa mwezi timalipira zimabilu zomwe mumatipatsa ngakhale tisakugwiritsa tchito magetsi anuwo.

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