Chilima hits back at activists

Saulos Chilima

…Mutharika forces him to apologize 

Malawi’s Vice President Saulos Chilima has hit back at accusations made by Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) as well as Chancellor College political analyst, Mustapha Hussein, who criticized President Peter Mutharika for sidelining the vice president on international engagements.

The accusations by CCJP have boiled the sour relationship Chilima has been having in the armpits of Mutharika and has forced Chilima to apologize.

Since Mutharika rose to power, he has been delegating cabinet ministers to go on foreign trips while leaving out his vice.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima with President Mutharika have ‘not been in terms’

In a press statement released by the office of the vice president, Chilima assured Mutharika that the reports were aimed at bringing hatred between the too.

It further claims that the few international trips the country’s veep has had have saved the already struggling economy far more than expected.

“The logistics for the Vice President’s trip involves a lot and consumes more financial resources, and therefore, it would not be wise for the public to always expect that when His Excellency the President is not traveling then the Vice President should travel because doing so would be defeating the very same purpose of austerity measures which the government is embarking on.

“The Vice President finds this allegation unfortunate and premised on hearsay, intended to spread mischief, and spark disaffection in the cordial relationship that the two enjoy,” reads part of the statement.

He called upon different developmental partners to join hands in uplifting the country’s condition urging them to prevent sensationalising issues that can bring sabotage.

Reads the statement: “We would like to highlight that it is possible for the President and his Vice to work well together for the betterment of Malawi. We are not a doomed nation but rather a blessed one. The Vice President would like to appeal to the general public and other stakeholders to avoid sensationalizing issues at the expense of the nation. The Vice President would like the general public and all relevant stakeholders to be partners in national development as the nation looks forward towards a successful regime that is building a legacy.”

Since Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) under Mutharika came into power, Chilima has been on five foreign trips on government duty; three in 2014 and only two in 2015.

Minister of Foreign Affairs George Chaponda was recently delegated to India for the India Africa Forum Summit attended by over 40 heads of state.

Mutharika also sent Minister of Trade and Industry, Joseph Mwanamvekha as leader of a team of other ministers to Beijing, China from October 10 to 12, 2015.



  1. CCJP is no small organisation, neither Hussen is a small child these people they know what they are talking about..they have evidence to prove their claims and we Malawians have eyes and seen what is happening. No matter how much you can hide it mr vp it will still come out..This how it starts

  2. History tells us all. Has Malawi forgotten how two VPs were being treated by the late Bingu? Chilima MUST expect more than this.

  3. VP is a level-headed man.Dont drag him into alkward position. While being a VP does not give guarantee to be next president, Chilima deserves the position in 2024

  4. So whats new even the previous presidents they are also sideline the vice president its politics angoyamba chake chipani basi

  5. kkk abale anthu ena kufuna kudanitsa ngati uli moto ukumuotcha pathupi lake aleke kuumva yekha mukaumve inu anthu achete?

  6. Pali Anthu Ena Mmalawi Muno Amene Sakodwa Akaona Anthu Akukhala Mwantendere Amafuna Asokoneze Basi. Ngakhale Satana Amadabwa Nawo Chifukwa Amamuposa Kuipa Mtima. Tawasiyeni Anzanu Ayendese Boma. Mwatumidwa?

  7. In Malawian politics, the best thing to do is to apologise even if it’s true. It was obvious that he was being sidelined until it was brought to light. It maybe true that a VP’s trip requires a lot, but not as much as the cost of a village size delegation to UNGA.

  8. Mbuzi za anthu izi zikaphanda books kwambiri zimadzitenga u political analyst kwambiri,,,osamangophuzitsa ku chancoko bwanj kapena kusiya ndikyamba ndalezo,,,CCJP mmmmm ai ndi2 coment #reserved

  9. Malawians know the truth even if you try to cover it up. Time will come when the very same mouth which is opposing views and observations of CCJP will accept the realities.remember Bingu vs Chilumpha.the problem mr vice presdent,you are not a politician,so you cant read what is happening around you.remember in every noise there is some sense.dont just regard what CCJP and others have said as only nonsense.whether your ears like to hear it or not mr vice president,this is DPP,glooming of someone for 2019 is truly taking place.have the eye of the eagle you will see far.silence is golden,you could have remained cool,and let Jappie and George do the work,press conference,imean.

    1. i believe you dont know SKC ukanati uzimuziwa uyu veep ukumunenayi sukadalemba khoko zakozi. he has rose to the heights you cant even test and you stand to brain wash hahaha think kasanu before you comment….

  10. Akuona ngati akakhala chete Pitala amuona ngati ali mbali ya CCJP kapena Hussein. ‘Politics’ by Malawi’s definition!

  11. Anthu ena amakwiya akamamenyeredya ufulu pa chinachake,ndpo amalusa amaesa ngat ingamuthere vephi,iyetu alibe problem.

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