Pittance salaries fueling corruption among Malawi cops.

Malawi police

Malawians say poor welfare of police officers is the drving force behind corrupti practices that the cops get involved in.

According to a report by the Pan-African research network, Malawian law enforcers have been named to be the most corrupt in Africa.

The report named ‘People and Corruption: Africa Survey 2016’ states that Malawi is one of the countries in which police officers receive bribes to “ignore crime”.

Reacting to the development through our Facebook page, Malawians have blamed authorities over salaries described as pittance given to the law enforcers.

police malawi
Malawi police officers receiving poor incentives.

“The reason behind all this is, we don’t consider their welfare, imagine they sleep in poor houses, they receive very little as salaries, if you want corruption to stop take these issues into consideration,” said Maggie Sundu.

Another Facebook user Chip Cayanzer said: “How can the police stop corruption if they getting chicken change as salaries.”

While Lawrence Kings Benjamin Tsamba said: “Their money is not enough how they can make a living?”

The commentators further urged authorities to consider some challenges that have rocked the security sector as a way of fighting corruption.

Apart from receiving bribes, Malawi police officers are on record to have had a hand in some robberies that have terrorised the country.

Notable cases include the mysterious robbery of over K500 million at Mzuzu Standard Bank branch in which one police officer has been implicated, the theft of K6 million at Colony Casino where three cops were arrested, and the stealing of K1.7 million in Kasungu.

36 thoughts on “Pittance salaries fueling corruption among Malawi cops.

  1. Here its too much # mr dominic yo point is not true’ if south african police was too much corrupted i think there was no foreners in south africa’ this we are compere with malawi. 1- malawi police can arrest you for no reason & they lock you up -if you wants realese man amafuna ndalama koma sunalakwe’ whille south african police they dont do that’ & a latter of reelease they make themselve. While here usweratu.in rsa kumangokhala kuthokoza 10 or 20rand singamafike mpaka ku 30 ooo kwacha ai.same in tanzania they just want soda’ am not just say this by guessing noo iwaz there for several years.theres malawi’ mozambique’ dr congo ‘ this places are victims of corruption among policemen.

  2. pse learn to talk sense.were mphwiyo and friends getting pea nuts? the police are on a gvt scale like all others on that scale.its only that they are feeble minded and don’t care about the gvt, and the gvt is in a comma.

  3. It’s not because of poor salaries, no. What about here in South Africa police officers are doing the same thing, can we say South African police officers are having poor salaries too? So you mean the amount equivalent to reserve bank?

    1. Malawian Police recieves less than K50 pin while RSA police recieves R15000 which is a half million plus of Malawian Kwacha,let’s accept that they receive less payments

  4. Salaries shouldn’t be an excuse for this bad police behaviour. Everybody know there’s not much salaries in the police, they new there’s no much money in the job they applying for . Even if you raise there salaries this behaviour won’t die, something has to be done. This is a serious problem.

  5. dats a lame xcuse. all civil servants get pea nuts. that shud never be accepted. wht if everbody can resort to corrutiobbcoz h/sh z getting little?

  6. There is no poor salaries in police department, only that kumene akugwira ntchitoko mayeselo amakhalako ambiri,,,chifukwa anthu omangidwawo ndamene akuyambira kupeleka chiphuphu pofuna kumasulidwa mesa ambiri omangidwa amakhala achuma chawo…kodi Nkhoswe mkaphatikiza ndintadza chimachitika nchani??

  7. The ruling govt of the day do this deliberately so that the police should be dancing to their tunes. It’s really sad to see a grown up officer who had gone through training receiving peanuts like our police officers as salary. If the govt is serious about eradicating corruption, then it should start with giving our police personnel good salaries. Apo biii, ziphuphu sidzidzathaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Authorities ignore the truth because they receive more plus more allowences.Let them ignore the welfare of cops and embrace corruption and crimes

  9. In considering the welfare of wa kapokola, teachers shouldn’t be exceptional [[weedicon]]

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