Roman Catholic Church calls for dialogue on gay rights

Fr Henry Saindi

The Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) has called for dialogue so as to resolve the controversy surrounding minority rights in the country.

The call follows the arrest of two gay people, Cuthbert Kulemela, and Kelvin Gonani in the capital Lilongwe.

Following the arrest, United States Ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palmer, and Human Rights Watch condemned Malawi government for arresting the couple.

Palmer further urged government to drop charges leveled against the couple arguing that the country must make good on its international human rights obligations.

Fr Henry Saindi
Fr Henry Saindi; Dialogue will help.

Commenting on the matter, ECM general secretary, Father. Dr. Henry Saindi, said dialogue can help to solve the controversial issue in Malawi.

“Our laws should be respected on top of that our culture should be considered, but if we are to change our laws, that will be upon having a dialogue but as far as Catholic Church is concerned we can’t change our faith and teaching,” said Saidi.

Meanwhile, Malawi’s Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale has said government is yet to make a decision on the matter.

ECM is the permanent institution of the Bishops of Malawi whereby, according to the norm of law, jointly exercising the functions in view of promoting the greater good which the Catholic Church offers humankind, through forms and programmes which are fittingly adapted to circumstances of the time and place.

246 thoughts on “Roman Catholic Church calls for dialogue on gay rights

  1. I told u all these nasty things evil s cming frm Vatican human rghts issues, gayism, illuminatism are elements of New World Order or world gvt to be headd by Ppe himself. Our laws are straight forward why dialogue?

  2. I told u all these nasty things evil s cming frm Vatican human rghts issues, gayism, illuminatism are elements of New World Order or world gvt to be headd by Ppe himself. Our laws are straight forward why dialogue?

  3. yu ideot people,,waint and you will see what comes next,kumapanga za ugeyi ,God was not full to creat male and female.He creat aspace in female body which is avagina and he creat along erected part which apenis to fill the whole in female.He creat mouth to b filled wth food,the eyes to b filled images,the ears to be filled wth words.So inuyo lengani anthu anu azipanga za gay right. Am agree wth him.Busturd!

  4. Is there anyone who do not know what Gaysm is?? Is there anyone who doesn’t know who Malawians are?? Fuck up the Dialogue. We don’t want gaysm in Malawi thats open.. No need for dialogue.

  5. For the fact that its not compousory i see no evil because even the bible gives us the freedom to choose.examine yourself before coming to conclusion!

  6. How can you call for a dialogoue a thing which God does get pleased off?? Roman Catholic what is your stand on the Gays and Lesbians??

  7. Gay or no gay,I hope no group should impose its recognition on the other. Practise what you are & let,”only” God be the Judge. Rich nations stop meddling with the affairs of poor nations.We’ve many issues to address not gaysm.

  8. Gay or no gay,I hope no group should impose its recognition on the other. Practise what you are & let,”only” God be the Judge. Rich nations stop meddling with the affairs of poor nations.We’ve many issues to address not gaysm.

  9. Homosexuality is as old as mankind… Gay people will continue to be born everyday regardless of our convictions… So we may as well sit back, relax and enjoy the diversity….. There’s no way someone’s private life can affect another’s religion… Those that oppose same sex unions do so because they “hate” homosexuals , and they use religion to justify their hatred…. Hehehehehe…. “Hate” is a phenomenon that is unAfrican here, neither is it religious in anyway…..

  10. What dialogue? Nonsensical idea; I didn’t expect someone belong to a church coming with a nonsense like this. Homesexial must fall because is a demonic lifestyle. I hate this smelling behaviour .

  11. Remember Roman is a gavernment not a church thats why they talk earthly things Look now they have their own bible not the holy one,The one so called papa is their god.Oh GOD THE END IS NEAR!

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  14. Kodi Mesa azunguwa amaztenga kuti ndiozndikra?koma nanga mzeluzo zili pati pamene akukakamira kuti andevu okhaokha kapena amabere okhaokha azikwatrana satanism basi.Amalawi tiyeni tisapusitsidwe ndi azunguwa chifukwa cha chuma chawo paja amati chiyambi cha mavuto ndi mtendere & khulupiliran kuti tsiku lina tidzaoloka.

  15. Check your language wen commenting. You may intertain the devil instead of giving contructive ideas. Lets jus sa No to gay issue in our land. Period

  16. Kodi Inu Aroman Cathorics Mudiuze Zoona Apa Awa Mumati Ma Brothers &sisters Ndiye Kuti Ndi Ma Gay Ndi Ma Lesbian? Nanga Mukuwayikira Kumbuyo Bwanji? Zimene Mulungu Sangakondwere Nazo

  17. A catholic kodi mwatani?kodi mmunda WA Eden Adam adamulengera mamuna mzake?Tsopano izi zikuchokera pati?kapena Hava uja ndi mamuna?This is bullshit.Konseko kutengeka ndi Ndalama?Catholic mukufuna mutiuze Chani?Are u praising God or Devil?Nanga chifukwa Chani chala chikumaloza inu nthawi zonse,nchifukwa ninji mukumafulumila kukaima pa chulu

  18. Catholics can talk the way they wanted,,,i hope many pepole knows that catholic is not a christian church,full of idols,,full of lies,,more over they dont follow bible

  19. Sometimes the people we call they know God the actually dont know God i remember uncle Nicodamus did not know what it means to be born again. Others seems to do God’s work when you see them but they do Satan’s work and busy paving other people’s way to paradise. Let the grow together we shall see at harvest time. There is nothing to defend. Defending evildoers.

  20. Fr Henry, you do not come to s round table for dialogue in a sin. A sin has no space for discussion.

  21. Vuto la amalawi mwazolowera kutukwana,vuto lanu ndichani inu muli ndi azikazi anu ndichisankho chanu,chokwatira mkazi enawo asiyeni apange zawoo basi.Chifukwa chakhalidwe lanu lokonda zotukwana,mmatukwana ndi zabwino zomwee.Kodi FB yinabwelera kuti mdzitukwana basi.APM akayankhula kuwatukwana.SHAMEE on you all.


    1. You guyz you dont knowt what your talking kodi mukati malawi ndi dziko lowopa mulungu mene mukutukwaniramo tzikugwiridza ndikuopa mulungu.asiyeni amipingo akambirane bcz mulunguyo polenga munthu amene muti gayyo anadziwa kuti adzankhala gay bwanji sanapange zoti atsabadwe chifukwa baibulolo limanena kuti ndinakudziwa utsabadwe.apa zigotsonyeza kuti youre not christian and simuwerenga baibulo ndipo baibulo simumalidziwa mulungutu anali atadziwa kudziko lapatsi lidzafika pa point imeneyi.asiyeni ma gay zili kwa iye otsankha chimenechi kodi ndit ana anu kapena akazi angati akumulakwira mulungu pa dziko la malawi chifukwa chovala ma trouser. Ku deterenom baibulo limakana mkazi kuvala chovala cha mamuna nanga anyamata mukumavala ma blouse asiye ma gay chimo laiwo silanu kamaso go deeper wf your living style mufune mutsafune mulungu adzaweludza dzikoli mutsanyoze mpingo wakatoli kapena munthu apa kutero kokhako youre not god fearing. Ena mwatchura za muthalika munadziwa bwanji ndiye kut inu munapanga naye that my question bcz munthu sukamba chomwe ulibe umboni

  23. In Islam thus is a straight forward issue. All those engaged in homosexual are given capital punishment.palibe nthawi yokambirana

  24. what a dialogue for?its the acts of the devil.a normal human being cannot do that. let them have their rights but God will punish them.why are we wasting our time for such nosense.Malawians are facing alot of difficulties.i thought the church would have come with ideas on how Malawi can come out of these problems.

  25. Akatolika usatana wanuwo kapangileni kwanu ku Rome, mmangobisalira mu dzina la mpingo muli asatana achabe chabe, koma ndiye mwasocheletsa a Malawi ambiri ndipo Mulungu adzakulangani

  26. Zimenezo kuno ayi nzeru zopusazo mwazitenga kut anthuni mungot za u gay nonse amene mukulimbikitsa zimenezi kut tikuyendeleni mmakwanumo timva kut muli ndi amayi anu kmanso bambo anu tsono iwowo anali opanda nzeru kapena opusa ?Mulungu analenga adam,ataona kut akupelewela muzinandizina anapanga mkazi kuchokera mwa iye pogonetsedwa tulo kwakanthawi ndipa mkaziyo anali hava tsono inu zokwatilana anthu ofanana ziwalozo mwazitenga kut?Ngat zili zapansi panyanja ndingot mulungu akukatheni koposa ndikosalekeza, holy ghost fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Mmmmm gayz zinazi tiyeni tizingoziona tingangocimwa nazo,ndimmene amuyikapoyi kodi nkukhala mtsogoleri wacicatholic ameneyi sikungofuna kuyipitsilana mbiri kumeneku olembanu lembaniko zoona osamangoti popeza mwapatsidwa ndalama gwelo lake ticimwa nazo

  28. Pomwe tikudziwileni kuti zipembedzo zanu si zipembedzo zoona ndipamenepa Mulungu amene mumampembedza si wa Nowa ndi Lot Abraham , lsaac , ndi aneneli onse a Mulungu ayi , koma ndinu opembedza Satana ,

    Tikudikilani timve ,

  29. Yemwe atabvomeleze adulidwe mma Sacrament chifukwa ndi kunyozetsa Umunthu womwe Chauta adalenga. Zitsiru ndiwotenga nawo mbali pokwanilitsa tchimo limeneli ngati Satanic agent.Ngati mupanga ndikubvomereza chanu kulibe kumwamba kwanu ndi ku Gehena ndipo Simukalowa ku Paradiso!

  30. In the early 16th century, the Catholic Church was engaged in stupid practices and the result was “reformation” and this led to “protestantism” This gayism that they support will have its own effects. Believe me or not!

  31. You Malawians remember God is a good judge and also take NOTE of this we wll all judged by God one day….Dziko la Malawi siligwiritsa ntchito Malamulo a umunthu amagwiritsa ntchito Malamulo a ma rights …..Kodi anthu omwe amagonana akha okha amalakwira ndani? Mulungu or munthu…? PSALMS 37 VS 1 -20..

  32. Roman Catholic Church and Anglican are devils, they always support homosexuality Why? There is no dialogue. No z No. Is there any sense to sleep n have sex with ur own brother/sister? Nonsense!!!!! Disgusting!!! God will punish u for that.

  33. don’t regalize this shit. we don’t want it at all. kodi mukuona ngati Mulungu adamwarira, no longer exist in this universe, nowadays u r no longer God fearing people but western super power fearing people?

  34. Ooh! Shame on you! Paja makatolika ndimasatanic chipapa chanucho chikakuwonongesani tu! Follow what the bible saying, not that pope.

  35. ntchimo lina lililose pamaso pa Mulungu ndilofana,bwanji mukutenga ngati ili la u gay nde lalikulu,anthu okumpha inu,ozikonda inu,asankho, a cashgate inu.

  36. Before you comment guys let’s here what the catholic said on this issue…u r busy insulting the catholic church cause of a simple heading (dialogue) but have u listened to the whole interview??? How can you express your unger to the whites …is it thru the Facebook or dialogue…it is thru this dialogue that we can express who we are and wat we don’t want….but u r just busy insulting the church….do u think ur comments here on Facebook will carry weight …..???

  37. Even me as Malawian citizen I say no gay marriage in our country. Mr president becareful with NGOs who saying nonses about this issue. It is not high mountain to say. Every country has got constutions, so dont allow western people to change our nation. They said no aid so now they become much wise on this. You catholic, we have so many problems in our country, why dont you sit and discuss the ways of dealing with these problem?

  38. Amalawi umbuli eeeee dzuka malawi iwe dzuka ,mumangomvera zilizonse basi ,….. Umphawiwu usatipangise kulowa nazo satanism

  39. Timawerenga sungatunamize , ndi nthawi zanyengo zomaliza , satanism yonseyi pope you are pretending to be good yet u are devil yourself , satana iwe ife zakozo ai ,kut dialogue zachamba et

  40. What is it for, u js want allowances? no need for it coz everybody knows same sex marriages is sin. we better suffer with this financial challenges we are entangled in!!!

  41. Guyz Roman Cathoric meaning wat?dat is not church of Christ wich we r knwing those are Ruminant and kwaineyo sindiri wodabwa..koma kodi mamuna nzako ungamupanirire motani kuti mpakana uvoke eish!!masiku wosiriza awa..

  42. Please don’t bring God’s punishment to God’s fearing nation.Remember that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed due to this immoral behavior

  43. Let America and Germany do what ever they want to do to malawians but we must still stick to JESUS CHRIST and die for him.JESUS said,’whoever,shall loose his life because of me,shall get it back and whoever, wants to save his life by ignoring me, shall loose his life.

  44. Paja amsembe eeeeeeeti,,,,,,,,,, zochitaka zawo brother, brother sister, sister uku mukumaponderana kkkkkkk ok now ikno.

  45. tizikambilana zopusazi?bwanji osakambilana za AIDS,njala,medikal drugs,education,agriculture,za ma albino…all these r badly affecting malawi not za bloody money zanuzo…mupeze kokachitira nyasi zanuzi..ndisanveso mukukambapo pa nkhan imenei.mxiew

  46. I have only 1 question for them, why did God destroyed people of Loti? We don’t want God to punish us for tolerating this nonsense, God forbid. Tiyeni amalawi tiukanisitse mchitidwe umenewu chifukwa kuteleko Mulungu atilanga tonse.

  47. Nooooo Inu ana achilombo chokambidwa ku chibvumbulutso musalakwitse mtundu wa Malawi mukambirana chiyani? ana anu azikwatirana amuna okhaokha kapena akazi mukawuze mtundu wa kwanu zopusazo.Mulunguadawononga Sodom ndi Gomola chifukwa cha atchimo ngati ili. Ngati mwatopanayo ntchito ya Mulungu siyilani ena atumikire mukalowe kwa satana osasokeletsa anthu. Aroma Inu Be Careful dont promote satanism to dis country.

  48. The bible is vry clear plz dont add or subtract any coz GOD iz washing u you,they iz no diologue here pamaso pa MULUNGU palibe uchimo ochepa its the same do as the bible say.osaopa munthu amene amapha thupi koma mwinimoyo akuluakulu amipingo tisamale

  49. The bible is vry clear plz dont add or subtract any coz GOD iz washing u you,they iz no diologue here pamaso pa MULUNGU palibe uchimo ochepa its the same do as the bible say.osaopa munthu amene amapha thupi koma mwinimoyo akuluakulu amipingo tisamale

  50. Stupid christians, why calling for dialoque? U are near to fulfil what planed, sunday law n’ gay rights bt the owner of the earth will punish u soon

  51. A man will leave his parents and a woman will also leave her parents,together they’ll make one body,this is God wish and where do you take that evil idea of gay rights.its not surprising that catholics support this,remember that God will judge for this,you’re Pope have changed the biblical ten comandments and now you want our Malawi adopt gay rights.even dogs don’t are wise than you because they don’t don’t sleep with the same sex partner.for me I strongly say no gay rights in Malawi,we’re God fearing nation

    1. i didnt see any word that said catholic supports the gay thing go and check what the bishop said properly dont accuse or the #catholics

  52. Mwati Roman Catholic Church yaitanitsa nkumanowo? Kkkkk A Hole Faza awo adavomela kale ndiye iwowo akungofuna awakope amipingo ina kuti avomelezenso…..Kaya Baibulo lawo limavomeleza ife ayi..what a Blasphemy before God

    1. I were reading a certain web page yesterday on internet. it stated clearly the hidden acts which are happening on this earth and the plans are about to come out to the public. what you shud know is that there is connection between america and the catholic church mainly on devilish things like this. i thnk everybody is aware of the plan of making the whole world one. this wil be achieved by reducing the world’s population through world war3 which has already bn agreed and signed by Obama and poppe is involved in the plan. henceforth, they want to promote all evil acts on the earth through this international agents like UN, WHO, WB(world bank), IMF. and no wonder our APM, had received that money through IMF with that condition of promoting gay here in malawi. that’s it! be awake malawians. World War 3 is to happen!

  53. No dialogue please!!!!!! no same s**x marriage in Malawi.If we said no,so what, a dialogue do you want to hold? You catholic members please be loyal to your living God.Don’t choose money to be your God.If your president Papa says yes to this act uit can simply shows that you are all members of satanic family.

    1. Fedas, what do u understand by the term “Dialogue”? too little information is poison. Don’t comment on what u don’t understand lest yo astray the world!!!

    2. I dont trust these Episcops anymore. The catholics now seems on the side of money. I remember the speech of pope Francis saying he is not a God to judge the gay system knowing the fact he was on UN side. No dialogue for this.

    3. dialogue encompasses alot so if u say no to dialogue i think u r stupid and a non-follower of things,,, and concluding that all catholics are members of satanic church???,,, u r just paranoid and commiting a fallacy,,, u dont hav info my frends so just stay quiet as if u r laying eggs while u r figuring out things and comment afterwards not your stupid, silly and paranoiac comments!!

  54. Ambuye Yesu ananena kuti musiyeni nansongole ndi tiligu zikulile limodzi mwambi umenewu unabwela chifukwa chakuti nansongole ndi tiligu ndi mbewu yofanana mawonekedwe utha kuzula tiligu kumawona ngati ukuzula nansongole nchifukwa panabwela mwambi umenewu ndiye amipingo zisiyeni kuweluza ndi kwa mwini namalenga basi akapsya okha

  55. Why dialogue? Dey don’t know wat bible say concernin dat? Why dey r goin around da bush instead of hittin a nail on da head? #mwapanga_bwanji_atsogoleri

  56. nthawi zambiri ndinu ampingo wa Catholic amene mumatsogolera kuyambitsa zoipa mdziko lathu lino.No wonder mudzaonongedwa pakudza kwa YESU CHRISTU.You Are Always On The Forefront Mumayankula Ngati Wopembedza Chonsecho Yesu Mudamukana Kale.Mumayankhula Ngati Chinjoka (mdyerekezi).Ndikudikira Kudzaona Chionongeko Cha Babulo Uyu.

    1. Ukunama! ndikuuze ngati ungataye nthawi kumanena zamipingo ina dziwa kuti chikhristu chako ndichakufa. Mulungu amamva pephero lamunthu wolungama osati wa church ayi!

    2. Eya! Ngati Nyansi Zosafunika Kwambiri Pamaso Pa Yehova Ukafufuza Bwino Upeza Kuti Ndiampingo Umenewu Amene Analimbikitsa Nyasizo.

    3. Helbert Ngati Mipingo Ikuphunzitsa Anthu Ake Mosemphana Ndi Bible Tinganene Kuti Anthuwo Akapulumutsidwa??
      Sindingakudabwe Pakuti Utha Kukhala Mmodzi Mwa Amene Amanamizira Kumudziwa Yesu Koma Mudamukana Kale.Nthawi Zonse Kumaoneka Achipembedzo Kuma Mphamvu Ya Yehova Mudaikana Kale.Shame On Everyone Who Backs Up With The Roman Catholick Church’s Fake Teachings.

    4. pali prophency lomwe lidakwaniritsidwa 2014 mwina sukudziwa udziwe! kaya ndiwe wa mpingo wanji mukukhudzidwa chifukwa amipingo yonse atsogoleri adakumana mkukambirana mpake udamva kuti a CCAP nawonso adavomereza maukwati amtunduwu!

    5. Ndizo Nyansizo Mipingo Imayenera Kuphunzitsa Anthu Ake Kunyasa Kwa Mchitidwewu Pamaso Pa Yehova! Anthu Akumupembedza Satana Podzera Mumipingo Ngati Wakatolika Ndi Ana Ake Ngati A CCAP ndiwonse amene ndi a mipingo ya chipentecostal.Nthawi Zonse Anthu Akumumvera Mdyerekezi Kudzera Muzinthu Zotchedwa Ufulu.Mudzathedwa Nonse Ndimaufulu Anuwo.

    6. #Helbert ukufuna utanthauze kuti zokwatirana amuna okhaokha kapena akazi okhaokha mukugwirizananazo inu akatolika? Tandiyankhe! Mwalo moti mpingo wanu uziphunzitsa choona chenicheni mukulembana ndikubagira homesexual kodi mulungu wanu ndiuti tandiuze? Komaso ukuti tsungamatsuke kunena zokhuza mulunga apa coz ndi pagulu kodi mulungu anati mawu amulungu muzikambirana mumdima eeh? Shame on u catholic.

    7. Ngati akatolika afuna kulimbikisa anthu pa nkhani iyi nde ndimasatanic, iwo ngati mpingo amagwiritsa ntchito baibulo lanji. Shame on you Roman catholic

    8. Ndine wa ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH udziwe komanso palibe mpingo ungandinamize padziko lino lapansi coz ndikudziwa chilungamo ndinso Mulungu wanga amene andikonda adandiuza za Roma umene amati ndimpingo wapamalo ponse. Pope number 6 ndiamene adaphatikiza chikhristu ndi satanic. Prophency idanena kuti mipingo yonse idzasokhana ku rome kudzakambirana zoti azigwirira ntchito limodzi ndipo kudzakhala kosavutj kuti mipingo yonse izikalamulidwatndi pope. Mu 2014 mwezi wa march pa 21-28 atsogoleri amipingo yonse adasokhana ku Rome kudzakambirana ndi pope. Muchaka cha 2014 mu NOVEMBER pope adauza akhristu akatolika kuti azimanga maukwati a amuna or akazi okhaokha and mpingo wa CCAP udanena mu 2015 mu OCTOBER. pope adagawiri mipingo yonse imene idasokhanayo thandizo la ndalama zopititsira patsogolo zitukuko za m’ma church awo. Ngati sudamve ungathe kundifunsa and ndidakuuza kuti ku inbox chifukwa ndimadziwa kuti anthu angathe kukhumudwapo apa. kuonjezera apo upange search sound from the hell! and 666.

    9. monga ine wang’ono kuyakha kwanga pamafunso ako ndiuku! Sindikunena kuth katolika ukuvomereza koma wamkulu wawo and si katolika yokha even machurch enawa. Iweyo ndiwe wampingo wanji? Mulungu wanga ndi yehova amene amandikonda koposa anthu onse. amene amandionetsa zaufumu wake ndi ulemerero wake! ndimakondwa mwaiye poti amandikonda.

  57. Zimenezo nzanyasi ayenera amangidwe basi amenewo Mulungu analenga mwamuna ndi mkazi kuti akhalire limodzi ngati banja osati mamuna ndimamuna mzake olo mutatenga baibulo from Genesis mpaka kumapeto simungapeze vrse ikuvomeleza zimenezo akulu ampingo bwanji mukupotokozekera kupompho? Njila yeniyeni mukuiona? Tsoka kwa amene akudziwa malamulo koma sakuwagwilitsa ntchito nakomedwa ndi za nziko lapasi zomwe zili zakutha

  58. I hope that dialogue will point to a solid stand of the Majority against such immoral behavior.
    Let all churches preach what is right before God and not entertain those messengers of devil for the sake of silver and gold.
    There is no way we can turn sins into rights! .

  59. The laws and cultures has to be respected however the issues of human rights has to be respected as well.Anyone got a belief of some sort and it is their right to do so regardless of whatever reasons that might apply.Only in dialoque that all this can be sorted out as a collective(nation)

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