People injured after heavy storm in Chiradzulu


At least 30 Malawians have been injured and 150 houses have been destroyed by strong winds in the area of Sub-Traditional Authority Maone in Chiradzulu district.

The rainy season is back.

Ward Councilor for the area, Alick Naphiyo confirmed about the accident in an interview with Malawi24 and said 13 of those injured are still receiving treatment at Chiradzulu District Hospital while others were treated as outpatients.

Naphiyo explained that the victims have lost most of their essential belongings and utilities. He added that some of the victims are residing in homes of relatives since they have nowhere to live.

“150 houses and two school blocks, Namithembe School and Luncheza CDSS, have been blown off.”

“People are in need of immediate response but as of now they have not received any relief. Currently office of District Commissioner (DC) is discussing with well-wishers to help the victims,” said Naphiyo.

The victims are in need of food, kitchen utensils, and plastic paper for construction of temporary shelters.

35 thoughts on “People injured after heavy storm in Chiradzulu

  1. Let Virginia Palmer and her two brothers, Ambassador for Germany and High Commissioner for GB, talk hard on this REAL issue. People thought to be of high repute who have no respect for God’s gift. Culture is a human rights issue.

  2. this is not unusual thing, it happens which is why u call it storm it has ever been exist from the prehistorical time. if is getting worse which means is due to climatic change, deforestation.

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