Man commits suicide over village bank money


After getting tired of accusations that he swindled village bank money, 35 year-old Malawian Donfore Simkonda has committed suicide by hanging himself to his kitchen roof in Nkhatabay.

Death hangingPolice publicist for the district, sergeant Ignatius Esau, told Malawi24 on Friday that the deceased was a treasure for Chimwemwe Village Bank in the district and was entrusted to keep over MK616, 580 for the group.

However, when group members inquired about the money from him earlier this week, they realised that about MK79, 390 was missing.

“He was pressurized to explain how the money went missing. Some group members suggested that he must refund the money because they wanted to share as agreed,” said Esau.

This distressed Simkonda such that he couldn’t even catch some sleep and have fun with his wife at home as usual. His wife, Rutty Kayange, got nervous as well at the condition his husband was in.

“They were sleeping but around 1 AM, the wife was surprised to realise she was alone on their bed. This made her to search elsewhere for him and to her shock, she found her man hanging under the roof of their kitchen,” added Esau.

She rushed to report the tragedy to Police who took the deceased to Nkhatabay district hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Postmortem results showed that he died due to strangulation. Simkonda hailed from Uladi village, Traditional Authority Timbiri in Nkhatabay district.