Increasing maternal deaths worry authorities in Zomba

Zomba Central Hospital


Cases of maternal and newborn deaths are expected to be reduced in Malawi’s old capital, Zomba as two organizations in the district have established a project that will provide maternity facilities in hospitals.

The organizations are Maternity Worldwide and Zomba Catholic Diocese Research and Development Department.

Zomba Central Hospital
Maternal healths in Zomba worrisome.

Speaking to the local media, Country Director for Maternity Worldwide in Malawi, Grace Makonyola, said the organization wants to encourage women to be delivering in hospitals.

According to Makonyola, deaths of pregnant women and newly born babies are increasing due to absence of hospital facilities.

“We are encouraging women to be delivering in hospitals by providing all the facilities that are required during delivery process,” she said.

Commenting on the issue, an official from Zomba Catholic Diocese Research and Development Department, Raphael Yusufu, urged policymakers and health personnel surrounding the community to bring awareness about effects of maternal deaths.

Statistics show that Malawi loses 400 women out of 100,000 live births.

Research has also indicated that lack of health equipment, lack of well-trained health personnel and long distances to hospitals are among some of the challenges fueling the increase of maternal deaths.

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  1. Malawi 24 I like this post this is what I can refer to as positive and balanced reporting. Nthawi zina timafunanso such stories osati zoopsa zokha zokha ayi. Thank you.

  2. It is a worrisome situation when we loose our loved ones. This issue is getting worse due to inadequate funds going to the minstry of health. i guess.

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