Mzuni FC survive relegation scrap


It is official. Mzuzu University FC have survived Malawi Super League relegation scrap despite losing 1-0 to Red Lions on Sunday at Zomba Community Centre ground.

The student’s survival means that they will be back in action in the country’s top-flight league next year effectively breaking the jinx which was seeing newly promoted teams from the Simama Northern Region Football League being shown the exit door of the TNM league at the first hurdle.

As of today, FISD Wizards have been dumped to the NSejjere Southern Region Football League after being mercilessly defeated 3-1 by Mighty Wanderers.

mzuni fc
Mzuni survive relegation scare.

Airborne Rangers FC were already off-loaded to the lower league, the Chipiku Central region Football League, to start all over again.

The remaining team to be ‘weeded’ from the Super League will either be Dedza or Epac FC. Mzuni Survival Analysis Currently, Mzuni FC lies on 11th position on the Super League log table and they have 29 points.

They are ahead of Dedza on goal difference. Mzuni will face Mafco at Chitowe Stadium in Dwangwa next week in their last game of the season.

Elsewhere, Epac have 27 points after they dramatically defeated Mafco by 4 goals to 3 on Sunday.

The two teams, Epac and Dedza FC, will face off next weekend at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe.

However, whatever happens in the Dedza vs Epac affair won’t affect Mzuni FC in any way. They are home and dry.

Here are the three possibilities

1. If Epac win and Mzuni lose against Mafco; it won’t matter. Epac will go above Mzuni FC but Dedza will take Epac’s place in the drop zone.

2. If Dedza win against Epac and Mzuni FC lose against Mafco; then Epac will be shovelled out of the TNM Super League to join Airborne Rangers in the Central Region Football League. But Dedza will simply go above Mzuni FC.

3. If Dedza vs Epac end in a draw; then Epac will be ejected from the TNM Super League as they will have 28 points.

From this analysis, one thing is coming out very clearly that the Epac vs Dedza FC game will be the game to watch this weekend as it is a sink or swim encounter for the two teams.

However, whatever result from this game will not affect Mzuni FC as the students have defied all odds to prove to all and sundry that they are not only trainable academically but also that they cannot be ‘weeded’ from the Super League.



  1. t was chirumba and kapolo who were fighting mzuni. without forgetting mike bango nd his tnm soccer show who did everything possible to disturb the simama league. next tym just do your job as reporter otherwise we disliked your everything.

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