Malawi Govt to continue rounding up street children

Malawi Patricia Kaliati
Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati; We are working.

Minister of gender, disability, children, and social welfare Patricia Kaliati says the campaign to remove street kids and beggars from the streets of the country’s towns and cities is an ongoing exercise.

According to Kaliati, her ministry will make follow up visits to make sure that the kids do not get back on the streets.

“We started in Lilongwe, Zomba then came to Blantyre. All we have to do now is to follow up if the kids we sent home to their parents are still on the street and if they are, their parents must be arrested,” said Kaliati.

For a long time, street kids have been affecting the members of the public and businesspeople as some of street kids are pickpockets.

However, commentators and other members of the public have been asking government to set a long term solution for the problem of beggars and street kids in different towns and cities of the country.



  1. Koma mp ameneyo athusamamuopa ine ndendichondiopya ukanyasa pawuda alibe mphamvu koma dpp mulibe malooks kuyambila leader bola chakwela

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