Pack up and go – US ambassador to Malawi told


…warned to take ‘Gay agenda’ with her as she goes

US ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer has been told to pack up her things and Malawi. This comes after she made comments on Facebook expressing her anger at the arrest of two men who were nabbed in Lilongwe for engaging in gay sex.

“As the US ambassador to Malawi I am closely following the December 7 arrest of two Malawian citizens who were charged with sodomy in violation of Section 153,” started the post of the US ambassador which has earned her the wrath of Malawians.

US Ambassador ordered to leave Malawi
Virginia Palmer ordered to leave Malawi

The ambassador went on to order the Malawi government to drop the charges and ‘resolve the unfortunate incident as quickly as possible’.

The comments by the ambassador however appear to have stirred the hornets’ nest as most Malawians commenting have out rightly disagreed with her while some have gone to the extreme of challenging her to pack her things and leave the country.

“Go to hell, there is a reason why others are male and others are women. If you can’t understand that then you can pack up and go,” commented Rusford Mtanga.

“Let Africa stand by its culture and not foreign. Respect Africa. Go and deal with your children who are killing others with guns,” commented Bennee Polela referring to the shootings that are rampant in the US.

“Pack your bags and go in peace,” commented Derrick Thengo, a part of his comment Malawi24 has edited.

The Malawi police on 7 December arrested two men in Lilongwe over their engagement in homosexual acts. It is said that they were forced to undergo some tests to determine if the two had gay sex.

Malawi remains a conservative society where homosexuality is punished by imprisonment. However, laws that punish homosexuality were suspended.

As we went to press, comments on the ambassador’s post had gone over hundred with most of them in disagreement with her while a good number urged her to go back home and take the gays with her.



  1. Madam ambassador please stop meddling with our internal affairs, the laws of Malawi are not ur concern, our leaders know the truth that if they support gay rights then they will commit political suicide, if they get money for activities like minority rights then, that is their problem, why are they not coming out clear on gay rights? Let us boot them out in 2019 and end all this nonsense of pleasing donors like Americans.

  2. When God created Adam ….he wsn’t a fool…then he decided to create Adam’s missing rib namely Eve….nt john pls …..Lord come to deliver us…

  3. If she is alesban she dnt knw hw swt is the penis its fine bt if she married to aman she must be stupid to coment like that and she is free to leave our beautiful country

  4. #Malawi24, are you telling us that govt has told the ambasador to leave? Kapena u hav got this from people’s comments on fb? Kodi munapita ma xool a journalism ake ati? Ma xool a pansi pa mtengo kapena? Be responsible

  5. Let us keep alert and stay calm this is our country no one can overpower us by bringing rubbish here due to our economic status. leave us alone

  6. Malawians if you so moraly good stop corruption, stop womanizing, stop excesses drinking, stop to go and stay and be illegal immigrants in other countries since you capable to be so independent. chase out the US embassy be left with Chinese not telling or adviseing you what to do.

    1. The government has not said anything with regards to the statement made by the American ambassador to Malawi. All you hear now are just views/reactions from ordinary Malawians. The government can not do that. Jas Blanche

    2. dont know why gov or police bothering what people do with consent with their bodies, if some one was raped by almeans charge them, Mozambique took of that gay laws and their is not more gays in moz now concentrate on corrupt trafic officers stealing ppl money every day

  7. Mmmmm let’s hv there dirty monies bt dnt say azipita coz american its nt Britain,let those wants gay or lesbinia they shld do it what we want z money coz ife ndife amphawi hate it or lov thus why we cnt do lyk mugabe..

  8. Azipita…..azungu amenewa asamatiyese ,chinthandizo sakutipatsa ndiye palibe chifukwa chomatinthandiza mzeru atilekere malawi wanthuyu timukwanitsa tokha,iya sondikufuna kuzaonongedwa ngati aja a mu sodom kaaaa apakile

  9. Years ago the same US was against gay marriages ,as of now they changed their nation laws ,giving freedom to equal marriages.As you can see the spirit of satanism is lingering in the heart of this peaple.meanwhile as a world power country they want to take advantage on this stupid gay satanic version to oppress poor countries like malawi .”tidalire mulungu osati munthu kukakhala kulemera ndi kwao.”

  10. Azipitadi kaya kuchipatala kusowa mankhwala ndichikhulupirilo mulungu atipezela njira ina, kusiyana ndikuthandizindwa koma malamulo ali ochuluka osationongere Africa anthu amenewa pliz Apm let her to go panyasa ndifundo zake zimenezo sakuyenela kukhalapo

  11. We Dont Want These Nosense Here In Malawi,you R Nt Suposd To B Here Gooo!! Rbbish And Let Me Remind U Correct These Two Guys So That They Cn Match With Ur Society.

  12. My fellow Malawians, let’s not listen to this woman, are donors not helping Malawi coz of these sodomites? Has ever any Malawian advised America to ammend their laws, why do they want to take advantage of our economic status and dictate us what to do with our laws? Please Americans learn to us respect Malawi as a sovereign country running

  13. Wakamba ati bwanji iyo mwana kazi wa kunja? So manje ife wanalume ndipange ukwati wabwanji tekhatekha, ok just because wa nandalama let her to speak this her freedom. Manje waoneka ndi wa satana chabe mmayi uyo so adzasila kuipa.

  14. Bingu did the same in 2012 sending the British envoy home many pple blamed him & I dont knw this time coz it is malawians doing this.Zinthudu zimakhala zolakwika akapanga wina koma ukapanga iwe zabobo.Now let me also make a comment on this,Mugabe already told you devlish Americas that we r not gay in Africa & thts final no dout bout that.If you think Africa is doing contrary to what u want then GO in peace.Malawi will not disobey God to bow down to you stupid whites.

  15. as a citizen of this country i do respect human rights and democracy But na chonyengana kumatakochi mmmmmh sorry i don’t respect even recognise it …take gay’s rights with you when you go

  16. Thats why we need united states of africa to live our own life ,leave black to be black whites to be whites this is africa our mother land ,Are they not wise enough to tell us what to do then at the end accusing our presedent of killing people this time around anyone going on the street becouse of this shit shoot to kill he is not a malawian we lived before withougt u and we are leady to face the challanges this is how it started last time and we loose life this time we are awake.

  17. one thing we should take not is that the Holy Bible tells us that in the End dayz Homosexual will be taking place. so as if she can be chased but it will come to pass surely. de Holy Bible tells us. not kuti ndikubakila virginia yo ayi!

  18. Respect the Laws of Malawi, you Americans, do not interfere with our penal code, it is for Malawian and not Americans, those arrested are Malawians aren’t they? They broke the law and they know their consequences, this time around even Ban Ki Moon will not have them pardoned, was Ku ndende basis.

  19. this stupid pple they tnk though we are poor then we can accept evry nosense things.we all hv enough agenda our ladies and men owez make one thing to build up Malawi. Snyder come to perish our life here. …….SAY NO TO GAY SEX

  20. Even dogs know what the natural use of their sexual parts. Our American friends are so unnatural they want to curb population by promoting gayism

  21. She jst has to go bcoz she cnt tel us what to do in our own house, these foolish laws they wnt to impose on us wont work, we are Malawians & we respect ourselves ,values are very important in a society

  22. Yes u are true dat Malawi does not belong to guyism but that has not come to apoint that you should chase an ambassador I wowo anthuwo anagwirizana awiri & then you arest them for what ? they are just exercising their human rights.

  23. Kodi a Malawi munakhala bwanj? Instead of telling her that such kind of things are not condoned,u r bzy insulting her…..kayaaa!

  24. Help Us Lord,we dont want to see what happened in soldom and gomorah,our God dislike same sex marriages and who are theyto say no to the arrest of this 2stupid malawians?she must go to hell with her silly stand.may God protect my mother malawi

  25. Guys what you must know is that these ppo are illuminat and satanisms,they put malawi under poverty so that they may find a way to bring nosens things in Malawi,they know that this is a trup,and some days tocome we will accept their satanic thing,

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  27. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sono akamapita atitengeleso malawiyu ziyenda?dekhan mukamalemba piliz chonde,olo ochokayo kut aone zalembedwaz angachoke?

  28. Yes we are a poor nation but will not sell our souls to your dirty ideology accept us the way we are or go and find some other place to spread your dirty Zionist teachings.

  29. Are Americans truly God fearing ppl cause God has forbidden for the same sex to have any sort of intimate relationship are they challenging God to say his wrong and they are right this is the Zionist at there best dictating over the world. Shame on you America keep your dirty ideology to yourselves.

  30. Tsopano Akalongeza Manyaka Akeo Mzimai Waziwandayu Ndemwati Atengenso Ndi Nyasaland Wathuyu???????? Ine Ndizasala Konkuno Sindikugwilizana Nazo Zopakila Ndi Nyasaland Wathuyi!!!!

  31. Apakile azipita basi usatanawo kwawo konko,tidzadalila mzungu mpaka liti mathanyula kuno ayi muzikanyengana ku matako konko ku Amerika kuno ndi 14yrs in HL, so babylon BEWERE….

  32. There is no one righteous .Not even one, Malawi is full of witches,wizards and thieves. You need to preach to these people that they should accept Lord Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour. Only then they will know that what they are doing is a sin.Christ came to save people like these. We should all repent and leave our sinful lives. Even what you are doing on this page is the same as sodomy.

  33. Mxi. The president is the only one wt constitutional powers to give the ambassador her matching orders and not some dude’s comments on facebook. This article is misleading. A lot like over the fence-gossip- yet everyone is all up in arms about it. Sad. Ignorance is bliss indeed.

  34. There is no one righteous .Not even one, Malawi is full of witches,wizards and thieves. You need to preach to these people that they should accept Lord Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour. Only then they will know that what they are doing is a sin.Christ came to save people like these. We should all repent and leave our sinful lives. Even what you are doing on this page is the same as sodomy.

  35. That’s her opinion and view,i don’t see any resulting to pack and go….she can’t change the law of Malawi. Let her be and do her diplomatic job…….remember she us not a Malawian law maker,she is US ambassador…. But my advice to Malawians is not to break the law of their land hoping that west should come in…..years back gay issues was a crime in US….and they respected it then never break that law,until this days when the law says its no longer crime . So Malawians should wait until the law says its no longer crime to be gay in Malawi. When Obama visited Kenya , Kenya president told him openly at the press conference that as of now gay issues is a crime to be discussed in Kenya. Infact in Nigeria is a crime to both persons and any one that take part to it. So Malawians let the ambassador stay after all she is not a what she says is not from

    1. Sh shuld pack & go since she z funding em & proclaim 4 thr rights xo lets stay focus & deal wt any1 who z taking part in fighting 4 da gay rights , one luv

  36. I repeat every malawian hate same sex marriages.those who were found doing it were not Americans.they r our brothers.let us nt be selfish.its amater of choice.whether a wrong its stil a Palmer.we love u. We cant leave without USA.these ppo saying nosese dot pay taxea.if things go wrong they r the first to critise the president.leave gay alone the r pple like u.

  37. thats good,if they think that we will suffer bcause ofd deneing they needs they r cheating they selves.please just stick to our laws.

  38. thats good,if they think that we will suffer bcause deneing they needs they r cheating they selves.please just stick to our laws

  39. Wayesa ali kwawo , this is too bad and has catastrophic results in the presence of God , idzipita nkhululu imeneyi . < point of collection : English has some inaccuracies , please improve , mpaka "pack up her things and Malawi " , This is trash >

  40. Zaukape muno mumalawi kaya unatumidwa ndi Obama ukamuwuze kuti fanzi yakumalawi ndiyokhwiya heavy. Don’t take advantage because of economic crisis kuti muzitilamulira ife tinayamba tapitapo kwanu makape inu kukapangilani Zochita? leave us alone

  41. Wow zili bho mesa akupakira ndi Malawi yemwe ndekuti ifeso tapakilidwa limodzi bcz tizakhala nkati mwa Malawi eeeh tizikakhala ku us ngati ka state pakokha kkkkkk

  42. Wherever Jesus goes he brings the reign of God, and where God reigns, the invisible powers of the universe in rebellion against him are banished and left powerless to do anyone ultimate harm…. Since believers are united with Christ, they share Christ’s victory over evil. Matt 8

  43. l totally agree with Palmer. Let those who want same sex do it and those who want haterosex do it. Why forcing a person to engage in a type of sex that he doesnt like? I support Palmer

  44. which z better swimming in the pool of poverty or lettingthe gays matter how hard u try but u can’t stop them and these guys seem to be sent by these as dor mi I see no problem watching them.otherwise we don’t want the sem troubles we faced in 2011

  45. Virginia Palmer and her president are so stupid. They musnt bring Westernlife to our beloved Malawi. We’re not dogs. We love our ladies, if they do it in the ass we, we dont. She must go!

  46. America” please don’t donate us we don’t need ur donation,We knew now that you take too much advantage of us just bcoz of ur donation. From today leave us alone we not gonna die just bcoz of ur stupid assist

  47. Woman!you betta leave our country in peace and don’t come back again to this land of ours,We don’t want a friend who will tell us what to do in our country it is better we suffer to day for a better tomorrow.We ask our Leader to let you go if you insist in this issue .BYE-BYE!

  48. LETTER TO WHITE MEN… ~ Dear white men, U asked us to wear coats under hot sun, we did; ~ U said we should speak your language, we have obediently ignored ours. ~ U asked us to always tie a rope around our necks like goats, we have obeyed without questioning. ~ U asked our ladies to wear dead people’s hair instead of the natural hair God gave to them, they have obeyed. ~ U said we should marry just one woman in the midst of plenty black angels, we reluctantly agreed. ~ You said our decent girls should wear catapults instead of the conventional pants, they have obeyed. ~ You asked us to use rubber in order to control our birth rate, we agreed….. ~ Now U want our MEN to sleep with fellow MEN & WOMEN with fellow WOMEN so that God would punish us like Sodom and Gomora? we say No!! We don’t agree with U this time! Proudly African, we say a huge NO to GAY relationships and LESBIAN. If U say NO to HOMOSEXUALS & LESBIANS

  49. Kusauka Kwa Malawi Kupangisa Kt Tizivomela Zilizonse,koma Nafeso Tili Ndi Malamulo Athu Nde Asalowelele Zikavuta Azipita Mulungu Atiyang’anila

  50. Tisamachimwe Chfukwa Chaumphawi Wathu,Tili Mmavutonso Kale Osati Mulungu Azilephera Kumva Mapemphero Athu Chfukwa Tikungochimwirabe,Azivayadi & azafa imfa yowawa!!!

  51. she wants to help evil? why not fight 4 some guys who were jailed with no valid reasons bt are thea bcoz they are unable to defend theirselrf???? pliz do not make us to put on evil as it has bn decorated in ur land as good.its evil here and its devish!!!!! we dont want it here.cant u undersatand??

  52. Am sure we understand what dis Man was trying to write,pls lets help him to became the better one,finish.
    Even if they donate,we still fight for living.6 & 9 is one thing,is only that it was twisted.she must get 24 hour to leave.

  53. SHE MUST GO!!!! sakudziwa kuti ife ndi okwiya timathangitsa eti!!!! ndi za ku mtuntu izi kkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! koma serious we cannot entertain such nasty here,,, go and get a life….. this z a God fearing country kulibwino tikhale ndi umphawi wathu womweu.

  54. chitsiru chmenechi ukamuuze obama wakoyo kti amalawi akana zonyengana amuna kapena akazi okhaokha wamva?? ?mwana wa mbunzi iwe

  55. & jesus said to them whoever haz never sinned before must be the 1st one to cast a stone onto her. u dinne with thievez, murderer & witchez. u glorify prostitutez. who’re u to judge gay pple. achidya maliro inu.

  56. take your sodomy to obama & tell him we are poor but faithful to God. we will rather remain poor but happy with our faith! leave before we ask achaakulungwa ku mulanje mountain

  57. Sorry madame Malawi is not for selo don’t take chases because of aware situation pliz givers good advice not bad advice your amother

  58. Kodi kape amene amalemba news za Malawi24 analowadi mkalasi? Each and every article ungawerenge the English is broken!!!! Disgusting!!!!!

  59. masiku omaliza, tilape machimo kubatizidwa mdzina la Yesu,ndi kulandila mzimu oyera! Tikatero tithawa mkwiyo wa mulungu watsoka nd okwanilitsa malembayo

  60. She must leave the country now. Malawi is a God fearing nation and belongs God not America,we don’t want unnecessary punishments from God in praising you

  61. Why do we worship American Idols. That is why Islamic States are terrorising them. If she hasn’t gone yet we must stone her to death. Did her open hole between her legs produced someone? If so, why is she pushing us to do this immoral behavior? Stupid. She must go.

  62. Remember it’s same president who signed the bonding pact between US and our little mother Malawi about human rights including homosexual activities to be free!!! its only remaining to be a law OTHERWISE this is politics citizens of blessed Malawi you will soon hear what is beneath the “cover chase”

  63. Shes just a fify maggot am sure, how in the hell can malawians support fucking in the asshole? worse most of a fellow man? have these gays and the rest that are supporting them have spirits at all? so stupid and nonse. chithupi cha amunafe mmene chimalimbila munja plus chithukuta chinukhilenji,cheya chobaya ngati singano mkhale chapatchafu nde wina azikamutchula swt,beb,honie? chibwano chinachita kusitha structure podzicheka ndileza popala u think God is blind to toralet that kind of nonsense,havent u head of men that wel panished in ancient sodom and gommorra before america come in? be careful whenever ure messing with GOD,either u belive in him or not.but he exists,am sure u have hed alot of testimonies sometimes.

  64. If I Were GOD I Wld Send Americano To Hell,hell Faya Sulpher Will Burn America Into Ashes…Osayamba Kaye Imwe Palmer Kuthanyulidwa Then Tell Us U Feel It Kenaka Nkumatiuza Kut Tayesan Nzokoma Koma Ngat Aliyense Akudana Nazo Including The Bible Itself Why Dont U Ask Ur Self Miss America,the Best Way Mai Mpama Is To Liv Mai Malawi As Soon As Jah Fire Comes…& Let Me Remind Her We’re Not Slaves At All Or ‘re We Still Slaves In Afree Country???4 The First Time I Saw Mai Mpama Ankaoneka Ngat Munthu But Nah Humanity In Him.Warning To Mai Mpama; If U Dont Knw Almighty God This’s Ur Time To Repent Coz U R In A Wrong Direction.

  65. they will alwez play us left and right until our president speaks his own mind about Gays as Kenya and Mugade did! osati adikira referendum, anene yekha

  66. # Alice Phiri that’s ridiculous …..even in real life situation doing things against order of nature is really ridiculous! These pipo must not hold us to a ramson at the expense of minority rights

  67. Kodi Hule Iwe Amuna Ako A Palmer Ndi Akazi.Usatitengere Kuntoso Ngati Njoka Wanva Nchwiiiiiiiiiiiiiii{ Apo Ndatsonya Dala} Kkkkkkk

  68. R u taking us lyk stupid people ? If dogs knows wat to do , so wat more a person who has the spirit ? Dont take advantage of our economic status to bring your nonsense here in our peaceful land Malawi .

  69. it is better to live in poverty than to be in homosexuality.. for palmer,, the sooner u go in america. the better the economy of malawi coz ur presence in malawi is a bad omen.. stupit person!!

  70. nw it simz dat malawi z reasoning on wat he has done 4 chezing palmer we r nt fools we r cools,lets kip our eyez open dnt blink plz asat pusitse anthu adyer amenewa.


  72. Munthu wakuba uyu bola garu? boma linapita ndi bakili basi chikamayangula ngati nyani atakutha chimanga kkkkkk sory ku malawi

  73. kill her and set an example that Malawi can’t accept ths sh*t…….kill her. ,,, let it be the messege to the white pigs and unto the world

  74. Africans we think we khw better but no__leave gays alone its their choice to fuck anus ,,am not a gay but u cant put someone in jeil for deciding what to do with his dick or pussy mesa bible limati dont judge

  75. Ndutenga ma Comment onse am putting on a CD anyone who coment on this post will recieve a copy of single disc wit o coments tommorow! My duty tonight is compiling all comments, goodnite to all who comment on gay marriege issue.
    Mugabe has given King swati hand on marriege.

  76. as she is going to USA let her proceed to hell. she is a stupid being met for zero purpose to malawians. when ur in Rome do what the Romans do. kuno ndiku malawi siku newyork or washington dc kwa mathanyula.

  77. I remember Dr H Banda thts why amakonda pa England pompa chifukwa amadziwa kuti America singaphindulire coz ndiyochuluka mzeru Palmer tikuti za umathanyula ife ai nkhalamba yopanda mzeru ngati iwe Umve basi ndiye usova 1+7=23 wow pack n go asowe foreigner ameneyo

  78. Mrs Palmer, we can only allow that here, if OBAMA agrees to sleep with COMRADE MUGABE, otherwise, please leave us ndiumphawi wathuwi mxiiiii….

  79. Manje marriege ya amuna manje si problem manje amarawi so.manje ur country izashuphika siteleki so.manje ndarama from donors mwaluza maningi.manje mukanachita accept so

  80. amalawi tatengeka kamba ka ndalama, tikumagulitsa umuthu wathu chifukwa cha ndalama bt remember one day we will going to die.

  81. Oooh!! Lord, do not forsake us,protect us from these satanic people.We are really sick and tired of a white man,why should they force us to do something that we don’t want?.We absolutely tired.

  82. Virginia u r so stupid,you want to turn Malawi as satanism country? Us as Malawians we will never ever let someone from out Mw to destroy our country. Wat u can do now is to pak ur things and go.

  83. You stopped giving us aid coz of cash gate and here we are with our Malawi, even if you continue withholding your aid coz of this gay issue we won’t give a dummy xweeee!

  84. Tell her to pack up Her things not wth our malawi da peaceful country in Africa…..hw can she pack malawi???where u think the citizenz(the owner of da Land) r going to stay huh?watch yo mouth……..we dnt want Mathanyula in M A L A W I…..Who do u think iz gonna sleep with women?we dnt want Gayz laa(Here)

  85. Africans are tired of American gospel of gayish Africans we have a lot of problems more than those rotten gays non you ever addressed but gay issue is to much for us That is european culture who dont believe in xtend families but we africans dont practice sodomy that is a great sin Americans imposes their culture on us even the president instead of telling our leaders abaut democracy bussy preaching gayish gospel which adds nothing to our developent

  86. Adzipita,kaya ndiumphawi ndiwathu,Malemba amati osunga moyo wake adzautaya koma otaya chifukwa cha iye(Mulungu) adzaupeza.

  87. Hey the us fatest pig what kind of stupidity u want to activate that never exist here in malawa, i think the right way is to pack ur nasty and go coz malawian do not condone nosense

  88. Nzimayi kodi iyeyu anakwatira ndi nkazi nzake? Ngat zitsalichochi bwanji akufuna kutionga ma young boys en girls ? Chisilu chamnthu nchimenecho

  89. If govmn wil riliz these idiots then mob justice wil be the only way out pothetsa nyasi zimenezi. Nde ndisamve kut “eeeeh, in my capacity az the presdent i hv pardon them” okhululukira akhakhakha amenewa atule pansi udindo coz amalawi tikuti ayi mathanyula nde wina asapange zofuna zake. Shupitttttttttt. Pack and go msanakupatse palmer.

  90. Plz may you kindly pack up and go peacefully. We don’t need you anymore coz you want to introduce Satanism in our beautiful country. Once again am saying go go go go go. Useless person hule wamkulu.

  91. S2p copying other pples culture,u are Chwaz,ntumbukz ,lomwez,yaoz,senaz,togaz,ngoniz not Irishing urself.separate urself from the good and bad.

  92. Nosenu mukuti azipita u dont pay taxes.where do u think govt wil get money.mumazemba misokho and yet u want her to go.lets wait wht can happen.amalawi openga

    1. Sanakulele bwino amako iwe Kingdom of darkness. Ndiwe membara wa satanic ziwanda zakutengesa get away frm us yu satan Chipaza.

    2. Sanakulele bwino amako iwe Kingdom of darkness. Ndiwe membara wa satanic ziwanda zakutengesa get away frm us yu satan Chipaza.

  93. Chilichonse ku africa kuno its a copyright from Europe, Christmas, education, medical, worshiping, zoti kuli God tinamvaso ku Europe komweko, ngati mnyumba mwanumo muli fridge, TV, wireless, whatever ngati mukupezeka pa Facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, zikuchoka ku Europe komko, iziso tazilandila ku africa kuno, mchiyani chimene munthu wakuda angakane kwa mzungu,

    1. Akati kupanga legalise, kumangokhala kupereka ufulu but you are not forced, akati dziko la malawi lapanga legalise Chamba sizikutanthauza kuti aliyense azisuta Chambacho,

    2. Amalawi amakonda kubwebweta koma kungowasiya pang’ono dziko ili kuyima nthawi yomweyo nanga bwanji mumaloleza azikazi anu kuvala timalaya tifupi tifupi?malegenz?mawig?kutalikisa tsits?mayesa ndinu nomwe amalawi ophunzira?

  94. Malawians we r known az good pple of nice behavior but Iz she danced (ovinidwa) kkk akutiyakhulitsa pambaliapa is not a time 2 pray with Malawi just puck and gooooo! We don’t miss u

  95. Mayiko dont be stupid. How do u feel sleeping with prostitutes? If u hv no substance in ur head dont go fo an argument.u reason as if u r a baby

    1. Papitepite munva at president of malawi is a dictator wakaniza anthu aziko mwake freedom awa ma white ppo afuna kuononga africa olwz

    2. Naimwe Mukazinkala Crius Pokamba Club Na Chalo Vipalana Chani Kasi? Vaumpuwa Nikupisha Chabe Ayende Nivichani Vamene Ivo?

    3. Koma Ine Icho Mulungu Wanga Wandiuza Ati Munthu Uyu Siwaziwa Chimene Alikuchita, Sadamvepo Za Sodom & gomora afuna chabe atiusile mkwiyo wamulungu timpemphelele ameneyi amudziwe chabe yesu tisamuthamangitse koma tizangosalira chabe kudya atembenuke mtima

  96. Virginia Palmer Shud Pack Up Her Things And Malawi? Meaning That Malawi Wakutopesani Mufuna Akakhale Ku US? Anyway Cant Wait To C Malawi Akumupakira Mu Thumba!,,,.Lol

    1. This is a sacrifice we must make to free ourselves from this modern slavery and colonialism. If we can’t sacrifice and pay cost now, the next generation will be in slavery and colonialism so deep that they will think that life is normal that way….

  97. Pagadi respect ur friends opinion.we r in democratic society there is no way we can hv same enjoying democracy that AFORD fought for.i can not folo the bandwagon. Ignorance at its best

  98. Osawanyengelela anthu ngati amenewa azatilowa ngangu thekenya. Amaymba pang’ono pang’ono choncho mpaka ife tifoile. Mulungu sichisiru polenga wam’muna ndi wankazi .

  99. Its our time to use our voice ,our power,our needs,atitude choice that gote from our old parents ,to follow what we belives and lastly to our hearts happy not because of nosence helps .our African god will help us

  100. Take it with sober minds.why do u want her to go? U think u r more saints? Mufune musafune ur govt cannt jail these guys. Just waisting ur time and free mbs. There r some pple who r born neither male nor female. So wht do u think of such pple. Reason by using ur brain

    1. u can accomodate them in ur house if u feel 4gays. dont be stupid where in the bible or quaran did u read a chapter telling or reading about the gays. dont support evil deeds .u dont have brains wena . malawians will never tolarate gays or lesbians they are evil

    2. Some pipo r born neither male nor female? Ok?? Ddnt knw ine.jst knw that homosexuality is not a humanitary act even from our ancestors.those strongly BELIVE or DO are but animals.and if u do blv or like it ur one of the animals! Take it or leave it!!!!

    3. Kingdom,what is your point there? I take my time reading this but I get nothing at all,Or are you saying you supporting gay ma practice?

    4. Kingdom ndiwe chizete chamunthu,, kodi munthu woti anabadwa opanda ma sex organs zintheka bwanji azikhala ndi zilako lako zofuna kugonana n u can’t cal it sex when postive n postive met! Nothing can spax there

    5. kingdom i really support u,kodi mulunguyo tidamudziwa ndi ndani.every thing came with them facebook twitter and all even the technology behind your cloths lies with them.ingomwelani madzi sikhani imeneyi.

    6. @kingsley palibe chifukwa chotukwana agalu just because we do not share the same opinion.u should be able to participate im debates without insulting anyone thats what it means to be mature dont show your anger here respect other peoples not a lesbian but i know that some people are.

  101. Chakufa sichiopa kuola tisawaope kuti asiya kutithandiza anatisiya kale African culture is never adopted by these whites so wat is so special about theirs?? To hell with there culture

  102. Am with My Girlfriend now.
    Guyz……….We making Love.
    I mean Real African Love.

  103. Palmer Go plz! and if ur Gvmnt is here in Mw to support this nastiness,sorry find another ground not in My mother malawi. and these so called gay animals they should remain behind bars. get the massage we love the ladies,not man to man!! za Ufiti u satanic basi grrrrrr

    1. we can’t sell our pride and constitution in return with stupid gays freedom,a practice that even before God its not accepted!!! and get noted that poverty doesn’t kill @Erick& Daniela

    2. poverty doesnt kill ? and if u talk of pride-what happened in various societies before faith a believes were indoctrinated that could bring it back. reflextion on t times of african life be4 brainwash.

  104. Koma Journalism ku malawi ndi drama yokhayokha. How on earth can some1 pack Malawi. Osangolemba chichewa ngati English yavuta bwanji. And ya she has to go with her gay agendas. Go home maam and deal with gun violence back home and let Malawi live with its own values. Go back and marry Kim Kardashian yourself

  105. She must go,if she want these gay people she must pack them in her bags and take them home.Let Africa go by its culture and specifically Malawi.

  106. Mkazi ali ndi Ma-hope awiri koma amunawa saziwana n’amachezera Limodzi,ndiye mkaziyu akupereka Hugie kwa Mwamuna wina,nthawi yomweyo akupereka Kiss kwa mwamuna wina uja,KODI PAMENEPA MKAZIYU MWAMUNA AMENE WAMUKONDETSETSA AMENE WAPASIDWA KISS or HUGGIE..?maganizo a Omvera….:D

  107. Thats the greatest decision our president has taken. We Malawians we are known as gud pple of gud behaviour. America is nt our living God. Its better to die poor than to disrespect the owner ov life so she must take her human rights en go than to ruin our peaceful nation.

  108. Mawa ndikamazuka ndisamupeze! Apo ai awona zokuda.panopa mulungu wakwiya kale ndi malawi ndiye nanga akamva izi mmm abale mutpwetekesa!

  109. she must read section 153 and understand it b4 talking her nonsense.every country has laws and rules and everyone must follow.those gays must be charged.

  110. Koma umphawi wathuwu utionetsd zambiri where n the bible ananenapo zimene akupanga zawozo anatumidwa atopa chabe

    1. Are these people paid every month? It seems every status they corrected. Why employ people who don’t know what they’re doing? Any way, Ndikhale mbuli pa nkhani imeneyi.

    2. This is poor reporting lacking objectivity and authenticity.. zikuwoneka kuti ndi maganizo a adimn,,,Palmer told to pack and go,,told by who?? Anene kuti wakamba ndi uje..

    3. Bola mwava inu zomwe akunenazo ife tinabadwa tikuyankhula chichewatu not chinenero chachina R.Kelly’chi,komaso ngati mwaiwerenga bwinobwino nkhani yonse mukhoza kudziwa chimene akutanthauza pamenepo.

    4. Malawi 24 its a good source for news but they have standard 7 journalist. Most of their sentences are wrong that is chewa inclusive.

    5. Am happy yu know English and can understand it better bola yu know the truth disturb people and b known that yu are best teachers

    1. Was God blind in creating Eve for Adam?
      Do you fear God?
      Do you really support these rights issued by the devil?
      Do you regard it as a right ?
      What kind of sense does it give ?
      How many children were born from such kind of affairs?
      From whose womb were these people conceived from??,
      Had it been there were no Sperms in a man and eggs in a woman’s fallopian tube to mate and get fertilised , would they have borne and claim this so called gay-right?
      Stop thinking like a serpent. .and start behaving like an angel of God!

    2. i have seen so many comments, and most of them about God,well who brought this God to africa is it not them,because if i remember very well our fox never knew jesus they worshipped their own gods in places like nsinja and others.can u check because we are very good at copying and talking i dont know why we are so judgemental about some one being gay.chill out thats na small thing.

    3. Alice Phiri…u mean to be gay is a small thing? I wonder if u can allow your boyfriend or your husband to stick his manhood in your shit hole instead of pamenepaja.

    4. @dee kay i do not force my beliefs on other people i believe in freedom and choice.i understand that not every one is religious and not every one is like me.i accept and torelate people and their beliefs as long as they do not hurt anyone.i do not hurt people and i dont plan evil agaist people neither do i judge people.

    5. Alice its indeed wrong to judge but its also better to correct someone where he is going wrong.most of the freedom and rights nowadayz have bad motivez in bak ground only thAt with our sinful eyez,we don’t its better to let someone know the wrongz he iz doing than to be watchin and saying is his freedomz becoz as far as I know we will be answereble for watching someone going. astray

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