US orders Malawi to free gay pair

Virginia Palmer

The United States of America government through its embassy in Lilongwe has ordered Malawi Government to drop charges against Cuthbert Kulemela, 19, and Kelvin Gonani, 39, the two gay people arrested recently for having sex with each other.

In a statement posted on their official Facebook page, the US ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palmer, says she is deeply concerned with the arrest of teenager and his partner in the capital city.

Virginia Palmer
Ambassador Palmer: Malawi must drop the charges

The embassy says it regards the arrest as unlawful. The couple was arrested in Lilongwe on December 7 and charged with sodomy which is in violation of section 153 of the Penal Code.

The two were also subjected to a medical examination without their consent. However, the American Embassy has strongly reminded the Malawi Government of its commitment to not arrest people who are engaged in consensual same-sex activity.

“I urge the Malawi government to make good on its international human rights obligations, drop the charges, and resolve this unfortunate incident as quickly as possible,” reads part of the statement.

The pair has been released on bail.

Meanwhile, Malawians who commented on the US embassy’s post have responded by demanding the Ambassador Palmer to leave the country.



  1. we don’t need ur dirty things in our country coz being poor doesn’t mean we toys that u can just play with us anyhow.(nyooooooo)

  2. America go to hell,malawi its not for sale,do u think we r stuped?,no we r not but we do have dnt take malawi fool,we dnt want yo bloody money n u palmer u betta go n tel yo boses dat malawi sold out country#wednttakeshit

  3. Romans 1v 18-32 the prophecy is now fulfilled Revelation 13 tidanena pano kuti kanyanga nd chilombo akukakuman ncholinga chofuna kuumiliza dziko lapansi kuti lilambile chilombo Papa pochoka ku Central African Republic ananena kuti Im God of Earth nde naye ambassadoryo weni weni jezeberi nthaw yatha tiyen tivale zilimbe mwa YESU

  4. Us must know this is Africa not America and we’re not interfering their internal affairs, Africa free from homosexuality.

  5. Maganizo anga chondex2 abwna Peter muthalika lolani kt tizikwatirana amuna tokhatokha kt titole chithumba kikikikikikikiki! Nanga titani poti Malawi nd dzko losauka mwamaiko onse moti boma chonde lolani zmenez infe tikufuna chithumba kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. U. fuckin amerca u beta keep on stealing our minerals Osat zatidzikhalidwe.tako toyalukato. ndakwiya nadzo apaa

  7. U. fuckin amerca u beta keep on stealing our minerals Osat zatidzikhalidwe.tako toyalukato. ndakwiya nadzo apaa

  8. We don’t need that nonsense in our country what is gay? In Gods bible there is no gay couple, they must just do in America please don’t mass here.

  9. Palmer ndiwe Chindere chakumalirapo,,,timdule mutu ameneyu kachikamwa kake kakusokosako tikakwirire,,,mwikho kwanu konko Malawi is fr Malawians nt Americans,,,thats why u busy worrying abt afghanstan,,u ve too less to wory abt in ur country hah?vindere

  10. You know what they have to stop stupid and nonsence about guy right we are African I mean black we respect our culture so if they fill like they can not help us with their fucken aid they should stop not today this and tomorrow this.I remember about tiwonge and his stupid friend whose contract is to stand at open and prove that also Malawi can stupid.if I were Malawi president I would have burnt with fire those stupid people

  11. Piece Of sh**_t America thinks we are still understanding British rulership. Demons rules u! Now u forcing demons to our land,you n ur gays pack n fuck the hell off Malawi.

  12. the problem, its our president, Peter munthali, he agreed with united states of America, that gay should be around here in Malawi and money were given for that?

  13. Thats nonsense you crazy berezebul’s! thats awful. Defying the law of nature. What are you then. Because thats out of the culture of the known 7 groups of animals.

  14. Us why africa? if you goo! around the world its only africa you taking power neh? we not gonna accept ur devilish actions we really don’t like it, go do that somewhere elso not here pls

  15. Palmer, are from United States of Africa? Mind you, T I A…..And you, 19yrs old marring a 39yrs old… thats child abuse. Hey police! arrest both of them again. We want the whole obama to come to Malawi and set them free.

  16. I wonder why this americans not respect our culture,plz don’t bring your dirty white man’s job here in african continent, this is sick, malawi has lot of important issue to focus, rather than talking about this dirty peaple, shame on you…..

  17. The US regards the arrest of gayz as unlawful, Here Malawians we regard that as lawful xo they just have to go away!!!!!!!!!! After all f its donations we dont benefit as malawians n nw we have adapted a problerm environment. #GETlostStupidGuys

  18. Wat ever u can say bt will not accept dat foolish behaviour even u isolate us with ur aid Almighty God the living one will save us no matter wat.

  19. Mrs Virginia Palmer, I want to knw from you. Do you have kids? Do you have husband? Why u always upset Malawian wth ur fuckn country America. We are not the Gays in Malawi. Our Lord is alive Hi watching you.

  20. Palibe chomwe tingachite Boma la Malawi linatenga malamulo ose omwe amagwirisidwa ntchot ku US. Lero amalawi pomwe mukuti mupange ichi US akut ai musapange zimenezo kaya moto uli kwa amaudindo ine ndilibe udindo uliose ku zikoli

  21. More over US if u help us in any other way, stop ur aid we dnt need it anymor unfotunetely the way we r strugling in this country that aid is no use nd doesn’t guarantee u to tel us what to do. Homosexual is the work of the devil we r children of the most high God that doesn’t allow such evils am sory Americano u all belong to hell thats wy u gt thos evil feelings.

  22. Hey USA, do you think you can be more powerful that God himself? Why do you take yoselves as gods? Since when did Malawi became America up to a point of giving your evil orders? Go to hell meeen. Malawi has its own ways of doin thigs.If you think your dirty monies can make us bow down to the devilish act in this blessed land, mmmm you are wrong.Take it or leave it.

  23. Hey We Already Told You At The Un Summit That We Are Not Gays In Africa Even In Malawi. Mwatikwana Nyamukani Mudzipita Kwanu Mudzikapanga Nyansi Zanuzo Kwanokha.

  24. America sidziko loti ndi kumalidalira. Chimene amafuna iwo ndi kuwononga basi Inu munaonako America ikupereka ndalama ya misewu zipatala stadiums ndi zitukuku zina? Iwo amalimbana kusintha mitundu ya mankhwala from quinine Noloron to fansider fansider to nonvider to LA why. Amangonama by chaka chakuti Africa will be free from Malaria is that true. Anthu awa ali pa strategy ya population reduction plan. Mayiko ambiri akhala akumayeza Makhwala ochokera kwa Amerika amapezeka Kuti alinso ndi poison. Last month apereka ma biscult a expire ku ana aku syiria that’s Un we know Un is America. There are dozen of stories of this people. Tisamanamizane akumudzi pansi mtedza

  25. let me be clear here….is it true that u can have rights beyond the 1 who created u?..u animals of us..bcz there is no humanity there even animal recognize there opposite sex…satanic kwanu komko…the best way is just pack ur thons and go we dont need u any more and remember we have our own presdent not a govenor of US government..!!!

  26. thats stupid,guys n malawi r not allowed and they have bailled out so wat does’t mean to malawi?plz our help us to follw our rules dont rough to stupid thing like this,malawiiiiiii wake up plz!

  27. ithink all uned to do is to take those gay in prison &pack&go wit your self go suck ur ass asshole fuck u watever ucall ur self as fat as ur pussy go 2hell

  28. ithink all uned to do is to take those gay in prison &pack&go wit your self go suck ur ass asshole fuck u watever ucall ur self as fat as ur pussy go 2hell

  29. Mabungwe muktpo chani? Si paja munaukila Bungu ndi nkhani ya Tionge & Steve?Mwazimvela nokha amalawi ayankhula2 Shame on u NGO’S.Muli ndi akazi ku nyumba koms mumalimbikisa anzanu kupanga maukwati ndi anthu osiyana nao ziwalo.Note: GOD IZ WATCHING U from s distance.

  30. Whether legalised or not, gays have always and will always be around. And yes, they obviously do have sex.

  31. WE Malawians Are Poor And Let Us Be Poor As We Are, You American Woman,dont U Hear Us Saying NO TO HOMOSEX,or either be gone.why dont u b busy addresing some other issues at ur home.Why R U Morking Us U America,bt U Hv To Watch,time Shal Come God Shal Remaine Godons

  32. We do not want our country to invite the wrath of God Almighty by being dragged by the whites!!! Why didn’t you take what Robert Mugabe told you that we are not gays in Africa?

  33. surely the devil operates from western countries! no wonder all you have time for is nosense!!! Know Jesus Christ!

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  35. bak to sodom & gommorah why God perish that land? if we Malawians r nt careful ndithu we the same thing will fall onto us… plz Lord save as u did with Loti and his family

  36. They should send lawyer for them if not ,when found guilty….they will be in jail……. Malawi has laws and who ever breaks it must face the law..
    sorry America sorry….

  37. mind your business you palmer or who ever you call yourself. Malawi is a country with its constitution, this is not america if you continue with this nosense you will better park and go. You did not come to Malawi to rule us no no no! just mind your business madam ambas.

  38. This is Malawi not US they don’t need to interfere us that’s nonsense we have got cultural beleaves we are black we r not white white a shame. They want to colonise us again. We are saying no to Gay Rights in Malawi its against our God

  39. malawi z aGod fearing country so we shuld no acept foren ideals 4 de interest of elites let us stand n fight de devo dis is our nation n dey wll neva been another” MALAWI”

  40. to hell with azungu…whats really behind ths shit?why all this interest in it?go away with ur bloody moneyz u bustards!but fo us even if poverty brings to us death threats,we shall never bow n turn our heads down to this…just sort ur luggage n exit malawi plz…follow Mugabe!go away u fucking europeans…!

  41. Donor aid free country zinthu zikuvuta we need the aid pano siizi these people ain’t goin to give er money without samn in return….The late Old Man was weeding all this but u wudnt understand him coz Money n a way to gudlife oz all u wanted…Braz awaso akuziwa zochita but the problem with we Malawians we don’t think of wats happening behind the curtains we only consider wats on the stage nde tifune tisafune with time it will happen N for yo Info those gays were released on Monday

  42. l agree with you Palmer. No person should be forced to engage in a type of sex he doesnt like. Let gays do it and heteresexuals do it

  43. I think this woman has the same disease of America. You want us to be busy adopting your culture, which we are not comfortable with, You are the same guys who make Malawians poor, your shodow is so dark in Iraq, Afghanstan, dont impose your way of life here, you are afraid to do that in Gambia, Zimbabwe, Qatar, then you feel your big head can dictate Malawi?

  44. Wherever Jesus goes he brings the reign of God, and where God reigns, the invisible powers of the universe in rebellion against him are banished and left powerless to do anyone ultimate harm…. Since believers are united with Christ, they share Christ’s victory over evil. Matt 8

  45. I Thot Obama Will Be The Shield To African States?You Are Just A Shame,we Are Not A Tel To Be Remote Controlled,whats The Use Of Our Organs?Even The Holly Bible Witnesses This,go To Hell You Idiots

  46. you devil people know tat Almighty God is watchin n listenin wat u r advocatin a know america will end the world as already written its true tat very few of richmen deserve Gods kingdom except america. i will now be at the back of Russia .so you funds wi will no longer cheer them. poverty is not in arelationship with death.mrs palmer packup you things n go

  47. This is an ill act,and americans should not take an advantage of their support to us inorder to enforce such gay rights.If it’s lyk that,let them stop supporting us,remember during bingu muntharika’s reign we managed under zero defeict.We are not gays,and God almighty never allows such malpractise and is asin against God’s rules.Tithana Nayo Usa Ikapanga Chibwana!

  48. Nonsense hw can they order asovereign state jct drop them in lake malawi with stones tied onto them in african tradition we dnt have gay culture

  49. Koma Umphawi Sizithu ,,,,, Ndie Tizingo Opa Zilizonse Chifukwa Cha Donor Aid , To Hell , this my country!

  50. Both Malawi and USA have important things to do than wasting time fighting over this. Deal with cashgaters whose activities are affecting a patient in the hospital. Leave the 2 idiots alone and let their God take care of their immorality. All these women and you choose to sleep with another man ufiti chani?

  51. US can’t just say ”its unlawful” if the agreement was not signed. Mudasankha molakwika amalawi paja munkakana M’busa oopa Mulungu mumvekere ndale ndi uzimu siziyenderana, ndiye pano mumvekere Malawi is a God fearing nation? A nation that fears God is led by a God fearing Leader. Watch out in 2019.

  52. Can’t we for once do things on our own america we don’t need you our land can not be disrespected like that

  53. if Americans think the rule world let it be but they will never rule our hearts proudly malawian I will never admit to such an evil thing

  54. These gay things are nothing but demonic possessed retards, in chichewa, simple: zitsiru izi zamatanyula zichitisa manyazi.

  55. Peter! Don’t accept such no sence inorder to beg them it’s rubish to do evil things because of finacil problem etc,they are not God,and he watching our crisis and he wil deal with it NOT THOSE IDIOTisi.

  56. its beter to release two people a man and a woman who comited muder and to get them married than to release those stupid

  57. Kodi anthu ofinya zithumwa munadekha eti! Palamer ameyu akafunse mzake ku balaka kut w@ happened kut afike ponyela njuchi zamoyo? & wher z he nw. A malawi akakwiya ndi technology simungawafune2!

  58. Mukatopa ndi kunyera muzika nyengerana ku america komko mwamva amathanyula nonse…anthu a umve….muzisambira chlorine ndipo mxwwww!

  59. Who said Malawi is governed by American constitution such that they can dictate what must be done. i now understand why fidel Castro never wanted any American representation in his country. If its funding, let them withhold them. We are independent and America must stay away from African affairs. I will inform Comrade Bob Robert Mugabe of this nonsense

  60. futsek palmer ndiwe jezebel,to hell wif ur corrupt system,malawi at 51 still bein cntrld? tikangovomela nde kayaso

  61. basi tizingokhalira yomweyo!!!!! i wud rather have a president like mugabe who gives no shit about america and this gay nosence issue..we r Africans and our culture says no to homosexual they just want to dilute our culture stupid americans!!!!!

  62. Obama take this thing called Virginia Parmer out of Malawi or else I will deal with her!!! Who is she to rule out our laws!!!!! So you have decided to give us your constitution for us to follow? Fooling USA and satan Virginia!!! Go out of Malawi the devil I command you in the name of Jesus. No Gayism in Malawi. No sodomy. Jah Bless and Guide Malawi. To hell Virginia and the USA. Go out you together with your seeds or your bloody donation.

    Me nah tolerate that,

  63. if they are saying that homosexual its legal in america,why then did their president didnt marry another man?what about her?y didnt she marry another woman? Mumadziwa kuti its not right but u want to experiment it with poor countries.akangotuluka tipha ndi miyala!

  64. ife tikuopeni popeza ndinu olemela? ife pano umphawi tauzolowera olo mutanyamuka nose zipitani tizikhala chonchi. how i wish i had a gun to shot these idiots. too much annoing.

  65. imagine being fools but not knowing(america)…..if any of us is interested in that abomination, blasthemy,pervesion, pliz jux ask that stupid america to provide you with transport so that you can go there, not here in our peaceful Malawi

  66. My fellow Malawians, leaders, dont let Malawi go to abnormal channels. We have our own consititution that guides us what to do. We never tolarate such incoming inhuman decisions. Where these foreign behaviours are coming from? Our poverty is not a sin that we be forced to do things we dislike. If we let a hand shake to pass the elbow, i swear, God will accumulate great anger on us Malawians. Please leaders be alert. Otherways God is to punish Malawi if it continues to be adhering to notorious ideas.

  67. Nt dis land…Dis is Makawi, we r nt ruled by American, and even America should knw dat noone is above law,de law of God and de law of Land.

  68. That ıs defınately nonsense.They must not take Malawı as Amerıca,we don’t toralent wıth there fuckın shıt rules.We are ındependent we stand on our own we delıberately don’t want Amerıcan come wıth there rules to our country ıt’s unbelıevable.SAY NOOOOO TO GAYS.

  69. You whont sei you youdon’t have mother ou father if you don’t have ok but if you have mother and father were you whont shit athas not good madam

  70. I heard even the pope is stupid, he said who am l the pope to judge gays??,, but still he says people should stop thieft, should stop sin? What sin is he reffering too??

  71. God help malawi please, iknw ur eyes is watching us please God,the sheberness which we have pipo there talking more and more Please God help our country this is AGOD fearing do u hear the voice of ur dota’s and son’s God?? Am sure u touching malawi.

  72. Do you Americans have Jando or Chinamwali ceremonies in your country? Do you dance malipenga, tchopa, ingoma, gule wamkulu or mgada? Do you drink water from a borehole or wells? Do you walk 6kms to go to school? Don’t bring your rubbish to our beautiful country! Apikene?

  73. so dogs can reason better than this American ambassador. male or female dogs don’t do each other. I think this American should pack her bags and go. we can do without her.

  74. Foolish Americans who the hell do you think you are? …this is malawi lets as alone deal with our own problems and we ddnt invite you to this matter so keep ur dirty stupid nasty mouth out of this u Devils

  75. Ths Is Amalawian Isue Pls Its Afamily Isue,,,malaw Is Acountry On Its Own And Has Its Laws And Regulations 2b Followed,let Them Follow What They Agreed,we Wil B Syng No 2guy Despite Of Havng Threatening Words Frm U (USA)

  76. America is not Malawi dont wast time with stupit things. You ambassadar Palma, dont confuse our GOD fearing country, We fear GOD not America, Amen

  77. Kodi ameneyu akuwona ngati ali Ku america this is malawi , asatiwonongele chikhalidwe chathu azipita kwawo Ku a America azikalimbikisa zopusa zakezo.

  78. Aphedwe!! Aphedwe!! Aphedwe!! Nosense to hell its where their belong with mama malawi. why ua juging god analakwa kulenga mwamuna ndi mkazi? Malawi ukupita kuti? Even bible linati ku miyambo mwana osamvela makolo ayenela afe ndithu what about osamvela mulungu creater of the word mmmh tili m,masiku otsilizadi, shame on u devil go to hell.

  79. Zopusa eti,monse tinayambila kusatila zofuna zanu muja pano nde u want to turn malawo into soddom n gomorrah ryt? God shud punish u,akamakhala ma gay amunawa akazife nde azatikwatile ndani,iyaaah,mupakile muzipita kwanu mutionongera dziko.

  80. Am sure uave people like Trump to deal with in yo homeland. am also very sure you are aware that malawi is independent. so dont make the almighty God to be furious on us just as he is with your empire.

  81. find somewhere to do such stupid things u American…we are NOT going to allow such happening in Malawi or else where in Africa

  82. Is This Ur Country? What R U Doin Here? Who R U?That Is Why Ppo Hate America Try Arabs & U’ll Regreat It Coz What They Know Best Is Bombs Blast,wake Up Palmer This Is Not America & U Have No Right To Tell Us How To Or Not To…We’re Malawians Not Americans Mind U.

  83. We See No Benefits Of Having What So Called American Ambassoders.They Just Inflict Some Pain & Misery On Us.America Is A Barrier To The Development Of Our Motherland { Malawi }.God Must Punish America & This Evil Qeen They Sent Us To Guide Us Into A Long Parth.Shame On U Woman

  84. But are you really a real woman who born from a real mother . But you Americans why being thinking like babies who really don’t know that there is God who created a man and a woman for a purpose may Almighty God forgive you Americans.

  85. what a hell are these americans? they always think we should dance to their tunes.the arrests are 100percent lawful.

  86. tilekeni ife..pangani zanu zamziko lanu..tisakhale akapalo poti mmati ninkha…ife umunthu timaudziwa nde inu zanuzo nziti?? ndakulilani azungu.g

  87. The challenge is we over fear the us because of aid but their economy is at risk and they cant support us let them go back to country,this is not amerca

  88. America you have better things to deal with……the 700,000 kids who did not go to school because of a Twitter “threat” and the so many killings in your backyards. Don’t find a scapegoat in Malawi – you have more important fish to fry….in Syria, Iraq , Afghanistan. The gay issue is not a priority for Malawi we need food, drugs and not gay rights. How about the bombing of the MSF hospital in Afghanistan?

  89. And Infact we as Malawians were born black and not in America! ..
    America should tackle against terrorism In its continent and not wasting time in advocating calamities onto our Nation in the name of human rights!
    You are a source of evil and your language reveals about the kingdom in which you belong. ..Kingdom of darkness and not of the Most High!
    Indeed I have no doubt that malembo akukwanilitsika tsopano !
    America is becoming the great prophesied Beast which now stands fighting against the truth and belivers.
    Ladies and gentlemen devil is here and zili kwa yense kupanga chisankho.
    Shame on those supporting such advocations just to gain money !.
    We know you call us the very poorest in the world but really we strive so hard by the mighty power of our Lord who blesses us with rains from the sky and we are contanted with what have.
    We cannot worship your gods for the sake of money! ,,,
    Malawians lets be courageous to face any risk this might bring and I assure you; if God is on our side no one and not even America can condemn us!!..
    For He that is in us is greater than America! !

  90. Dear mother Malawi trully I said to you if you will never care you will be punishd badly with the Gods unger don’t even try to let Devo to take part in our lovery coutry remeber what God did to Sodome end Gomola so you think God can stay watching you playng such wickedness? let him go to Hell (Satan with his follwers)

  91. Dear mother Malawi trully I said to you if you will never care you will be punishd badly with the Gods unger don’t even try to let Devo to take part in our lovery coutry remeber what God did to Sodome end Gomola so you think God can stay watching you playng such wickedness? let him go to Hell (Satan with his follwers)

  92. we’r africans and we consider culture 4rom the bible not of tha beast,anthuwo azikakhala kwa obama konko,awatumaaaeeeeti,infa yowawa ukuwasata

  93. Americans are afraid that we are multiplying at a faster rate while themselves don’t. Hence think that in future they will be under us. in supporting homosexuality they think they promote family planning. MALAWIANS LETS STAND FOR WAT WE ARE.

  94. Dont ever think malawi it will be in correct way ever. Pitala he is a foolish person he do know his position where it is . O our creator open eyes for our leader in our country here in malawi. And guid our presdent pita muthalika ameen

  95. Fuck you bitch!!!!! This is Malawi not america!! Fuckkkkkk youuu asshole!!!!

  96. They must not free dem, we dont take olders from US after all they freezed their donations and they doesnt be ashamed to tell us what we must do,

  97. Malawians don’t have anything else to do rather than worrying and policing what adults do in private? The more you hate on gays, the more gay you are, and in denial.

  98. the problem with america is that it interferes with the affairs of other countries thereby imposing will in the name of human rights. why cant america respect our constitution. better China for it do believe that africans are matured who could handle their issues on their own. pali nkhani yapa yoti america kumabwebweta. to hell with u U.S ambassador and ur good for nothing Barack Obama whom instead of siding with his fellow africans, he is suppressing them.

  99. US must not interfere malawi’s rules, here in malawi we dont tolerate stupid things like gays and lesbians so if america does accept such nonsense its none of our concern and go to hell with that…..!!….u are crazy americans dont advocate for stupid things in malawi and go somewhere in europe not africa…!!!

    1. Is It allowed in America to have sex at open? If so let her have one here. Let respect others believes as well. Our believes are good we even tell the younger ones that we buy babies from hospotals. Thus our way of life no need for someone to force us coz of money.

    2. We as malawians what are we doing to stop this trash spread all over malawi..?? U know i hate gays and lesbians as i hate hell,lets all of us unite and say no homosexuals here….!!

  100. Le rapport sexuel avec les animaux, s’il procurait beaucoup de plaisir et donc “épanouissait”épanouissait la personne, serait-il permis? Franchement, il n’y aurait aucune limite à la liberté?

  101. Us government must not intervene on issues affecting malawi, Nyasaland got independence 1964. If america support gayism n lesbianism must go to hell, we dont tolerate nosense fuck them.

  102. That means we’ re exchanging our country laws with money u dont respect us even thou we’ re poor ur telling us turn against our yehova because of money end of dayz go to hell with ur money

  103. As if her father was gay she would’ve born! Gayz and lesbians my foot! #HOMOSEXUALMUSTFALL i would rather die poor but with God by my side than this so called what ever they call it……..

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