Solomonic advocates for professionalism in theatre industry

MacArthur Matukuta

One of the renowned theatre groups in Malawi, Solomoni Peacocks Theatre, says the country needs a theatre academy where actors and actresses will be trained so as to boost up the industry.

McArthur Matukuta, executive director for Solomonic Peacocks Theatre, told Malawi24 that lack of professionalism and venues are great hiccups Malawi as a country is facing in amplifying its theatre industry.

MacArthur Matukuta
Matukuta: We need change.

“We don’t have any theatre school and theatre academy in Malawi,” he said. “University of Malawi has got Drama department but they don’t train actors and actresses.” Matukuta revealed his organizations plans to establish a theatre academy in the country saying the move will be important to Malawi as a nation as well as to the theatre industry.

As part of preparations for the project, Solomonic are training actors, actresses, and event managers. “Once this academy will be fully established we will able to train professional actors and actresses, directors, writers.

“We will expand ourselves when things work very properly but in the meantime we are trying to come up with actor and actresses’ trainings,” he said.

Early this year, Solomonic launched an annual International Theatre Festival known as Easter Theatre Festival which is expected to be taking place during Easter holidays every year and will be accommodating drama, poetry, comedy and dance; both traditional and contemporary.

The festival targets established as well as up and coming artists within the country, the region, and the globe.



  1. My view to this is that most theatre groups, organisations and companies are not ready to employ professional actors from UNIMA. Solomonic Theatre can agree with me, they had their own tour at chanco some years back, FINE AND PERFORMING ARTS DEPARTMENT produces Actors,script writers, directors, producers, stage managers and most of theatre personnel. It is a matter of not wanting to invest more in professional productions, in my opinion.

  2. They operates in urban areas only, dont they think they can get talented actors and actresses if they atleast have one agent per district?? Very bad

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