Peoples Party behind majority of Malawians in denying federalism

Ibrahim Matola

Malawi’s ex ruling, opposition People’s Party (PP) has welcomed a report by Public Affairs Committee (PAC) that claimed that a majority of Malawians have rejected federalism.

Reacting to the calls to adopt federalism, PAC convened one national and three regional consultative conferences aimed at uncovering the fundamental issues behind the calls for federalism and inclusivity in the country.

According to the report, the calls were found to be premature because the country is not ready for federalism.

Speaking with Malawi24, PP’s general secretary, Ibrahim Matola, said the party agrees with the findings even though the results are not in favour of some party members who have been advocating for a federal government.

Ibrahim Matola
Matola;The results are right.

“We are saying yes. The findings are true but as a nation time has come. Enough is enough, we need to start implementing what has been found,” said Matola.

Among members of PP who have been calling for a federal system include the party’s provincial chairman for the north, Reverend Christopher Mzomera Ngwira, who called for a referendum vote to give the people of the Northern Region a chance to prove they are supporting the idea of having the region as a federal state.

Ngwira told the local press that the majority of northerners are behind the idea of federalism hence the need to give them a chance to vote through a referendum.



  1. Iwe ibrahim sotikufuna zausilu kuno ki mpototu.i urgue you mzomera to move forward woth the federal it is said, “most people have achieved there goals one step beyond what seemed like there greatest failure,” so the idea will be

  2. Ati chipani cha kukaya cha ada Banda. Kkkkkk chipani. chakumwera m’mwera ichi choyambitsidwa ndi Queensheba wa ku Zomba kkkkkk.

  3. kodi amati pp mchipani cha atumbuka ndindani?atumbuka chipani chawo ndi aford pp amangofuna kuchiba ndie pp singavomereze mbwerera za atumbuka

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