BCC to spare some historical buildings in Red Star Campaign

Anthony Kasunda

Blantyre City Council (BCC) has stressed the need for old buildings in Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre to not be demolished during the red star campaign saying they act as places of cultural and historical value for the country.

Early this year President Peter Mutharika asked city councils in the country to improve their cities by demolishing old buildings in order to restore the cities’ lost glory.

Following a verification exercise the taskforce for the Red Star campaign carried out between the months of June and July this year, 161 buildings were marked for demolition in Blantyre.

Anthony Kasunda
Kasunda says the campaign will restore the lost glory.

However, old buildings like the old town hall were spared.

BCC public relations officer, Anthony Kasunda, said some old buildings will not be demolished as they act as places of cultural and historical value for the country.

“Some of the buildings like the old town hall is not targeted as they are monuments and we don’t have to destroy them as they are places of tourism sites,” said Kasunda.

He further said that the buildings are not supposed to be renovated because they are monuments and they have to be preserved.



  1. Akufuna nyumba yawo yonyasa ija pafupi ndi immigration office yomwe imatchuka kuti Town Hall isagumulidwe chotsani nyansizo Palibe za historical

  2. There’s nothing historical in this country. Just annihilate those structures once and for all. We need real buldings not those filthy caves.

  3. amwenye ku limbe akupanga ndalama zosaneneka mutimidadada kodi simungagumule ndikumanga mabuilding apamwamba kuti azipanga rent? malawi alindindalama koma simuziwa poti akusawukisa ziko ndi amwenyewo mugumule nyasi zonse ku limbe mumangepo new building yamakono azipanga rent osati amangepo iwowo ngati safuna azipita kwawo #malawi ziko langa use ur brain u called #BCC pliz

  4. For how long are we going to keep those old and dilapidated structures? Let the government build new and better offices.

  5. I hope after demolishing we will see new buildings being put up.

  6. Am against the idea I don’t think can attract tours that we can help to develop our nation
    Lets focus on things that will help the social economic development of the nation that can be used as offices business centers and so forth instead of just keeping things that can just be the source of pride. Mind you Malawi is a poor country that needs model infrastructures

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