MBTS collects 7300 units of blood in one week

Malawi Blood Transfusion

The Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) have commended people’s response during the national blood donation awareness week which started on 30 November and ended on 5 December.

MBTS chief executive officer, Natasha Nsamala, said that last year they managed to collect about 6300 units of blood  while this year they have managed to accumulate 7300 units which is a significant jump because in the last three years they have been collecting around 6000 units.

Malawi Blood Transfusion
Blood donated. (Google images.

“We would like to commend all people who thought it wise to come and donate the blood during the stated period. The donation week was a success even though it did not meet the 10 000 blood units target that we set,” Nsamala said.

She further said that the blood which has been collected will act as stockpile for the months of December and January when demand for blood is high.

Nsamala also urged all well-wishers to continue donating blood in various centres in their areas so that they should save lives.

The national blood donation awareness week took place in 17 districts across the country: seven from the south, six from the central and four from the northern region.


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