People’s Party wants Joyce Banda ousted!

Christopher Mzomera Ngwira

Malawi’s former ruling People’s Party (PP) is likely to be listed among few parties that have existed for a short period of time in this country following  attempts by troublemaker Christopher Mzomera Ngwira who has become ‘uncontrollable’ at dismantling the party.

Christopher Mzomera Ngwira
Ngwira:At the helm of controversy.

This is the party formed after its leader, Joyce Banda, who was then vice president to late Bingu wa Mutharika, had been expelled from the ruling Party together with Khumbo Kachali.

Being the first woman to become the President of the Republic of Malawi, and the second woman in Africa to become the president of a country, Banda won the hearts of many politicians including some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) die-hards.

After her ascendancy to the highest office in Malawi, Banda restored diplomatic relations with Britain and other donors.  

Despite this, she lost the 2014 Tripartite General Elections to DPP and her party emerged on third position.

The loss has since forced the PP founder to remain on self-exile.

The absence of the former president has created tension in the party and one senior member, Ngwira went as far as to endorse Kachali as the party’s new leader.

Ngwira’s antics have not stopped and may make the party “uncontrollable” and “ungovernable”.

Joyce Banda
Banda: Her stay outside Malawi is the centre of the row.

On Sunday, Ngwira was quoted as saying that he will deal with Banda’s sympathisers who oppose his agenda to let Kachali lead the party.

“I know these few people are being sponsored by the party leader who is outside the country. The aim is to silence the proposal we made over the party leadership.

“I said I am going to finish them politically and not physically. This is a political fight and not what they are thinking. Politicians can finish each other politically,” said Ngwira  

However, in an interview with Malawi24, PP publicity secretary, Ken Msonda, denied to shed more light on whether the party will discipline Ngwira again for failing to observe party policies and principles.

Msonda said the party is done with Ngwira’s outbursts and has no intentions of reacting to his threats.

“The party has no comment on all questions regarding what you have said concerning Rev.  Ngwira’s recent outburst. We resolved the matter and we are done with that issue. The party in the north is very strong at grassroots; its popularity is gaining ground almost every day.

“Suffice to say, there are no divisions nor wrangle in the North regarding party leadership. A member; the Provincial Chairman is exercising his constitutional right to freedom of opinion and expression. This only happens in a party that practices intra-party democracy.

“People’s Party believes in intra-party democracy; members can express their political opinion; agree to disagree but still moving forward as a family,” said Msonda.

In September this year, Ngwira also hired thugs to disrupt a meeting Ibrahim Matola organised in preparation for the return of the party founder.

The thugs successfully disrupted the meeting and “detained” Msonda.

Ngwira then challenged that he is in charge of the party in the north and that Kachali is the acting leader. He even told a local publication that he was taking orders from Kachali.



  1. Kuzunzika kumene amalawi wosauka akukumana ndichifukwa cha amai amenewa,ndipo ndikupempha yehova amusake kwina kuli konse kumene apite chifukwa kulira kwathu kwa mufikira yehova ,ndipo ndikupempha amalawi anzanga tiyeni tipemphelere dziko lanthu.

  2. Chipanichi chikuyenda ngati nkhuku yodulidwa mutu, Mtsogoleri wake anathawa milandu ya cashgate inali mbava yaikadzi, Pano anathawa amuna ake

  3. My fellow northerners focus on how you can win federal political system. Thereafter,you can create your own political party.

  4. Why is it so that Mzomera seems to be causing confusion wherever he heads. Something somewhere is wrong. Remember the story of Jona in the bible. He’s gone astray. Do what you are supposed to be doing. GOSPEL. If care is not taken, I see Mzomera causing UNREST.

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